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What Does a Track Bar Do on a Jeep

what does a track bar do on a jeep

Your Jeep Wrangler comes with essential parts that play a crucial role in making your vehicle run smoothly. One of these parts is the track bar, an essential component of the Jeep Wrangler’s suspension system.

But what does a track bar do on a Jeep? The track bar will be responsible for maintaining the axle’s perpendicular alignment of your Jeep Wrangler. Without a track bar, the vehicle’s front end will float, resulting in a wobbling sensation. Other things that a track bar can do will be discussed in this article.

Essential Component of the Suspension System

The track bar is an essential component of the Jeep Wrangler’s suspension system. The primary purpose of the track bar is to keep track of the connection between the axle assemblies of the vehicle and the body.

This part of the Jeep Wrangler is the connection or the link that will provide support so that the axle of the Jeep will be at the center regardless of how much the other suspension components flex.

The track bar connects the axle assemblies and the vehicle’s body by two attaching points. One point is connected to the frame or the body, while the other point is to the axle assembly. These two points are connected with each other with the track bar.

The track bar will be responsible for preventing unwanted lateral movement of your Jeep Wrangler. A track bar is also essential for a Jeep Wrangler when driving off the road and on other difficult trails.

Maintains Perpendicular Alignment of the Vehicle

The track bar will be responsible for maintaining the axle assemblies’ perpendicular alignment with the vehicle. Without the track bar, it can cause serious steering issues, or the vehicle may drift on one side.

If you see a vehicle not in line with the momentum of travel, it is probably because the track bar has some issues. Or, if you experience that your vehicle is shaking, wobbling, or vibrating while driving, it can be a potential track bar issue for the vehicle.

When your track bar is installed correctly, the vehicle will have no problem running on the road. But if you see the Jeep Wrangler drifting while on the road, it is ideal for checking for any issues in the track bar.

Possible issues related to the track bar include physical damage, looseness, or cracked bushings. Another possibility of track bar issues is when you lift your vehicle, which needs a longer track bar.

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The Vertical Support Frame of the Front Axle

The roller track bar found on the Jeep Wrangler swerves the vertical support frame of the front axle. We all know the importance of the vehicle’s suspension system for a smoother ride, and the track bar plays a significant role in supporting them.

The suspension system, which is mostly composed of two axles and the leaf springs, will be responsible for taking the car’s weight. These suspension components also absorb shocks that happen on the road. But in all of these suspension system functions, the track bar is always there to support these essential components.

The track bar also helps reduce the stress of the other components in the suspension system. This component will also help make your ride smooth and comfortable, even if you are driving on a challenging road.

The vehicle’s suspension system will make the ride smoother, but the track bar also plays an important supporting role as it connects both the body and the axle housing. It attaches from left to right between the arms, which also helps in preventing side-to-side swaying.

If the track bar is corroded or worn out, it can also affect the comfort or the smoothness of the Jeep Wrangler. The vehicle will not ride smoothly while also swaying in every direction instead of going up and down.

Upgrading the Track Bar for Off-Road Performance

Some Jeep owners tend to upgrade their track bar to enhance their off-road performance. Upgrading this important component in your vehicle brings substantial benefits to your off-road driving.

The moment you upgrade your track bar, you will also receive other essential components of the Jeep Wrangler. There will be additional bushings and end links essential to your vehicle’s performance. Upgrading means getting other components which will help the vehicle improve its performance.

Upgrading your track bar will also help in the steering. When your track bar is not performing well, you will notice that your steering is not aligned where you want it on the road. You can also lose control if your track bar is loose. But the new track bar will enhance your steering, which is essential when you are off the road.

An upgraded track bar will help in increasing the performance for off-roading adventures. When you upgrade, additional control arms will support you when driving off-road. It will also improve your handling because of the improved performance of the steering, especially when going around corners. Upgraded track bars also last longer compared to the stock track bar.


Many Jeep owners are not aware of the importance of a track bar in the way the Jeep Wrangler performs on the road. This situation is why it is a must to know what a track bar does on a Jeep. It contributes significantly to making the ride more comfortable and safe on the road.

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