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How to Unlock a Jeep Wrangler Without Keys

how to unlock a jeep wrangler without keys

Consider this scenario: you just arrived at your destination using your Jeep Wrangler when suddenly an impossible situation happened. You accidentally locked the key inside the vehicle, and you do not know what to do about this unusual situation.

You are not the only one in this situation, as millions of car owners accidentally lock their keys inside every year. So, how to unlock a Jeep Wrangler without keys? This article will discuss different tips and tricks in unlocking your vehicle without keys.

Unlocking a Jeep Wrangler Without Keys

Once you accidentally leave your keys and lock the door, it is normal to have a panic attack. The first instinct is to figure out how to unlock the vehicle without using the key. If you feel helpless and do not know what to do, some people can help you solve this issue.

Calling the help of police authorities is the best way if you plan to seek help with your locked keys. Especially in those high-risk situations where a baby or an animal is stuck inside the vehicle. Calling the police is an excellent option for you.

If it is an emergency where someone is stuck inside, the police should be able to break in by breaking your window. The police authorities will certainly have the tools needed to open the window of your vehicle forcibly.

Another way is to call a roadside assistance provider or a locksmith to help you open your vehicle window. Their services may not be available round the clock, making the timing crucial. Also, you will definitely pay for their services once you decide to ask for their help.

How to Break into a Jeep Wrangler on your Own Without Keys

how to break into a jeep wrangler

Should you decide to solve these issues on your own, there are different methods to do it. Please note that the ways we are presenting may work or not work for you. You can try as many methods as possible to find the best to unlock the door effectively. Please see below.

Method 1: Using a Lockout tool

A lookout tool, commonly known as Slim Jim, is a nice tool that will allow you to unlock your Jeep without keys. If your Jeep comes with a soft top, what you do is unzip the side.

If it happens that you have a hard top window, use the lockout tool to open your car window. This can be done by putting a wedge and putting it between the window and the rubber seal of the Jeep Wrangler. Doing this action will make a gap that can be used to put the lockout tool inside.

The next step is to insert the lockout tool into the gap while locating the thin rod connecting the handle and the locking mechanism of the window. You will then hook the end of the rod using your bare hand using a pull-up or push-up motion to rotate and eventually unlock the door.

Method 2: Prying the Door

Another method is to pry the door slightly. If you can, you will need to blow up the inflatable for you to create a working space. If you cannot do it, let someone hold whatever you are using to pry the door open.

The assistance should help you concentrate on unlocking the door while your helper will be focusing on prying the door and giving you enough space to work. Use a coat hanger to reach inside, trying to pull the door handle open.

Method 3: Using a Wooden Door Stop and Screwdriver

You can use a wooden doorstop and a screwdriver, preferably with a rag in it. Use this tool to squeeze between the top of the door frame and the B Pillar. I tell you, it will only require minimal effort to make a gap enough to fit in a bent coat hanger.

With some shuffling, you may proceed with grabbing the little lock lever on the door’s locking mechanism. You will then proceed to pull it back to unlock the door. It may require much effort, but you need to stick with it until unlocking the door.

Another option is to double the wedges you are using. One should be on top of the door towards the backside. The other one should be on the side of the door towards the top portion. The double wedges will give you a huge gap for the coat hanger to do its dirty job of unlocking the door.

The rag is very important since it will protect your vehicle from unnecessary scratches. You will have the possibility of scratching the surface while unlocking using the hanger if you will do it carefully.

Method 4: Through the Back Window

If you examine the back window carefully, it comes with two hinges on the top. All you have to do is remove the plastic cover covering it. You may start from the bottom so that it will fold up. Then use a 10 mm socket wrench to remove the two bolts off each side.

Then, you can remove the hydraulic struts with one bolt on each side to make a small opening. Look for a kid who is small enough to go inside for you not to remove the struts off. The small kid’s size should be enough to go inside by tilting but still keeping the struts in place.

Method 5: Unlocking the Door Using Your Cellphone

This last method is a bit unconventional and different from the other methods since this is more advanced. Actually, there is an increasing number of mobile apps which can be downloaded on your phone to unlock your Jeep Wrangler.

These apps can convert your mobile phones into key fobs, which will be used to lock or unlock the door of your vehicle. I am not just sure if the model of your Jeep is capable of connecting with the app. But this method is a unique way to open your Jeep door. Just make sure it applies to your vehicle.


Learning how to unlock a Jeep Wrangler without keys is essential should you accidentally lock the keys inside or lose them. You have the option to ask for help if you feel you cannot do it alone. But, other methods can be used to unlock your vehicle alone.

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