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Can a Soft Top Jeep Go to a Carwash

can a soft top jeep go through a carwash

The best thing that I like about the Jeep Wrangler is the convertible top. Today, you can have the Jeep fully covered by a hardtop or a soft-top during the ride. But, after a few months or so, when the weather changes, you can remove your top while enjoying the view if the weather already allows it. I personally like the soft top with its flexibility and easy removal feature, but the only issue is cleaning it when needed.

This led me to this question: can a soft top Jeep go to a carwash? This question has been divisive in so many ways because the soft-top is known for being volatile and fragile, which means it might get damage once undergoing the usual carwash process. However, some players in the car wash industry claim that they have other methods of cleaning that can provide protection and clean the soft top at the same time. In this article, we will be discussing information relevant to this issue of the possibility of bringing your soft top Jeep to a carwash.

Can you Take a Soft Top Jeep Through a Carwash?

The answer to this question is a yes and a no. I know this is a pretty safe answer, but you, the Jeep owner, will decide on this sensitive matter. Yes, you can bring your soft top Jeep to the carwash provided that you take the risk of the soft top being damage. If you really insist on getting your vehicle to the carwash, then do a bit of research and see if the car wash has the means of washing a soft-top Jeep.

If not, then ask if they do a touchless car wash, which some experts recommend that this process be used to clean a soft-top Jeep.

Touchless Car Wash can Clean a Soft Top Jeep But

The touchless car wash uses high-pressure water to hit the surface instead of the usual brush. It still uses some chemicals and cleaning solutions to combines with the water in cleaning a vehicle. But, without the brushes, this method has a lower risk of damaging the surface during the cleaning process. The downside is the tendency of the water to come inside the vehicle during the cleaning, which should be expected for a soft-top Jeep.

Apart from the high-pressure water and chemicals, it also uses intense air pressure to dry the vehicle quickly. The air pressure can prevent distracting water spots in your vehicle. However, the downside of using a touchless carwash is that this method is not really effective in cleaning dirty vehicles such as a soft-top Jeep. Especially if you are constantly using it in off-road driving where it can be more dirties and muddy.

Also, those dried muds and dirt can be difficult to remove without human interruption and only the water and chemicals doing the cleaning. So, the safest way is to look for a car wash that can do the cleaning manually and carefully because of the nature of the soft top. If not, you can clean the soft top Jeep on your own and manually.

Washing By Hand is Recommended

There is no better way to clean the soft top of your Jeep Wrangler but by washing it with your own hands. Cleaning it manually will give you full control of what you are going to do, and you can actually protect the soft top from being damaged. The best thing is to wash and clean the soft top periodically to remove the dirt that can wear out the soft top at any given time.

Also, washing by hand for the soft top of your Jeep can eliminate a brush from damaging the surface of your top. You can also locate on a specific dirty surface that the naked eye can only see. Having to do it manually will give you a chance to inspect the top and see any possible deterioration or damage that can be acted upon and fixed before being rained on.

Moreover, I feel that handwashing is the best possible choice to make your soft top last longer.

Remember that the lifespan of a soft-top is about three to five years, and letting it cleaned in a carwash may shorten its life expectancy. It is too risky for the soft top Jeep to be clean in a car wash, and washing it by hand is the best option for you.

can you take a soft top jeep through a carwash

Can You Take a Jeep Wrangler through a Carwash?

If your Jeep Wrangler comes with a hardtop, then it should be fine, but you will need to take the risk of damaging the surface of your vehicle. I have known some Jeep owners who have taken their Jeep with a hardtop to the carwash without any issues. However, I also know some who complain about scratches and damage on the surface after the washing process.

When taking your Jeep Wrangles to the carwash, it is all about taking the risk of maybe damaging some surface of your Jeep. For a soft-top Jeep, I am not recommending it unless you are taking the risk. You might as well do it on your own by cleaning it manually for you to protect your precious investment from unnecessary damage.


Can a soft top Jeep go to a car wash? I will not recommend it for every Jeep owner out there. Should you decide to do it anyway, you must make sure that you know what you are doing. Just make sure to make your vehicle safe by asking the car wash management if they can do so. Or else you might take the risk of damaging your vehicle after the washing. The best way is still to do it manually and on your own. Doing the hand wash process can let you control the cleaning, which also protects the sensitive surface of the soft top Jeep.

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