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What Gas Does Jeep Wrangler Take

what gas does jeep wrangler take

Adhering to your Jeep Wrangler’s recommended gasoline requirements is essential for a smoother and more comfortable ride. Using the correct fuel type ensures that the engine runs smoothly, prevents engine damage, and maximizes fuel economy.

But what gas does a Jeep Wrangler take? Does a jeep wrangler take regular gas? Yes, definitely. The old Jeep Wrangler model needs regular gasoline or petrol, while the newer model needs premium gasoline. This article will offer various information regarding the fuel requirements of the Jeep Wrangler.

Engine Type Fuel
Manufactured 1996 Onwards (Engine Type: 2.0, 2.4, 3.6, 3.8, and 4.0L) Regular Gasoline with Octane Level 87
Manufactured 2020 Onwards (Engine Type: 3.0L) No. 2 Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel No. 2 Ultra-Low Sulfur Climatized Diesel Fuel

Based on the table above, Jeep Wrangler models manufactured from 1996 onwards with 2.0, 2.4, 3.6, 3.8, and 4.0L uses a regular engine with an octane level of 87. Even the Wrangler 4xe with a plug-in hybrid feature has the same fuel requirements.

On the other hand, Jeep Wranglers produced from 2020 onwards come with a 3.0L engine. This engine uses no. 2 ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel or the no. 2 ultra-low sulfur climatized diesel fuels.

Factors Affecting Gas Usage

types of gasoline for jeep wrangler

If you check on the manual of a Wrangler 4xe, it clearly states that using 87-octane offers satisfactory performance, but using 91-octane provides optimal performance. But is this statement correct?

In my experience, using 87-octane or 91-octane does not offer much difference except for the pricing. A good example is a Jeep Wrangler 4xe having a 2.0L engine. This particular engine is designed to meet all emission requirements.

It is said that this engine provides satisfactory fuel economy and performance when using a high-quality unleaded regular engine with an octane rating of 87. An octane rating of 91 or higher premium gasoline will give this engine operator optimum performance.

You will notice this increase in performance during hot weather or when your vehicle is under heavier load conditions. When you are heavily loaded or towing, and on the power a lot, a 91 or higher offers much better performance and probably reduces the engine wear.

Also, running on 87-octane diesel is fine. The difference is that the vehicle’s computer will dial back the ignition timing. The result is a reduced turbo boost and adjusted fuel flow when sensing the impending detonation under load. It has less power on tap when the timing is pulled back.

Having less power on tap at a given rpm while under load, the vehicle’s computer will downshift a gear or two to increase rpm and further avoid detonation while increasing the coolant flow. This situation will help keep heat buildup under control.

With this information, the BTU energy content of 87 octane is higher when compared to the 91 octane fuel. So, when you are just driving, usually with your Jeep Wrangler, you will get better fuel economy if the vehicle’s engine and computer are designed to handle higher detonation when running 87 octane fuel on everyday driving.

Furthermore, driving with performance, having heavy cargo, or towing something will affect the vehicle’s performance regardless of the engine. In other words, you can use an 87 under usual driving conditions but use a 91 or more when loaded down heavily or when the vehicle is towing something.

Types of Gasoline for Jeep Wrangler

factors affecting gas usage

There are different types of gasoline that can be used by a Jeep Wrangler. Please check each of them below to know which is best suited for your vehicle:

Regular Unleaded Gasoline

With an 87-octane rating, this gasoline is the most common gas that can be used by a Jeep Wrangler model. This type of gas is also highly recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Mid-Grade Unleaded Gasoline

Also known as a gas plus, mid-grade unleaded gasoline comes with an 89-octane rating higher than the first. It can be used for Jeep Wranglers, but the manufacturer does not specify the use of this type of gas.

Premium Unleaded Gasoline

With an octane rating of 90, this gas fits well with Jeep Wranglers that come with a 2.0L turbocharged engine. Other Jeep Wrangler models can also use this type of gasoline, but it is not actually needed.


Diesel may not be common in America, but it can also be used for Jeep Wranglers that can accommodate this type of fuel. Diesel Jeep Wranglers are vehicles with engines that can run on diesel fuel. Diesel engines are known for their efficiency and longevity.


What gas does a Jeep Wrangler take? Most of the old model Jeep Wranglers use regular gasoline or petrol, while the newer model may need premium gasoline, as stated in this article. Following the vehicle’s fuel requirements is essential to ensure efficiency, damage prevention, and maximize fuel economy.

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