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Body Lift vs. Suspension Lift Jeep

body lift vs suspension lift jeep

The best thing about owning a Jeep is it gives you the ability to do customization, modification, and other improvements you want to do with the vehicle. For instance, if you are into outdoor and off-road adventures, you will need to modify your Jeep to be suitable in this type of condition. And one way to do it is to use a lift kit to increase the height and eventually fit the off-road requirement needed in a vehicle.

But in using a lift kit for your Jeep, you will need to know the difference between body lift vs. suspension lift Jeep. Learning this will let you know what type of lift kit you can use for your vehicle. It is all about knowing what to do with your Jeep and the specific purpose you want to achieve lifting your Jeep Wrangler.

Body Lift vs. Suspension Lift: Which is Better for your Jeep?

A lift kit is used to replace the Jeep’s springs and shocks to increase its height. Lift kits are classified into two: body list and suspension lift. Both the body and suspension lifts provide a taller ride and a larger space for bigger wheels and tires. But what is the difference between the two, and what is the best lift kit for your Jeep? To answer this question, we must first clearly defined the difference between these two lift kits, which we will do as we go along with this article.

What’s the difference?

The simple explanation is that the body lift will raise the body of your Jeep away from the frame. In contrast, the suspension lift will extend the suspension, eventually raising every part of the vehicle. In other words, a body lift will only change how the Jeep frame is set up. It will also change how your Jeep looks, specifically how tall are the tires are but still using the same suspension system.

Meanwhile, having a suspension lift in your Jeep will change both the suspension system and the frame. The suspension lift will also make it easier for you to install bigger or taller tires into your vehicle. Meaning, you will never have to worry about hitting any bumps along the way, especially when navigating an off-road path.

What is the best lift kit for my Jeep?

I guess it all boils down to the reason or goals you have as a Jeep owner in lifting your vehicle. You will need to decide what your goal is for lifting your Jeep. You will need to answer some questions like: do you want a taller ride height? Do you want to use bigger tires? Or do you want to maximize the ground clearance of your vehicle to have the best off-road capabilities? If you can answer these questions, you can probably choose between a body lift kit and a suspension lift kit.

For example, suppose you have been dreaming of doing some serious off-road driving. In that case, you will need to lift your Jeep to help increase the ground clearance, suspension travel, and the ability to install larger tires that fit off-roading activities. This situation is perfect for boosting a suspension lift into your vehicle.

Other Jeep owners only want to make their Jeep look good and stand out in the eyes of many. And one way to do it is to lift the Jeep Wrangler because it makes it look better. Therefore, when it comes to lifting your Jeep, it is all about knowing your purpose or goals in doing so. But you must also consider other related factors such as your budget and the challenge of the installation.

suspension lift kits

Body Lift Kits: For Enhancing the Appearance of your Jeep

The body lift kit can be used to enhance the overall appearance of your Jeep. Besides adding some accessories to your Jeep, the body lift kit can also make your vehicle stand out. When installing a body lift kit, you will also be able to use larger wheels and tires. Furthermore, the body lift kit is generally cheaper when compared to the suspension lift kit.

Also, body lift kits will allow you to lift the body of your Jeep to about 2 to 3 inches. This situation can be done by installing rubber spacers from the frame mounts and the Jeep’s body. Another upside in using body lift kits is handling your vehicle, which will be generally unchanged since you are only modifying the body and not the suspension. Also, installing a body lift kit can be quick, from two to three hours, and only using essential tools found in your garage.

Suspension Lift Kits: Getting your Jeep Ready for Off-Road Adventures

A suspension lift kit is an excellent choice if you want to do off0roading activities with your Jeep because it will give your vehicle’s suspension more travel when dealing with steep clines, rocks, and other obstacles. The suspension lift kit will also give you the chance to use larger tires and wheels in relation to the amount of lift you choose. The height adjustment for a suspension lift kit can range from one inch to twelve inches.

However, you should also keep in mind that the higher you lift your Jeep, the more changes of the handling characteristics will happen. You should anticipate that change, although some manufacturers are making additional accessories to negate this issue to improve the handling of your vehicle. But do not forget that when you lift your Jeep this way, the handling will be different when compared before the installation.

Another challenge in installing a suspension lift kit is the difficulty it brings in installing to your vehicle. Also, it will depend on the manufacturer if the kit can be bolted or needs modification to fit. My advice is to look for authorized shops that can install the suspension lift kits with ease. They are more knowledgeable and have complete tools to do the job. But, if you have the experience and are mechanically inclined, installing the suspension lift kit on your own is also possible.


Choosing between body lift vs. suspension lift Jeep will all depend on the purpose or goal of the Jeep owner in lifting his vehicle. If you want the Jeep to have off-road capabilities, then a suspension lift kit should be installed. But, if you only need to enhance the appearance of your Jeep by adding larger tires, then settle for a body lift kit. After all, it is all about meeting your goals in choosing the right lift kit for your Jeep Wrangler.

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