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What to Do if your Jeep Gets Rained in

what to do if your jeep gets rained in

The Jeep Wrangler has several unique features that will let you enjoy the great outdoors. Most models have a removable top that allows people inside the vehicle to enjoy the view. The only downside of this unique feature is when the rain suddenly pours, the vehicle can get wet inside.

So, what to do if your Jeep gets rained in? Fortunately, Jeeps are designed to get wet, which means having your Jeep get rained in should be totally fined. But you need to do several things, such as removing the water and cleaning the inside part of the vehicle. Please see our tips below:

Use the Drain Plugs to Remove the Water

It is not a big deal for most Jeep owners when theirs rained in. In fact, I have asked myself several times why does my Jeep leak when it rains. The initial thing that you need to do is to locate the drain plugs, which are usually found underneath the carpet. There will be a drain plug up front and another one in the trunk.

So, if too much water is inside the vehicle, pull the drain plug to remove all the water. If it is your first time doing it, you will probably have a hard time locating the drain plugs. Look for it on the floor panel just below the food spaces.

The drain plugs are usually located underneath the carpet. So, you will need to remove the carpets inside the vehicle to become visible. The drain plugs look like a kidney bean and are about ¾ inches in size.

The color of the drain plugs may vary depending on the model. But in a Jeep vehicle, you will see that the drain plug is colorful. I have seen several drain plugs in colors red and blue. Most of the Jeep vehicles come with a black plastic plug cap in the drain plug.

Drying the Carpet and the Seats

After removing the water inside the Jeep Wrangler, you will also need to take care of the wet carpet and the seats. If not clean and dried correctly, these two parts of the vehicle can be infested with mildew.

What you do with the carpet is to remove it from the vehicle. Make sure to clean the carpet before hanging it. Let the carpet dry naturally. If you do not like to remove the carpet, you can open the window of the vehicle for a few days and let the carpet dry up.

As far as the seats are concerned, you will need to clean them before letting them dry. You can wipe it to reduce the wetness. I have heard other people vacuuming the seats after it has become wet. You can even use a fan to let it dry.

Another way is to use dry towels to press against the upholstery until no moisture comes. Opening the window is also an excellent way to let the seats dry naturally. But remember not to overexpose the seats under the sun.

Other Things To Do to Prevent Your Jeep from Getting Wet

Getting your Jeep rained is not an issue because it is just part of how the Jeep is manufactured. Several Jeep owners have experienced that their Jeep was wet outside because of the rain. In fact, the vehicle comes with a water resistance feature that protects the vehicle from being damaged after getting rained in.

However, there are also other things that you can do to protect the vehicle from getting rained in. You can do these steps to prevent your Jeep from getting wet. If you do not like your Jeep getting rained in, do the following measures:

Getting a Water-Resistant Cab Cover

If you do not like your vehicle getting rained in once it is parked outside your home, getting a water-resistant cab cover can definitely help. The cab cover will protect your Jeep’s interior from the rain and other elements because of its water-resistance properties.

And the best thing about the cab cover is it is so easy to set up. This vehicle accessory is easier to set up than installing the top-up of the vehicle. Cab covers are compact, so they will not take up too much space in the trunk. It is also the best backup to protect your vehicle once the top is off.

Getting a Water-Proof Seat Covers

With how the Jeep vehicle is designed, getting it rained in is just normal, especially if you remove the top. However, to protect your vehicle’s interior from the effects of the wetness, you can put seat covers on the seats.

Having waterproof seat covers will help protect your seats once exposed to water. We all know the chance of the seats having molds, especially with water, but the cover will protect the seat’s surface from being wet.

Used Bed Liners

The carpet is the first to be affected when the Jeep gets rained in. So, if your vehicle gets wet frequently, a bed liner should be an excellent idea. Having the carpets line up with a waterproof bed liner is a good idea.

The result will make it easy for you to deal with water. All you have to do is pull the drain plugs to drain the car if it gets soaked. The downside of using a bed liner is it will alter the vehicle’s comfort level while the insulation from the heat and the noise will be reduced.


Getting your Jeep Wrangler rained in will happen, but as a Jeep owner, it is what you do after that matters. It is essential to learn what to do if your Jeep gets rained in to prevent damage to the seats, carpets, and other parts of the vehicle. It is not a big issue if your vehicle gets wet on the side because it is designed to be water-resistant. You will only need to take care of the other parts of the vehicle to prevent further damage.

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