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Do Jeeps Have Backup Cameras

do jeeps have backup camera

The Jeep as a vehicle brand is very popular not only in America but also in other countries. The popularity of this vehicle is mainly due to its off-roading capabilities and several other advanced features. However, many Jeep fans are still wondering if the Jeep vehicles come with backup cameras, which give added security and safety to the driver.

Which led me to this question: do Jeeps have backup cameras? Yes!

The answer to this question will be discussed thoroughly in this article. The importance of backup cameras cannot be underestimated as it provides an additional layer of security especially in protecting the driver and the vehicle from unseen obstacles and collisions on the road. But, do all Jeep vehicles come with it? You can find out below.

Does Jeep Wrangler Have Backup Camera?

Technically, all Jeep vehicles come with a backup camera. The reason? There was a law that was passed in 2018 which requires every new vehicle on the market must have a backup camera. In other words, all these Jeep vehicles manufactured in 2018 and beyond are already equipped with backup cameras. This backup camera is compulsory as required by the law, but Jeep owners can make adjustments in terms of upgrading the safety and other optimal convenience of the vehicle.

All of these cameras are available in the market and can be installed at the rear side of the vehicle. The prices all differ with others comes at very high pricing while the others are affordable. But what it brings to you as a driver? Safety and protection is the reason why these cameras must be installed on your Jeep or other vehicles as well.

The Use of a Backup Camera

Potential buyers of a Jeep vehicle often wonder about the importance of this backup camera to your vehicle. This vehicle accessory is essential for new drivers, especially the newbie, as it gives them a confidence boost during the driving. It will also give inexperienced drivers additional views on the rear that will guide them to avoid unnecessary collisions and accidents.

To be specific, a backup camera can also be called the rearview camera or the reversing camera. These are particular types of camera that are attached to the rear of the vehicle as it helps you see the area behind the vehicle when backing up. Backup cameras of your Jeep will provide extra visibility at the back of your car and is much better than turning your head to see the view.

For your Jeep Wrangler or other types of models, the backup cameras will provide an extra layer of protection and safety to you and the vehicle. There are backup cameras that are specifically designed for Jeep vehicles, and adding this accessory to your vehicle will protect you and your car from unseen collisions and obstacles.

Is it Worth Having Backup Cameras on your Jeep?

does jeep wrangler have backup camera

Apart from being required by the law, backup cameras are your best protection against backing into something. The rearview mirror can give you some views, but it will never let you see what is behind your car. Using the backup camera can help provide the solution of over-relying the unreliable rear-view mirrors with an expanded view of the backup cameras.

Since backup cameras are installed outside the vehicle, specifically the rear, an added benefit is eliminating the blind spot issue. This situation is another upside in having a backup camera in your vehicle. When it is raining or dealing with a foggy morning, the backup camera will provide a much clearer vision compared to the rear-view mirror. This advantage will also benefit new drivers as the cameras will give additional views to the inexperienced driver.

Another upside of having a backup camera is the ability to guide the driver in maneuvering and parking. Having to park your vehicle can be a challenge, especially to the inexperienced drivers but cameras come with on-screen guidelines, which are very helpful in doing these driving activities. There are times that you might misjudge distances when driving, but these issues can be eliminated with the help of backup cameras.

Jeep Models with Backup Camera

When the law was passed in 2018 requiring new vehicles must be equipped with backup cameras, all those Jeep vehicle manufacturers during that year and beyond were already equipped with backup cameras. Meaning, all vehicles manufactured in 2018 or 2019 should have backup cameras installed already by default. These models include the Jeep Wrangler Sport, Jeep Wrangler Sahara, Jeep Wrangler Sport S, Jeep Wrangler Moab, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and other related variants.

What about those Jeep owners who own those older models that were manufactured before 2018? It is a fact that all Jeep vehicles that were released before 2018 do not come with built-in backup cameras. The best option for the Jeep owners is to use aftermarket parts to add a backup camera into the vehicle. This action is actually acceptable as there are many high-quality cameras in the market while also making the vehicle abide by what is stated in the law.


Do Jeeps have backup cameras? Yes, Jeep comes with backup cameras because it is required by law. Backup cameras are also your best defense to avoid accidents or unnecessary collisions when backing your vehicle. The backup cameras will also provide real-time visuals that will make you protected and safe compared to the visuals that rear-view mirrors provide.

Today, the installation of backup cameras need not be expensive. There are even models that you only need to install within the license plate while placing the screen on the passenger compartment to make it easy to use without distracting your driving. In other words, there are many backup cameras in the market, and installing them will enhance your safety while on the road. After all, it is better to stay safe than sorry.

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