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Do Jeeps Break Down a Lot

Do Jeeps break down a lot? This question cannot be answered directly as there are many factors to consider when it comes to an understanding different issues about the vehicle. Also, the Jeep as a whole has had its own share of issues throughout the years. Whether it’s transmission issues, electrical issues, or even the engine, this vehicle as a brand is not perfect, and every model comes with its own reliability problems.

But how often do Jeeps break down once you own it? Every Jeep owner has their own experience when it comes to the breakdown of the Jeep. Hence, this article will discuss different points related to the Jeep’s breakdown issues and even its reliability. We will also share different experiences coming from other Jeep owners who share their ideas when it comes to breakdown and reliability issues of the vehicle.

Do Jeep Break Down Often?

In 2018, the J.D. Power, an American data analytics, gave Jeep a poor reliability rating. Does it mean that they break down often? For me, the ratings coming from this data analytics company were just average. But to answer the question, if they break often? Nope, the truth is, Jeep models may often fail just like any other vehicle. In addition, a particular vehicle’s tendency to break down will also depend on the owner and his ability to maintain it.

It is also interesting to note that any vehicle is only going to be good depending on how its owner treats them by taking them to service regularly or not doing anything stupid about them. But other Jeep owners can do stupid things to their vehicles by letting them do stupid things such as jumping them or taking them to places that are not appropriate for them. There are Jeep owners who drive them to deep water and mud, thinking that their precious investment is strong and invulnerable.

But doing all these things is simply not right in relation to the Jeeps capability and capacity. Yes, they are built for off-road driving, but they were only trail rated, which means they also have limitations. If your Jeep breaks down more often, there is an excellent chance that you fail to do your part as a Jeep owner when it comes to the vehicle’s regular maintenance.

Looking at the Reliability of the Jeep

The JD Power reliability rating is a combination of quality and dependability rating. All of the quality ratings were based on reports coming from new buyers, while the dependability reflects the vehicle owners’ long-term experience. But with the new Jeep users, the biggest issue is the mindset coming from the new buyers and what they know about the brand.

These new buyers usually admire the popularity of the brand, not knowing that these vehicles were manufactured for off-road driving. For example, the Jeep Wrangler’s capability as an off-road vehicle was built with parts designed to do best with off-road driving. These parts can contribute to the vehicle’s quality and comfort compared to other SUVs that were specifically built for normal road driving only.

Jeep Breakdown: What are the Common Problems?

do jeeps break down often

When it comes to the common problems of Jeep vehicles, particularly the Jeep Wrangler, the common issues include death wobble, TIPM failures, control module failures, exhausting manifolds, premature cracks, and water leakage. These problems are the usual things you face on the vehicle, but there were other issues as well that contributed to other breakdown issues.

The Jeep’s front axle was designed to provide support, especially when driving off the road. However, once you drive it on the highway while hitting an obstacle, the front axle will not absorb the hit easily, causing it to wobble or shake, resulting in the driver losing control of the vehicle. This wobble issue will usually happen on the road and at highway speed.

Meanwhile, if you use the vehicle on off-road driving, the difference is quite apparent. In fact, the solid front axle design will work best at slower speeds and uneven roads as it gives more control to the driver. If you are a driver who drives both on and off the road, you will really see the difference. The vehicle will give you excellent control off the road but will be different when driving on a normal road at higher speeds.

Do Jeeps Break Down Easily?

Like other cars, the Jeep tends to break down, but saying it can easily break down will sometimes depend on the owner itself. If you know how to maintain the vehicle properly, then breakdown issues should be sporadic. In my experience, I have owned various models of Jeep for the last 30 years, and there were no major issues I encountered in the years I was driving. My most recent acquisition was the 2010 Wrangler Unlimited which I used for six years and never had a bit of trouble with the vehicle.

In addition, Jeeps were designed to be used for a long time. Usually, Jeep vehicles will cruise through the fifth year and will continue to work well until the fifteenth year and probably beyond. Of course, it is normal to experience some breakdowns, but the key to longevity is how you maintain the vehicle, especially with the increased mileage.


Do Jeeps break down a lot? Just like any other car, Jeeps has the tendency to break down and experience mechanical failure. But is it often? It will all depend on the Jeep owners and their ability to provide care and maintenance of the vehicle. The Jeep is known for its off-road capabilities, and the owner’s ability to use it precisely as it should be is the key to its reliability and longevity.

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