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CJ5 vs CJ7 Jeep

cj5 vs cj7 jeep

If you are a true Jeep enthusiast, you probably know about the CJ5 and the CJ7 models. The CJ5 probably has the most extended production lifespan of all of the Jeep models, while the CJ7 was considered one of the last models that provide superb performance.

With that said, it is not a coincidence that these two iconic models are being pitted against each other. So, what is the difference between CJ5 vs CJ7 Jeep models? The most obvious difference is the size, where the C7 model is larger than the C5. This article will discuss the other differences as we compare the two in terms of features and additional related information.

Features CJ5 CJ7
Size Smaller Larger
Transmission Manual Manual or Automatic
Storage Space Smaller Bigger
Price Less Price More Expensive
History Introduced in 1954 Introduce in 1976


In terms of size, there is no doubt that the CJ7 is larger compared to the CJ5. It is actually taller and longer, resulting in more leg room for the passengers. The CJ7 is longer because it has a longer wheelbase compared to the CJ5. The vehicle was intentionally made bigger compared to previous models.

While the CJ7 has the length and height, the CJ5 is wider between the two. This feature results in a shorter wheelbase. The length of the wheelbase of these two Jeep models has a direct influence on the type of transmission they are using.

The height of the CJ5 is 172 cm, while its weight is 174 cm. The total weight of this vehicle minus the modification is 1209 kg. On the other hand, the total weight of CJ7 is heavier at 1228 kg.


cj5 jeep
CJ5 jeep

Another obvious difference between the two iconic Jeep models is the transmission. The standard of the CJ5 was a manual transmission. The vehicle was manufactured with manual transmission only, and there was no intention of having a CJ5 with automatic transmission. You can probably find CJ5 with automatic transmission on some reworked models made by private individuals.

On the other hand, the CJ7 does not only come with manual but automatic transmission as well. Since the CJ7 was introduced with a longer wheelbase, the vehicle is allowed to have an automatic transmission. An extended wheelbase of the CJ7 provides for an automatic transmission and manual transmission if needed.

The wheelbase of a CJ5 is 212 cm which fits a manual transmission. Over the years, the manufacturer did allow the ability to modify so that an automatic transmission could be added. Meanwhile, CJ7 has an extended wheelbase of 237 cm, allowing both manual and automatic transmissions.

Storage for Equipment

The CJ5 was built to revolutionize off road vehicles. However, in terms of the space being provided for various vehicle equipment, the space is actually limited and smaller compared to the CJ7. Since the size of the CJ5 is smaller, it directly contributes to the storage space it is being provided.

On the contrary, the CJ7 offers more storage space for equipment inside the vehicle compared to the CJ5. This situation is due to the fact that the CJ7 is more extensive and longer. When the CJ7 was introduced, it provided several new internal features, including more significant storage space.


cj7 jeep
CJ7 jeeps

I cannot give you the exact price between the two Jeep models, but when it comes to estimates, the CJ5 is much cheaper than the CJ7. Since it is an older model, it costs lower than the CJ7, with fewer features than the C7 Jeep.

Since the CJ7 is a newer model compared to the CJ5, the price is expected to be relatively higher. This vehicle involves many features and is bigger and heftier compared to the CJ5, which makes it more expensive.


When comparing Jeep CJ5 vs CJ7, knowing their history is extremely important. Introduced in 1954 by Kaiser Motors, the CJ5 is the fifth generation of the Civilian Jeep (CJ) series. The earlier models of the CJ5 come with rounded-off front fenders, which are directly influenced by the U.S. military. Most of the early owners of the CJ5 used the vehicle for outdoor activities such as ranching and farming.

The production of the CJ5 started in 1954 and ended in 1984. The three decades of lifespan is considered the longest among the CJ models as the vehicle was made available to 150 different countries.

On the other hand, the CJ7 was first introduced to the market in 1976. During its earliest days, many people thought that the iconic model brought the CJ series close to the future with its more or less advanced design.

When it was first released on the market, the vehicle was obviously different compared to the older models, making many Jeep purists amazed by its design. There were several new features that were introduced, making it more expensive compared to its predecessors.


When choosing between CJ5 vs CJ7, you need to know their features and your intention of owning a particular model. There is a lot of difference between these two Jeep iconic models, as shown in this article.

If you want more adventure, such as driving on tight trails and mud holes, the CJ5 is a perfect option. However, if you like more space, wider leg room, and a tall iconic Jeep model, then you can go with the CJ7. Anyway, you cannot go wrong with these two Jeep iconic models and they are worth the investment.

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