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How to Remove Jeep Soft Top Completely

how to remove jeep soft top completely

Having a soft top in your Jeep brings many upsides such as convenience, variety, and cost-efficiency. But, if you really want to feel the sun or the breeze in your skin during the driving or replace the soft top with a more durable hardtop, you can always take the soft top off on your Jeep. Removing this part of the Jeep can be easy and does not require too much effort in doing it.

But how to remove Jeep soft top completely? In this article, we will show you the proper method of removing a soft top from your Jeep completely. We will be providing the step-by-step process to make sure that it will serve as your guide should you decide to remove the top on your own. Also, we will cover removing the soft top from a 2-door and 4-door Jeep vehicle for your convenience.

Removing the Soft Top from a Two-Door Jeep

A 2-door Jeep comes with a short chassis and a smaller soft top. For the removal process, please follow the step-by-step process below:

First Step:

The first thing to do is go to the inside of your Jeep and put down your visors and set it aside. After that, there will be a couple of latches above that you will need to unhook. You will need to unlatch by lifting up the levers on the side to remove the soft top at the front initially.

Second Step:

Then, you will need to remove the side windows of your soft top. This action can be done by removing the velcro and unzipping the zippers from the outside. You will need to locate the zipper on the Jeep’s side, then start unzipping it. You will also need to release the sail flaps found below to remove the window. Do it on the other side window too. Always keep the windows in an upright position to avoid them from being damage.

Third Step:

The next step is to remove the back window of the soft top. Go to the rear of your Jeep and open the back door. Look for the zipper which should be located on the right side, and the sail flaps, which are below the window. If you found it, start unzipping the zipper and undo the Velcro, while releasing the sail flaps below to detach the window. After removing the rear window, make sure to keep the it safe on the side to prevent damage.

Fourth Step:

Once all the windows are removed, the next step is to release all the remaining sail flaps found on both sides of the rear. You will pull them down at the corners to release them. After that, you can fold them nicely, slowly rolling them towards the top.

Final Step:

The last step is to look for latch pedals which should be located above the door jams on the front seat. Press the latch pedals down to unlock and facilitate in releasing the side bows off the soft top. Once done, you can remove the soft top of your 2-door Jeep.

Removing the Soft Top of a Four-Door Jeep

removing the soft top

Removing the soft top of a 4-door Jeep is different from removing from its 2-door counterpart. Nevertheless, please find the step-by-step process below on how to do it:

Part 1: Removing the Back Window

Start by undoing the velcro and unzipping the zippers found on the side windows. You can slightly lift the soft top’s edge to unlatch the velcro and unzip the zippers just underneath the velcro. Unlatch the velcro and unzip the zippers on both sides. Please do it slowly and thoroughly.

The next thing to do is pull out the sail flaps located on the bottom of the side windows. Pull-on the edges of the sail flaps to detached them. Do it on both sides of the side windows. After that, slowly remove the windows and keep them on the side carefully to prevent damage.

The next step is to remove the rear window. Start by unzipping the zipper and unlatching the velcro of the rear window from both the left and right sides. Then release the sail flaps below while wrapping the windows towards the vehicle’s inside until you reach the top. Secure the rolled window using the elastic straps, which should be available in the compartment of your Jeep.

Then, you will need to unzip the back window fully while unzipping the bottom bar. Doing this action will loosen the back window in preparation for taking it off completely. Ensure to take care of the rear window to prevent it from being damaged and keep it in the back seat.

Part 2: Folding Back the Soft Top

Go to the front seat of your vehicle, then lower your visor and set them on the side. From there, look for a latch above the driver and passenger sides, then pull them on to undo the lock.

The next step is to gently tug at the bottom of the corner flaps located on the back of your vehicle. This action is to remove the soft top completely from your Jeep. Start by folding the flap to the roof of your soft top.

Then, you will need to press down on the latches, which are located above the front seat door jambs. You will need to push the latches using your fingers to start unlatching the soft top of your Jeep. Once both latches are undone, to the top will start moving backward and will open up.

The next step is to release the remaining latches that secure the soft top on the outside. You will need to reach the latches and press them down to release them.

You can now fold the soft top and secure it with velcro. Make sure to fold it naturally, then secured it with velcro for safekeeping.


Learning how to remove Jeep soft top completely is a must for every Jeep owner like you. It is essential to learn because there will come a time that you do not want the top on your Jeep at all. Also, removing it is also necessary if you decide to replace the soft top with a hardtop. For these reasons, you need to familiarize the process of removing the soft top of your Jeep.

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