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How to Add Transmission Fluid Jeep Cherokee

how to add transmission fluid jeep cherokee

There are few newbie Jeep owner who does not understand the importance of transmission fluid. That slick and oily substance can keep the car’s transmission lubricated and will keep the Jeep Cherokee running correctly. Not only that it adds to the lubrication of your vehicle, but it also allows your Jeep to switch gears efficiently and safely.

Since it is essential to check the transmission fluid regularly to keep the vehicle running efficiently, the owners need to know how to add transmission fluid Jeep Cherokee. This vehicle requires an Automatic Transmission Fluid 4 (AT4), and mechanics are claiming that the transmission fluid must be changed fully every 30 thousand miles or if the vehicle needs it to boost performance. In this article, we will know how to add transmission fluid to your vehicle and how to check it at regular intervals.

Checking the Transmission Fluid of your Jeep Cherokee

It is essential to check the transmission fluid regularly to know if it maintains the proper fluid levels. You must ensure that the levels are correct all the time. If it is not, it can affect your transmission severely. The transmission is a closed system, so adding the fluid is needed if everything is working correctly. If you find that the fluid levels are low, then probably there is a leakage somewhere.

So it is essential to check your transmission fluid level to ensure that everything is fine with your transmission. Please check below the procedure for checking the transmission fluid of your Jeep Cherokee.

  • The first step is to start your vehicle. It is essential to check the fluid level while the transmission is running and the transmission fluid is warm to get an accurate transmission fluid reading. You will need to keep your Jeep in park with the handbrake on when checking the transmission fluid.
  • You will need to depress the brake without driving the vehicle while running the transmission through all gears, including overdrive and reverse. Never check the transmission fluid cold because it will give an inaccurate reading. You just have to cycle all your vehicle’s gears to help circulate the transmission fluid evenly and prevent erroneous reading.
  • You will also need to park your Jeep Cherokee on a flat and horizontal surface. Doing this action will make sure that you can get an accurate and exact reading.
  • The next step is to open the hood while locating the transmission dipstick of your vehicle. Make sure to know the location of your transmission. For the dipstick, it is usually located near the front of the engine. If you cannot find it, you can refer to the owner’s manual to know the exact location of the dipstick.
  • Once you have located the dipstick, you can pull it out and clean it with a piece of cloth. Wiping the dipstick can also help to have accuracy in reading the fluid levels.
  • Finally, you can now stick the dipstick back into the transmission fluid. Then lift it out again to check on the reading. Doing this action will let you see what level the transmission fluid reaches. Always compare the fluid level to the hot marking on the dipstick.

checking the transmission fluid

Adding the Transmission Fluid of your Jeep Cherokee

Once you know already how to check the transmission fluid, it is also essential to learn how to add the transmission fluid itself should you need to. I have been emphasizing to keep the fluid on the correct level, which is why it is a must to check it regularly. Leaving the fluid at a low level can significantly affect the transmission capabilities of your Jeep Cherokee. Please check on the procedure below on how to add transmission fluid to your Jeep Cherokee.

  • You must keep your vehicle idle during the process while keeping the transmission in park and the parking brake set. The vehicle’s engine must be running when adding the fluid to the transmission. But the transmission should be in park, and the handbrake should be activated for safety.
  • You should also be familiar with how often you change the transmission fluid. The user’s manual can give you a guide, but most manufacturers advise between 30,000 to 100,000 miles. For the Jeep Cherokee, the vehicle requires an Automatic Transmission Fluid 4 (AT4).
  • The next step is to place the funnel in the dipstick hole of the transmission. For your vehicle, you might need a longer funnel.
  • The next step is to start pouring the fluid into the tunnel. The amount of fluid to add will depend on your purpose of adding the fuel. If you are just topping off, do it slowly while adding little by little while measuring between each addition until you get the full mark. If you are doing a transmission service where you drop a pan and replace the filter, you will need 4 to 5 quarts of fluid to replace what was lost in the pan. If you are replacing all the transmission fluid, around 9 to 13 quarts are needed to replace all the transmission fluid fully.
  • After adding the fluid, you will need to depress the brake and run the transmission using the gears to help circulate the fluid to get an accurate reading. This action should be done while the Jeep is idle.
  • Check the transmission fluid once more for you to know if it is at the correct level. If not, then repeat the process of adding but it slowly until you make it full.
  • Finally, return the dipstick to the transmission dipstick sleeve but make sure that it is appropriately returned.


The importance of having the right amount of transmission fluid cannot be underestimated as it can affect the quality of your driving. Therefore, it is a must for you as a Jeep Cherokee owner to learn how to add transmission fluid Jeep Cherokee. You will also need to know how to check the correct transmission fluid level because it is necessary to check it regularly to ensure that it is at the proper fluid level.

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