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How to Put Mirrors on Jeep Without Doors

how to put mirrors on jeep without doors

The best thing about owning a Jeep Wrangler is it allows you to be creative with its appearance. Customizing your Jeep Wrangler is normal, with some owners deciding to remove the side doors for an off-road look.

However, this customization creates a problem: what do you do with the mirrors? How to put mirrors on Jeep without doors? This article will provide various tips and tricks for putting the mirrors in your Jeep, even if you remove the doors.

Putting a Mirror on a Jeep With No Doors

putting a mirror on a jeep with no doors

For more than 30 years, Jeep owners, especially those with Wrangler YJ models, have faced issues needing quality mirrors when removing the vehicle’s door. But do you need mirrors on a Jeep without doors? Yes definitely.

Jeep Wranglers will need you to have secondary mirrors when driving with the doors off or a way to move the mirrors from the doors to the windshield hinge.

Legally, can you drive a Jeep without mirrors? You cannot. You must comply with street legal requirements as most states mandate Jeep and other vehicles to have at least two mirrors-one on the driver’s side and one on the rearview mirror.

Some states even require a passenger side if the vehicle originally came with one from the factory. To ensure compliance, you must be aware of your state and local laws. But regardless, having mirrors on both sides is a good idea as it improves viability and promotes safety.

So, if you want to put a mirror on a Jeep without doors, you can check on the tips and tricks that you can use below:

Bolting a Classic Mirror on the Windshield Frame

bolting a classic mirror on the windshield frame

If you own a YJ or a TJ Jeep and want to replace the mirrors for doorless driving, it is a simple process with a couple of options to choose from. One option is to use simple and classic bolt-on mirrors that can be easily attached to the windshield frame or cowl.

Installing this mirror is relatively easy and is considered a semi-permanent solution. During the installation, it is highly recommended that you need extra help from someone when mounting the mirror to your Jeep.

You can also use a hinged round Adventure mirror. This type of mirror conveniently slips into the empty door hinge. The benefit of these mirrors is their versatility, as they work seamlessly with any Wrangler model.

You can also have the option to relocate the mirror to the lower windshield hinge. Whichever option you choose, you must ensure that your Jeep remains street-legal and maintains proper visibility, regardless of where you are driving.

Relocating your Factory Mirror

You can use rugged ride mirror movers for Wrangler YJ owners, particularly those with any year-half doors or the ‘94-’95 full doors. The mirror mover lets you relocate your factory mirrors from the doors to the windshield hinge.

If you have a TJ model, you can also have the option to sue these mirror movers. Using this product will keep your factory mirrors and permanently mount them into your vehicle at a minimal cost.

Using an Inexpensive Accessory Mirror

using an inexpensive accessory mirror

For JK Wrangler owners, the mirror options vary depending on whether your Jeep has manual or power mirrors. If your Jeep has power mirrors and will be removing your doors, you can choose inexpensive accessory mirrors like the Quick Release Round Head or Squad Head as replacements.

On the other hand, if your JK Wrangler is a factor B or C package without power mirrors, you can opt for quick-release mirrors or choose a simple mirror relocation bracket. The Quadratic Relocation Bracket and Fill Plate is an excellent option when moving the factory mirror to the windshield hinge.

This bracket will not only allow you to cover the hole where the factory mirror was mounted when the doors are removed but also facilitates easy removal of the doors whenever you need to do so.

Using Factory Style Mirrors

Jeep owners can also have the opportunity to invest in fully-functioning factory-style mirrors that relocate to the windshield hinge. This will allow the mirrors to stay on the vehicle even when the doors are removed.

These mirror movers are crafted from durable billet aluminum and compatible with non-power mirrors, and the 11’ to 18’ JK models are equipped with power and heated mirror options. The unique design of these mirrors incorporates a spring system that allows them to pull away from the door when it is removed, ensuring a seamless transition.

Besides those, JK owners can also invest in fully-functioning factory-style mirrors that relocate to the windshield hinge-meaning they remain on the vehicle when the doors are removed. These billet aluminum mirror movers can be utilized by non-power mirrors or those with ’11-’18 vehicles with power and heated options.

These mirrors use a spring system to pull away from the door when removed, and then des non-power mirror is signed to lock back into place so you continue to have full mirror visibility no matter if your doors are on or off.


If you are a Jeep Wrangler owner, there are many ways how to put mirrors on Jeep without doors. You can choose various options using all the tips and methods presented in this article. All you have to do is choose the suitable way to enjoy the thrill of doorless driving while maintaining proper visibility in your vehicle.

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