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How to Store Jeep Hardtop

how to store jeep hardtop

The look of having a hardtop in your Jeep Wrangler is simply unique. The hardtop provides a lot of upside in terms of being durable and its ability to give the Jeep’s insulation and extra storage. But what if it is summertime and the temperature get’s scorching outside? As a Jeep owner, you need to learn how to store Jeep hardtop properly when it is required.

I tell you that removing and storing the Jeep Wrangler’s hardtop is not an easy thing to do. Whatever the model you own, you need a lot of strength, patience, and determination to get the job done. Most of all, you need to have assistance because of the heavy lifting, and it will be awkward for you if you do it on your own. As the pricey investment owner, you also want to protect the top from damages that might happen if the removal and storage if not done correctly.

In this article, our team will be showcasing different ways to store Jeep hardtop safely. We will show you the overall process, including the initial steps such as opening and removing the top before adequately storing it in an appropriate place.

Hardtop Pre-Storing Process Quick Guide

Base on experience, removing and storing the hardtop alone is demanding. I can say that you should avoid doing it because you might get into unnecessary accidents or you might eventually damage the top. It will be better for you to ask for help from other people to ease the load and lessen the responsibility. So, before storing the hardtop, you need to open and remove it properly by doing these steps:

Things to Do Before Opening the Jeep Top

  • Make sure to remove any electrical accessories or connections.
  • Be careful not to pop off the weatherproofing sealant between the Jeep’s body and the top.
  • Make sure not to drag the top together with the Jeep’s body not to damage it.

How to Remove the Jeep’s Hardtop

The process below applies to a one-piece hardtop. If you have a different model, you can always refer to the product’s manual on the process of removing it. For the one-piece model, please check the step-by-step process below:

  • The first step is to gather all the equipment and tools you will need for the removal process. You will need four ratchet straps, 3-inch wood screws, and eyelet anchors with a working load of at least 300 pounds in this process.
  • Then, you need to line the jeep under the trusses of the garage. This action will make the eyelet not pull out when mounted on the ceiling.
  • The next step is to mount the eyelets in the trusses.
  • After that, you need to release the quick-release clips in the Jeep Wrangler. This action will make the freedom panels ready to come out in the open.
  • The next step is to remove the Torx that connects and hold the hardtop in the Jeep.
  • Then, remove the connectors for the windshield wiper and also the washer fluid in the black.
  • Finally, you need to attach all four ratchet straps in the corner. Then pull the hardtop up and detached it from the Jeep Wrangler.

Removing the hardtop is easy, and it will take a few minutes to remove it from the Jeep if you know the proper process. My advice is for you to be organized, especially in removing the screw. You need to separate them and make you it will be installed in their proper position.

How to Store your Jeep’s Hardtop

best products for hardtop storage

There are few ways that I know where it can do both lifting and storing the hardtop. Please see the list below:


If you are looking for a method that does both the removing and storing process of the top, then this is the method for you. The upside with this method is it does need drilling, which means it’s convenient to the Jeep owner. This method comes with a durable stainless steel frame that will be attached to the hardtop.

The hardtop will be lifted to the ceiling through a cable pulling system. Meaning, you must have a tall ceiling for the top to be stored conveniently. If you do not have enough space on your garage floor, you can use the Hoist-A-Top method for your hardtop storage.

Hoist Cart

A Hoist Cart is an instrument that was designed to lift or lower loads such as the hardtop. This method includes a chain or a rope loop around a lift wheel. I highly recommend this tool to remove the hardtop from the Jeep Wrangler and store it by simply lying on top of it just like a regular cart found in the supermarket.

The upside of this equipment is the ability to have additional features such as door hangers and panel storage. Meaning, apart from the hardtop, you can also store parts of your vehicle, such as the doors, among others. This storage system can keep the whole Jeep Wrangler.

Hardtop Storage Cart

This hardtop storage system can keep your hardtop in a vertical position. So, if your garage space flooring is limited, this method will fit you well. It will best if you buy the one with wheels to easy for you to move around the hardtop anywhere in your garage. You will also find multiple varieties coming from this storage system which offers additional storage options.

Storage Bag

Storing a hardtop can be a challenge, but using a storage bag will bring many upsides to protecting the hardtop from storage danger. So, if you want an open-air Jeep Wrangler in your ride, use the storage bag to keep the freedom panel safe and undamaged. It also comes with straps on the back for easy carrying, whether inside or outside the garage.

Products for Hardtop Storage

Harken – Hardtop Hoist

This brand is one of the popular hoists which is used in storing hardtop in your garage. If you have a tall ceiling in your garage, this storage system will be of great use. It comes in different configurations and has several other features that might interest you. For example, anti-drop features protect the hardtop from falling even if the rope will be dropped using self-locking ball-bearings.

Surco HT200 – Hardtop Carrier

If you prefer to store the hardtop on the floor’s garage safely, you can use this durable hardtop carrier from Surco. This product is made in the USA and is made with light but sturdy materials. The best thing about Surco is that it can also fit any models of hardtop of your Jeep Wrangler. So you will never worry if the top will work to this carrier for storage.

What I like about this product are its simplicity and durability. Plus, the fact that it is easy to assemble will mean that it can bring a lot of convenience to the Jeep owner. You can build this without assistance, but you need assistance and help from other people when removing and storing.

Bestop Hoss – Hardtop Cart

This type of hardtop can be attached to the hardtop even if it is still on the Jeep. This unique feature is impressive when it comes to the easy removal of the hardtop from the Jeep. Other features that this cart offers include the support bar and heavy-duty casters. Meanwhile, the anti-scratch protection will make you consider this hardtop cart for storage.


Learning how to store Jeep hardtop is a handy skill, especially if you own a Jeep Wrangler. The process of removing and storing this part of the vehicle is not an easy thing to do, but learning how to do it will give you a lot of upsides as a Jeep owner. There are different types of hardtop storage systems to choose from, and all you need is the right fit for your Jeep model.

So, what’s the best system for storing a hardtop? You will be hanging the hardtop in your garage or whatever space you have in the house with the hoist system. Another way to keep is the hardtop carriers and carts, which offer good options too. It all depends on your Jeep’s model or the needs that you are looking for, which will fit the Jeep’s model. You can even make a do-it-yourself hardtop storage system if you want to. The most important thing is to properly store the hardtop once you decide to remove it and make your Jeep open during the summer.

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