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How to Tow a Jeep Wrangler Behind RV

how to tow a jeep wrangler behind rv

There is no better way to enjoy and experience outdoor activity with the family than having an RV as your mode of transportation. This vehicle is so huge that it can help you relax, unwind, and appreciate nature more as you do it together with your loved ones. Another upside of using an RV is it gives you the chance to tow your Jeep Wrangler should you decide to go for an off-roading adventure during your family trip.

But how to tow a Jeep Wrangler? Towing a Jeep Wrangler can be a challenge but doable using an RV. The term is flat towing, where the Jeep will be towed behind the RV. However, not all vehicles can be flat towed with the technical and mechanical requirements needed to tow the vehicle. But your Jeep Wrangler is undoubtedly capable of being towed by an RV regardless of model and transmission.

How to Tow a Jeep Wrangler Behind RV

There are many ways to tow a Jeep Wrangler, but this method is affordable and worked for us well. However, you will need some tools and equipment to tow the vehicle into the RV successfully.

What You Need:

  • Universal tow brackets
  • Tow Light Kit for Jeep Wrangler
  • Tow Cables
  • Tow Bar
  • Brake Buddy
  • Trailer Light Cable

Step 1:

The initial step is to connect some of the tools and equipment above to the respective vehicles. First is the tow bar and safety cables to the RV while also installing the universal tow brackets to the Jeep Wrangler.

Step 2:

After that, start connecting the tow bar at the back of the RV to the tow brackets installed on the Jeep Wrangler. Make sure to connect the two sides thoroughly. The tow bar offers room for adjustment to make it easy for you to connect it to the brackets. Then, attached the pair of tow cables anywhere in the frame of the Jeep Wrangler. This tool provides support should the tow bar accidentally disconnects to the brackets.

Step 3:

The next step is to attach and install the trailer light cable from the RV and connect it to the Jeep
Wrangler. Doing this action will allow the brake lights of the RV to control the brake lights and the tail lights of the Jeep Wrangler. You have to plug it at the back of the RV and then connect it to the Hopkins connector installed at the front of the Jeep Wrangler.

how to tow a jeep wrangler

Step 4:

The next procedure is to put your Jeep Wrangler in the proper gear to make it suitable for towing. The first thing to do is put your key and start the vehicle. Pull down the vehicle to neutral, then pull your transfer case also down to neutral. To make sure it’s working, put the vehicle on reverse while you are neutral and pull to drive to ensure that the transfer case is in neutral. This action will make sure that you are not in gear once you put the Jeep in park.

Step 5:

Once your Jeep is in neutral, turn it off and move the transmission back into park while leaving your transfer case in neutral. What it does is that once you pull it and if the vehicle is in a park, it will stop you and offer some two resistance. Bit, if your transfer case is in the proper position, then there will be no problem when the RV pulls the Jeep. There is no steering block as it moves freely as it used to be.

Step 6:

The next step is to install the brake buddy and to connect it to the brake pedal. Try to push the whole brake buddy forward as much as possible, then use the driver seat to put some pressure and make the brake buddy more stable once it is all alone. Do not forget to put the brake buddy with electrical power by connecting the plug to the nearest power source.

To check if it is working, go to the back and ensure that the taillights are off, which means that the brake is close enough to work but not closed enough to engage. You can then try to adjust the brake buddy by pressing the auto start button, and you will see that the brake buddy will be working on the brakes. Check on the taillights again, and you will see that it is turning on. Once you are driving the RV, a controller inside it tells if your Jeep is braking or not to guide you during the towing process.

Step 7:

The final step is to check if the installation works smoothly. Go to the RV and try to drive forward for about ten feet,, then stop. Go outside and make sure that the Jeep Wrangler is rolling smoothly, the cables are properly tied, and everything is in the proper order. Once everything is in order, start flat towing your Jeep wrangler to your preferred destination.


Learning how to tow a Jeep Wrangler is essential knowledge to pick up, especially if you own this exceptional vehicle. There will come a time that you will be planning to travel and spend outdoors with the family using the RV, and the need to bring along the Jeep Wrangler is needed. All you have to do is learn flat towing the vehicle with the RV to ensure that you can also do off-roading activities on the side during the trip.

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