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How to Adjust Jeep Wrangler Headlights

how to adjust jeep wrangler headlights

If you own a Jeep Wrangler, it is your responsibility to have your vehicle’s headlight properly adjusted and aimed. Failure to do so can create blindness to the traffic and the road users, which might cause accidents on the road. In addition, the improperly adjusted headlights can also have a negative impact on the lighting, making it underused and eventually wasted.

But how to adjust Jeep Wrangler headlights? There are tons of ways to adjust the headlights of your Jeep Wrangler, and we will discuss in detail some of them here. Appropriately adjusting the headlight is essential to make sure you are not causing discomfort to other road users. It will also allow you to see road signs, markings, and unexpected obstacles easily.

Adjusting Jeep Wrangler JK Headlights the Right Way

Adjusting your Jeep Wrangler headlight is pretty straightforward, but you need to have the materials below during the adjustment process.

What You Need:

  • T15 Torx Bit
  • Tape measure
  • Masking Tape
  • Dark-colored clothes to cover the headlight
  • A place with a wall to test the beam pattern

First Step:

The first step is to use the small T15 Torx and select one headlight to work on. Go to the upper outer part of the headlight because you will find a small screw. Once you find it, you can have the ability to slide a tiny T15 Torx bit in to adjust inside or outside. Doing this action will bring the beam pattern up and out or down and in to let you adjust to the proper setting.

Second Step:

The next step is to measure the height of the headlight to give you an idea of the adjustment process. Use the tape measure to know the height of the beam starting down to the ground up to the center of the headlight. It is essential to remember the actual measurement of the height.

Third Step:

Then, make yourself go to the place where the wall is located to know the current aimed at the beam pattern. You can park your vehicle 25 feet away from the wall. Then, go to the wall and measure the similar height you recorded from the headlight and put it on the wall. Use the masking tape to attach a marker off the wall that will serve as the basis for the correct height of the headlight beam. Make sure to have two markers on the wall as a basis for the two headlights of your vehicle.

Fourth Step:

The next step is to turn on your vehicle’s headlights to see where it is aimed at the wall. But before that, you can use a piece of cloth to cover one of the headlights while working on the other. After you turn on the light, you can then compare the beam to the markers you put on the wall and see the difference. The difference between the beam pattern and the markings on the wall is what you will need to correct or adjust.

Fifth Step:

The next thing to do is adjust the beam pattern accordingly using the T15 Torx bit. Locate the small crew on the headlight and then rotate clockwise will lift the beam pattern. If you turn it counterclockwise, it lowers the beam pattern. The top portion of the brightest part of the beam pattern must be in line with the markings of the wall or slightly below. So, you must adjust the beam pattern accordingly so that it matches the correct height as indicated on the markings of the wall.

Sixth Step:

Then, you will need to remove the cloth and transfer it to the other light. Proceed to do the adjustment process on the other headlight following the same procedure. After that, remove the cloth, see both headlights’ beam pattern, and compare it to the wall markings.

how to adjust jeep tj headlights

How to Adjust Jeep TJ Headlights

Adjusting the Jeep Wrangler TJ headlight is very similar to what we do on the Jeep Wrangler JK. The headlights come with two small T15 Torx-head adjustment screws, which can be accessed in the front, which is located at the chrome bezel and headlight lense. You will only need to find a small notch on the edge of the chrome bezel, which is usually located on the upper left side and the lower right side. The small notch will give clearance on the way you can access the two adjustment screws.

When it comes to the adjustment process, it is very similar to the process which was discussed above. You will use the same materials and a place with a wall to adjust and align the beam. In addition, you will need to make sure that the place should have level ground to ensure the right height adjustment for the two headlights.


Learning how to adjust Jeep Wrangler headlights is essential if you own a vehicle like the Jeep Wrangler. Doing the proper adjustment and alignment of the headlights will make you safer on the road. It will also prevent your vehicle from making the other road users uncomfortable on the road, enhancing your safety and preventing any untoward accident.

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