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How to Drive Jeep Wrangler in Snow

how to drive jeep wrangler in snow

Driving a Jeep Wrangler in the snow can be an exciting and challenging experience at the same time. Whether you are a seasoned off-road enthusiast or a new driver, it is a must to follow some tips to ensure your safety and all the passengers that are coming with you.

But how to drive Jeep Wrangler in snow? When you are driving in snow, always remember to avoid abrupt turns, stops, and other potentially unsafe maneuvers that you can do. Here are some driving a Jeep Wrangler in snow tips below.

Prepare the Vehicle in the Winter Condition

Before hitting the road, you must ensure the Jeep Wrangler is ready for winter conditions. Preparing means checking the condition of the vehicle’s tires, wipers, brakes, and other essential parts.

Your tires should have adequate tread depth to provide the much-needed grip when handling slippery roads. You may want to consider switching to winter-specific tires if you can. These tires are designed to provide better traction in snow and icy conditions.

Familiarize the Destination

stay calm and focused in snow

How you drive in the snow will mainly depend on the snow you will be driving and how deep it is. Some snow is wet and fluffy. Shallow snow is known to be forgiving, but ice-glazed deep snow requires you to be very careful.

When you are driving on pavement, big tires will easily get you off to a start coming from a stop. When there is ice on the road, you must be very careful when accelerating. When you are off-roading with snow, drive similarly when dealing with mud which needs more finesse with your driving skills.

Slow Down and Use Gentle Inputs

When driving in snow, it is essential to slow down and use gentle inputs. You need to brake and accelerate slowly and smoothly to prevent slides and skids. You must keep safe from other vehicles and be prepared for sudden stops and turns.

When there are no skids or slides, there is no reason for the vehicle to lose control, which can potentially cause an accident. Snowy roads offer reduced traction, which means that sudden movements like sharp turns or quick stops can cause the tires to lose grip on the road surface.

By driving slowly and using gentle inputs, you can maintain control of the Jeep Wrangler and navigate the snow-covered road safely. It is essential to anticipate changes in road conditions and stay alert while driving to avoid potential hazards.

Engage 4WD If Necessary

prepare the vehicle in the winter condition

If the snow is deep or the road is extremely slippery, you may need to engage the four-wheel drive (4WD) system in your Jeep Wrangler. This feature will provide better traction and stability, especially when climbing hills or navigating rough terrain. Always keep in mind that 4WD is not a substitute for safe driving practices and should only be used when necessary.

Avoid Sudden Movements

Avoid sudden movements, such as sharp turns or quick stops, as these can cause your Jeep to lose traction and slide. Keep your movement smooth and gradual, and anticipate the road ahead to avoid sudden obstacles or changes in road conditions.

In addition, sudden movements can lead to skids and slides, which can ultimately cause accidents. When driving on snow-covered roads, it is important to maintain a slow and steady pace to avoid sudden movements.

Use your Headlights

Make sure your headlights are on when driving in snow, even during the day. This action will make your Jeep more visible to other drivers and help you see the road ahead. If you are driving in heavy snow or whiteout conditions, use your low-beam headlights to improve visibility.

Avoid Steep Hills

drive jeep wrangler in snow

Avoid driving up steep hills in snow, as this can be challenging even for experienced off-road drivers. If you must navigate a steep hill, engage 4WD and take it slow and steady. Keep your wheels straight and avoid sudden movements.

Additionally, going up or down a steep hill increases the risk of sliding or losing control of your vehicle, which can be dangerous. If you must navigate a steep incline or decline, it is important to engage your four-wheel drive and proceed slowly and carefully. This action will keep the wheels straight and avoid sudden movements to maintain control and stay safe on the road.

Stay Calm and Focused

Finally, stay calm and focused when driving in the snow. It is easy to get distracted or nervous, especially if you are not used to driving in winter conditions. Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and your mind focused on safe driving practices.


Learning how to drive Jeep Wrangler in snow will surely be a fun and challenging experience. But it is essential to follow some tips to ensure your safety and that of the passengers. By checking on your Jeep’s readiness for winter conditions and the other tips stated in this article, you can have a safe and enjoyable winter driving experience at home.

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