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How to Clean Jeep Soft Top Windows

how to clean jeep plastic windows

The soft top windows of your Jeep Wrangler are one of your vehicle’s many vulnerable surfaces that can receive dust and dirt while on the road. Over time, as you consistently used your vehicle on and off the road, the soft top window may receive all forms of dirt that will accumulate and build up, which can degrade and damaged this part of your vehicle.

There are many reasons why a Jeep Wrangler owner needs to learn how to clean Jeep soft top windows. For one, keeping it clean will help in enhancing the appearance of your vehicle. Another reason is safety because a more transparent window is easier to see on the outside of the vehicle. So, the best course of action is to maintain the windows from the start to avoid all the dirt from accumulating on the surface.

Cleaning and Maintaining Soft Top Windows

The key to maintaining and keeping the quality of the soft top window of your Jeep Wrangler is to clean it regularly. If you are washing the whole vehicle, I recommend using a new and clean microfiber cloth and a little bit of soap and water to wash your window separately. It is essential to separate it from the cleaning materials you are using to clean the other parts of your Jeep.

But, if you are cleaning specifically a soft top window that is very dirty, then you need to follow the cleaning process below:

First Step: Rinsing the Soft Top Window with Water

The very first step is to rinse the soft top window with water. Doing this action will remove any forms of dirt, debris, dust, gravel, and many other unwanted dirt that has accumulated the windows for some time. Use a pressurized water hose to remove the dirt at the side windows and other parts of the Jeep if possible. But make sure that all windows are shut, and the zipper closed to make sure that no water can spill inside the vehicle.

Second Step: Apply a Cleaning Solution to the Side Windows

Use a car wash mitt glove and put a vinyl cleaning solution of your choice to completely eradicate all the dirt that remains on the surface of the side window. You can apply liberally to the car washing gloves and clean the side windows from any dirt and other stuff that accumulate on the surface. However, please make sure that the cleaning solution will only be applied on the side windows and not on the vehicle’s body as it might stain the surface. You can also keep it off the glass as there are other specific cleaning solutions for that particular surface.

Third Step: Rince the Soft Top Window Again

After applying the cleaning solution, rinse the surface of the soft top windows with water. Again, used a pressurized hose to maximize the rinsing power of the water. Make sure that the cleaning solution and the dirt are removed completely. As you spray the water, you may find some parts foaming, which should be expected as it shows the cleaning solution is still in the effect of cleaning the surface of the window. Rinse the surface until such time that all the dirt is removed and no foam is coming out on the surface. Let the surface of the soft top window dry for some time.

Fourth Step: Apply a Protectant Solution to the Surface of the Side Window

The protectant solution is used to protect and reduce the effect of outside elements on the surface of the side window. You need to apply it to your soft top window to maintain its quality and clarity. But before the application, make sure to put your vehicle in cooler surroundings and never apply it when it is hot, especially if the temperature is 40 degrees or up. You can use a clean cloth and put the solution then buff the surface to get the optimum result.

Fifth Step: Apply a Window Cleaning Solution to the Surface of the Window

You will need a microfiber cloth to allow you to apply the cleaning solution easily to the surface. You can make a circular pattern to maximize the result. At first, the solution may produce a foggy surface, but once you wipe it with the drier part of the cloth, the surface will be clean and shiny. Take a dry portion of the cloth and then wipe the surface of the window to enhance the clarity of the plastic glass. Still, use the circular motion to maximize the result of your cleaning.

Sixth Step: Apply a Zipper Lubricant Solution

To fully complete the cleaning of your soft top window, using a zipper lube solution to remove all the dirt and other debris inside the zipper. Apply it thoroughly by using the brush to remove all the dirt and debris on each side of the zipper. After the application, make sure to clean off excess lube with a dry cloth to finish the cleaning process.

Things to Remember in Cleaning Jeep Plastic Windows

how to clean jeep soft top windows

To those minimalist Jeep owners, the easiest way to clean and maintain the plastic windows of their Jeep is using a mild dishwashing liquid. Combining it with warm water and using a soft clean cloth in the application, you only need to apply it to the surface and remove all the dirt and grimes. Rinse the plastic windows well and let them dry with a soft clean cloth. You can also add a protectant of your choice to help increase the lifespan of your plastic windows.

However, as easy as it is to clean the plastic windows, there are other factors to remember to achieve optimum results during the cleaning while adequately maintaining the plastic windows along the way. Please read below.

How Often Do You Clean the Plastic Windows?

I know some Jeep owners who are washing their Jeep at least once or twice a year. Doing this action may not be enough to maintain the quality of your plastic windows, including the other parts of the soft top of your Jeep. My advice is for you to come up with a regular cleaning schedule on the different parts of your Jeep, including the plastic windows.

The schedule is important so that all the dirt will be removed regularly to help maintain the quality of your plastic windows. If you only clean it once it is foggy or dirty, you only allow it to degrade quickly, which means having the proper schedule is essential. After all, the schedule will be your reminder to clean the plastic windows and the other parts of your Jeep Wrangler.

Acquiring the Right Cleaning Supplies

If you want to maintain the quality of your plastic windows, you need to invest in high-quality cleaning products. There are a lot of products available that can help you clean and maintain plastic windows. I will not be recommending anything here to let you do your own research in looking for the right cleaning product for your plastic windows and the soft top as a whole.

Having the Right Cleaning Tools

When it comes to cleaning the plastic windows and even your soft top, soft cloth is all you need to remove all the dirt and grime. However, if you feel that the magnitude of the dirt and grime accumulating the soft top of the windows is too hard, then using a brush can be your next option. But never use a stiff-bristled brush since it can damage the surface of the plastic windows.

You can use a soft brush when applying a cleaning solution to the plastic windows. Do it slowly to prevent any damage to the surface, but also make sure to remove all the dirt as much as you can. Once all the dirt is loosened, you can finish the job by using the soft cloth to eventually remove all the dirt on the surface of the plastic windows.

Special Cleaners for Vinyl Windows

Another way to maximized the result in cleaning the Jeep plastic windows is to acquire cleaning materials that work best on plastic or vinyl windows. There are many cleaning products available in the market that is designed specifically with his type of material. Since we are dealing with plastics that are known to be vulnerable, having a suitable cleaning material can help protect the surface of the plastic windows.

Other Things to Remember

  • Avoid using cleaning materials that use strong chemicals such as ammonia and bleach. For some reason, these chemicals might damage the surface of your plastic windows and even the whole soft top. They can also damage the natural properties of the plastic surface, which makes it dull or foggy.
  • Avoid drying the plastic windows using paper towels because they can have the tendency to scratch the surface.
  • Do not apply the cleaning solution in a circular motion when applying it to the window’s surface. You can go left to right or even the opposite but not the circular way. The circling pattern can go against the natural grain of the plastic windows, which can cause scratches.
  • Before applying the cleaning solution, you must ensure that all the dirt is removed before wiping the plastic windows. Failure to do so can cause even the smallest grains to scratch the surface of the plastic windows.


Learning how to clean Jeep soft top windows is an essential part of maintaining and cleaning your Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep soft top windows are one of those parts that can be easily affected by dirt and other debris once you bring your Jeep to off-road driving. It can get dirty after doing an off-road activity, and cleaning it regularly is essential to maintain the quality and the quality of the window plastic glass.

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