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What Do Lockers Do on a Jeep

what do lockers do on a jeep

Owning a Jeep Wrangler also means using its advanced features to have an excellent driving experience. One feature that many inexperienced drivers are unaware of is the Jeep’s locking system.

But what do lockers do on a Jeep? Jeep lockers, when used, will be responsible for locking your axels while sending power to the two tires equally on each axle. It locks the axle of the vehicle so that the power is distributed equally on both wheels of the axel. But what does this feature bring to the Jeep Wrangler? Please check below:

Giving Equal Traction to Both Tires

A Jeep locker is a device found on your Jeep Wrangler that has the ability to lock the axle of the vehicle. If you want to know what do Jeep lockers do, the purpose of this device is to give equal power to both of the wheels of the axle. The locker will then provide equal traction to your Jeep’s tires to prevent incorrect spin of the wheel when navigating on unpredictable terrain.

This mechanism will keep the Jeep Wrangler’s wheels from spinning because they will be locked in place. Once it happens, it provides maximum traction to the vehicle, which is very helpful when driving in snowy or slippery road conditions.

The lockers will be responsible so that one vehicle axle will spin independently to the other three wheels. So, if one wheel is not on its traction limit, it will spin freely until it has a firm grip on the surface of the road.

Traction can be a problem if you are driving in icy or snowy conditions. But with the use of the Jeep’s lockers will certainly enhance the traction on a slick surface. The Jeep locking system is the solution in driving this type of condition.

Great Assistance When Driving Off-Road

Using the Jeep lockers provides excellent help to drivers when doing off-road driving. The absence of lockers will give the wheels different power distribution. When the wrong wheels get the power, it will leave you stuck and even at a difficult angle.

This situation is the reason it is a must for anyone to have their lockers installed when doing off-road adventures. Fortunately, Jeep vehicles have lockers which will allow you to control them inside the vehicle.

For some Jeep vehicles, the lockers are automatically installed. So, if you are going off-road driving, you will need to turn them on at some points on the trail. You can also use them when you are stuck on some part of the road.

Some lockers start working by pushing a button. You will receive traction on demand in your vehicle when you do it. This feature is essential when dealing with slippery roads and during off-road driving.

what do jeep lockers do

Locking the Left and Right Wheel Together

The locker will mechanically lock both the right and the left wheel together. It will not allow one wheel to spin while the remaining wheels do nothing. It is, therefore, that the left and right wheels are mechanically locked altogether.

For automatic lockers, it will keep the right and left wheel locks together except when the vehicle turns left or right. When it turns, the wheels will be automatically unlocked until it is completed. Once the turn is complete, it automatically locks up again.

When the locker unlocks when turning, the outside wheel will spin faster than the inside wheel preventing it from hopping or skipping during the turn. The inside wheel is actually driving during the turn in all vehicles with automatic lockers.

Automatic lockers are helpful for some situations but are not street-friendly when it is installed in the rear axle. The reason behind it is keeping the right and left wheels locked together, which can cause unusual handling issues.

Improves your Vehicle’s Performance

Lockers are ideal when you are off-road driving because it is normal to come off the ground while driving on uneven surfaces or rock crawling. When you use the vehicle’s lockers, all wheels maintain the needed forward momentum to get the much-needed traction.

If both wheels are turning, your Jeep Wrangler will have continuous traction and will continue to go forward every time the wheels hit the surface. There will be no need for the tire to return to speed again.

So, if you want to modify your vehicle’s traction, having bigger wheels or meatier tires is essential. But to completely improve the performance of your Jeep in off-road driving, setting up a differential locker is key.

The lockers will be the ones to control all the power that the drivetrain of your vehicle can deliver. It will keep your Jeep climbing with all the wheels and the much-needed traction. When the axles are locked, it will give you the power to climb while preventing spinning wheels which will not actually help you.

A Jeep Wrangler locker or locker differential will lock both wheels of the same axle together. The result will be the same speed and the same amount of force for all of the wheels. Without the lockers, driving off-road or even rock crawling can be challenging because of traction issues.


There is no doubt about the importance of lockers when driving a Jeep Wrangler. If you are still unfamiliar with what do lockers do on a Jeep, think again. This mechanism will be needed when you are off-roading or rock climbing your vehicle as it enhances the traction of your Jeep. Without the locker, it will be challenging to do any off-road driving due to traction issues.

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