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Why is my Jeep Shaking

why is my jeep shaking

A common problem you will probably encounter if you own a Jeep Wrangler is its tendency to shake when driving or even when idle. The shaking of the vehicle is a common problem, especially if the vehicle has been lifted.

But why is my Jeep shaking? A Jeep Wrangler tends to shake if components are not installed correctly. The same situation will happen if these components are also misaligned. This article will discuss the reasons with regard to the shaking of the Jeep Wrangler. Read below.

Tire Issues

jeep tire issues

The most obvious reason for your Jeep Wrangler to shake is when it is having tire issues. When your tire is worn out and out of balance, it will begin to perform differently, which can cause shaking of the vehicle.

In addition, it is not only the old tires that can cause the shaking. When you are installing new tires, and it is installed incorrectly, this can cause unbalanced tires. When you are driving and the vehicle is constantly shaking, it is probably because of the unbalanced tires.

There are many ways to solve this issue. You can hire a mechanic or a tire installer to let them balance your new tires. They will use a balancing machine to rectify the issue. As for old tires, you can easily replace them. Tire realignment is also another solution to this problem.

Engine Issues

A couple of engine issues may cause the Jeep Wrangler to shake. The first one is when one of the spark plugs is not firing correctly, which can cause the vehicle to vibrate and shake. This engine firing issue will also cause the engine light to illuminate, while a loss of power and hesitation may also happen.

Meanwhile, an engine mount issue can also cause the vehicle to shake. In this situation, the motor mount that connects the engine to the chassis and is designed to separate the noise and the vibration is probably experiencing some issues.

The shaking may happen when the mount is already worn and old. If you want to ask why is my jeep shaking when idling, the answer is that the mount is already old to isolate the vibration, which makes the shaking more prominent when the vehicle is idle.

Loose Lug Nuts

Loose lug nuts are a simple issue but can bring danger if not fixed. The lugs not on the wheels of your Jeep need to be tightened all the time. If the lug nuts are not properly tightened and are loose, the wheel will have a slight bobble causing the vehicle to shake while you are driving.

Now, if the lugs are not tightened, there is a tendency that the lugs will be loosened all the way out, which can cause the wheel to fall off. Every Jeep owner does not want this dire situation to happen, which means the lugs should be properly checked all the time.

Suspension Issues

jeep suspension issues

The vehicle’s suspension is essential in providing shock-absorbing properties. This part of your Jeep will ensure that all the people inside the vehicle are safe and comfortable by absorbing the energy from road bumps and other road impacts. However, if the suspension has some issues, it can also cause the Jeep Wrangler to shake.

When your front suspension has issues, it can cause the Jeep Wrangler to shake or vibrate. You will not feel it when the vehicle is idle. However, when you are on the highway, the shaking will be felt when you change the speed, or your vehicle is dealing with road bumps. Suspension issues also go with odd noises.

Brake Issues

When the vehicle brakes have issues, it can also shake the Jeep Wrangler. If the vehicle is shaking, mainly the steering wheel, when applying the brake, the issue is probably in the brake pads or the rotors.

You will need to check these important parts since they are not exempt from heat, stress, or puddles. In addition, the metals on these parts tend to deform. You will also need to replace the brake pads when there is a warped rotor.

Also, when the brake caliper is having some issues, it can cause the vehicle to shake while you are driving. When the brake caliper has some problems, it tends to stick, causing the vehicle to vibrate.

The shaking will be felt once you increase the speed of the vehicle. But once you stop, expect to smell a burning-like odor that will come out of your vehicle. To rectify the issue, you need to inspect your braking system and have it repaired if some parts are damaged.


If you ask yourself, “why is my Jeep shaking?” For sure, you are unaware of the possible reasons behind the issue. This article has listed various reasons for a Jeep Wrangler to shake while on the road and when idle.

It may look that this problem is relatively minor, but the shaking can also bring potential damage to the other components of the vehicle, which can lead to a bigger problem. The moment you feel the shaking, it is a must to fix it immediately.

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