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The Best Sway Bar Disconnects JK for 2023

best sway bar disconnects jk

It is not surprising at all when we talk about the popularity of the jeep jk sway bar disconnect among off-roading enthusiasts. The primary reason behind it is the benefits that this concept brings to this type of adventurous driving. Off-road drivers like how disconnecting the sway bar maximize the flexibility of the jeep with more articulate suspension and tire traction to give the vehicle more off-road capability.

To be able to do this, all jeep owners need the best sway bar disconnects jk to separate the sway bar of the jeep. This is a set of tools needed to disconnect the sway bar with ease and is popular among off-road drivers. The tools will help in converting the jeep into a more worthy and capable off-road vehicle.

What is the best jeep sway bar disconnects available in the market today? This review will answer this question and will help drivers and off-roaders to select the right one for their vehicles. All the products reviewed have been tested and tried to ensure that we are recommending the right sway bar disconnects to all our readers.

Best Sway Bar Disconnect JK Reviews

1. JKS 2034 Swaybar Quicker Disconnects

jks 2034 swaybar quicker disconnects

In my humble opinion, this is the best jk quick disconnects that we can recommend to everyone. No ifs and but, but this is arguably the most popular sway bar disconnect that you can find in the market today. For one, the quality is on top as this product is proudly made in the US which guarantees that this is a top-of-the-line gear.

I was also impressed with how it uses click pins to engage and disengage which makes it easy to use. Removing the click pins and sliding the floating at the bottom will bush off the mounting pin easily as it shows its easy-to-use feature.

During the test, I also like how this sway bar quick disconnect jk offers the ability to take different styles of list suspension and sizes. This sway bar works best from 2.5 up to 6 inches of lift suspension. It will truly adapt to the size of your vehicle with its adjustable-threaded body feature.

In terms of durability, I also like the heavy-gauge steel tubing construction which clearly shows its strength and quality. Also, the physical appearance is impressive with its black-powder coated finish which prevents any forms of corrosion on the surface.

The only issue I see in this product is the design of the pin. It somehow affects the installation as you need to hold it off from rotating and might need some screwdrivers during the installation. A slight change in the design can help to make it easy and avoid inconvenience.

  • Grease fittings provide easy lubrication
  • Adjustable features accommodate different styles of lifts and sizes
  • Sturdy and corrosion-resistant
  • The easy-to-install feature provides convenience
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Difficult pin installation

All in all, this is an outstanding sway bar disconnects system that I can recommend to all jeep owners. Using this product will increase your off-roading performance as it helps in increasing the suspension travel. Further, there are a lot of other benefits that you can get when choosing this high-quality gear.

2. State Warehouse Swaybar Quicker Disconnects

state warehouse swaybar quicker disconnects

If you are looking for a more affordable jeep wrangler jk sway bar disconnect system compared to its peers, then this is the right product for you. The State Warehouse, the manufacturer tried their very best to produce a product with high-quality and efficiency to improved the capability of your vehicle.

Please take note that this jeep front sway bar disconnect fits all Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicons from 2007 up to 2018 models with a 0 to 2 inches lift and Wrangler Unlimited JK. The first thing that I notice that also impressed me is the quality of the links. Just like the links in the previous sway bar disconnect, this one can be adjusted, mounted, and can be lubricated easily.

I also like that this swaybar quick disconnect offers an easy-installation feature. Aside from greasing the fittings with ease, it does not produce any sounds when using on off-roading adventures. Besides, this product comes with high-misalignment poly bushings which helps in increasing the angle and reducing the size of the hole in the bearings.

In terms of its quality, it can be comparable to other top-quality swaybar disconnect system in terms of durability and sturdiness. The design is quite similar to the JKS but certainly, this is not the one. A lot of people often mistake this product as the same as its JKS counterparts.

However, the most obvious issue I see in this product is the quality of the pin the holds the links. I see a low-quality pin that has a chance to break easily when going gets tough.

  • Provides noise-free capability during off-roading rides
  • The strong foundation provides durability and sturdiness
  • Comes with an easy-installation feature
  • Above-average longevity
  • The low-quality pin holding the links

Despite the minor issue, this is still a good option for off-road enthusiasts and experienced drivers. For one, this jeep front sway bar disconnect will not break your wallet while offering the same benefits and improving your off-road performance.

3. Rough Country 1029 Sway Bar Quick Disconnects

rough country 1029 sway bar quick disconnects

I can say that this jeep jk sway bar quick disconnects is the second-best in terms of providing the best features and benefits of your jeep. Manufactured by Rough Country, a household in jeep parts and equipment manufacturing, this product will impress you in terms of quality and longevity.

Simplicity is the most accurate word that I can describe in this product. The manufacturers have successfully come up with the least complicated sway bar disconnect in the market. I was impressed by the one-pin operation feature the connects and disconnects the sway bar as needed. Just simply pull the pin and your vehicle is ready for your off-roading adventures. That simple.

I also like how this product provides the best handles for the drivers during off-road driving. It also adds turning abilities even on difficult terrain as it assists in more articulation off-road.

Another thing that caught my attention, is its easy-installation feature. About 1 to 2 hours of installation and you are good to go. As a bonus, this jks sway bar disconnects jk can be kept and secured easily if not being used in your vehicle.

However, there is a problem that I see with the quality of the pins. For one, it is not easy to install and the quality is not that great that might be the first to break in all of the parts of the system.

  • Easy installation feature
  • Simple design and easy to use
  • Provides good articulation and flexibility in off-road driving
  • Promotes tight handles to the drivers
  • Build with steel-polished metal
  • Low quality and difficult installation of the pin

This is another front sway bar disconnect system that I highly recommend for purchase. The simplicity of this product and its easy-to-use feature can help all off-road drivers to relax and enjoy during their adventures.

4. TeraFlex 1753010 Sway bar Disconnects

teraflex 1753010 sway bar disconnects

The Teraflex Sway Bar Disconnects takes pride in combining easy-usage features and the silent function when used on the road. The manufacturer is one of the leaders in the industry in making similar equipment and accessories that offer high-quality and longevity.

Let’s start with the most obvious and noticeable feature which is its quality. I was impressed by the overall foundation of this sway bar disconnects in terms of its durability. The upper sway bar link is assembled with a durable narrow shoulder ball socket that requires less maintenance but is expected to last longer. Meanwhile, the lower sway bar end link is composed of a huge polyurethane ball and a pin that can be removed easily if not be used.

But what impresses me the most is the noise-free feature when being used on the road. It will give the driver a worry-free adventure while enjoying his off-road adventures. In my opinion, the high-quality build contributes significantly to the silent performance of these accessories when being used on the road.

As a bonus, this is a product that is easy to remove and can be secured and keep in just a matter of minutes. This is good especially if you not off-roading more often and just keep the sway bar disconnects in a safe place.

As good as this product is, I am complaining about the difficulty of its installation. For experienced drivers and off-roaders, the installation will probably be easy but for novice drivers, they will find it difficult for sure.

  • Provides noise-free performance
  • Strong build offer durability and longevity
  • Easy to remove in the vehicle
  • Can be secured easily
  • Improves off-roading performance
  • The difficulty of installation especially on new drivers

For me, this is a good option if you are looking for high-quality jeep wrangler sway bar quick disconnects for your jeep wrangler. It’s easy to use and significantly improves the driver’s control and steering of the vehicle when driving difficult terrain.

5. Poueae Swaybar Quicker Disconnects

poueae swaybar quicker disconnects

This is another jeep wrangler quick disconnect sway bar that fits jeep wrangler jk models from 2007 to 2018. This product can also be used in replacing the fixed-mounted version of 2030 and 2034 front sway bar disconnects.

The most impressive feature that I see in this jeep accessory is its adjustable feature. Yes, this is a front sway bar disconnect system where the link can be adjusted, mounted, and greased with ease. Furthermore, I also see a product that is easy to install and is made with high-quality materials to improve its sturdiness and longevity.

During off-road driving, you will be impressed by how this sway bar disconnect system helps in stabilizing the overall control of the vehicle with its suspension. I also like the spring steel foundation of the handlebar which provides resistance to body roll when turning the vehicle.

Based on what I see, this sway bar disconnect will greatly improve the off-road performance of the vehicle. With its adjustable threaded body, it can easily adapt to the body of the vehicle. It can also be lubricated easily with its grease fittings design.

However, the only issue I have with this product is the quality of the pins. In my opinion, this can be improved and can be made with stronger materials.

  • Provides easy-installation feature
  • The adjustable threaded body can easily adapt to the body of the vehicle
  • Can be lubricated easily
  • Improved off-road performance
  • Can be easily removed
  • Poor quality of the pins

This is just a minor issue and does not affect the quality that this product brings. It’s a well-built sway bar disconnect that is designed to last longer and improve the performance of your vehicle during off-road adventures.

6. Rugged Ridge 18321.21 Sway Bar End Link

rugged ridge 18321.21 sway bar end link

This front sway bar end link takes pride in improving the handling and performance of your vehicle. It will certainly boost the driving and the steering of your vehicle as it provides a strong grip on your vehicle for the most relaxing off-road adventure.

In terms of its physical foundation, this front sway bar end link is assembled with stainless steel that offers a rust-free feature. It will help the product in increasing its durability and longevity. I am also impressed that this product comes in a complete package with all the bolts and nuts needed in the installation is included which is a plus for me.

Based on what I see, the sway bar end link will greatly improve the off-road performance of the vehicle. With its adjustable threaded body, it can easily adapt to the body of your jeep. This product can also be lubricated easily with its grease fittings design.

The only issue I see in this product is during the installation. Unfortunately, you will need to drill holes to fit since the bolts are huge for the sway bar. This is inconvenient especially to novice drivers during the installation process.

  • Made of rust-free stainless steel
  • Comes in pairs including all the accessories
  • Improved handling and performance
  • Offers durability and longevity
  • Easy to use
  • Difficult installation process

Despite the minor issue, this product is still awesome and I love the brand. It is well-built and is durable enough to last for a long time. This is a good option to have in your jeep wrangler jk.

What to Look for When Buying a Sway Bar Disconnect JK

best jeep sway bar disconnects

Whether you are an experienced driver or just starting to like challenging yourself on difficult terrain, then buying a sway bar disconnect should be an option for you. As mention earlier, these accessories allow you to easily disconnect your jeep’s sway bar and improved your suspension articulation by at least 30%. This is beneficial for off-roading enthusiasts as it helps in keeping your tires on the ground and gives maximum traction even on the hardest off-road terrain and trails.

With that said and taking into consideration the hundreds of products available in the market today, we listed different factors to consider when buying a sway bar disconnects jk for your jeep.

Quality of The Suspension Traction

This is probably the most essential factor to consider when buying a sway bar disconnect because this is the main purpose of it. As you go off-road, your vehicle should have more suspension traction to help improve your performance. And this is what high-quality disconnects provide to your vehicle. We have suggested products to help you achieved this and it is up to you to choose based on our recommendations.


Using high-quality disconnects will make your vehicle’s sway bar links to be more flexible. When it has more flexibility, it also has better traction resulting in more improved performance of your vehicle. Always remember that off-roading will let you face different types of difficult trails and terrain which may require the flexibility of your vehicle. It will also help the driver especially in maneuvering difficult turns or running around different road obstacles.

High-quality Build and Longevity

Not all sway bar disconnects found in the market are manufactured with high-quality materials. With that said, the importance of using a high-quality disconnect system will be important not only in improving the off-road performance of your vehicle but also to use it for a long time. Yes, you will not be off-roading all the time but having durable sway bar disconnects that last will help in saving money in buying a new one.


This factor refers to the quality of the disconnect system in engaging and disengaging the sway bar as needed in off-road driving. For this aspect, you just need to choose a product that offers a good response in engaging or disengaging the sway bar as quickly as possible. Remember, when you fail to disconnect when it is needed, it will affect the quality of your off-road performance.

Easy to Install and Remove

The installation is an aspect that you might consider when buying a sway bar disconnect system. In our product review earlier, we feature products that are easy to install but also presented some that need the driver’s patience and skill during the installation process. If you want no-headache during the installation, then go for disconnects that have an easy installation feature. Otherwise, you can also call your experienced driver friend or ask for help from a certified and proffesional mechanic.

What is a Sway Bar Disconnect JK?

electronic sway bar disconnect jk

The sway bar disconnects jk is a mechanism or system that enables off-road drivers to disconnect the sway bar of their vehicle to increase performance during off-road travels. The sway bar disconnects jk is popular among off-road enthusiasts as it helps in increasing the suspension traction of their vehicle by at least 30%. It can help the wheels of your vehicles to move independently thus helping your vehicle to have a better performance in any off-road driving.

We all know how the sway bar helps to keep your wheel from moving up and down individually from the opposite wheel. But for off-road adventures where you are negotiating on tough and difficult terrain, the need to make each of your wheels move independently is important. This is to make the two wheels consistently make contact on the road even with the rough terrain. From there and combined with other factors, it is guaranteed that you will have an improved performance on the road.

A good example is probably the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon who has incorporated an electronic sway bar disconnect jk in some of their models. In their system, you only need to press a single button and the sway bar disconnect mechanisms will be activated. For other jeep models, you can manually install the sway bar disconnects system permanently or use it during off-road driving.

How does It Work?

Normal drivers do not probably care about having the sway bar disconnect mechanisms in their vehicles. But for jeep owners and off-road practitioners, this is a popular accessory to have in order to improved performance. Off-roaders tend to modify their vehicles in order to give them more freedom in navigating rough trails and terrain during off-road adventures. Sometimes, jeep owners tend to makes their tires bigger or their suspension taller to make their vehicle fit in navigating off-road trails.

The sway bar is another part of the vehicle that needs to be changed or modified to improved off-road performance. Specifically, the sway bar is disconnected during off-road driving using a disconnect system to allow the wheels of the vehicle to move independently with each other. This will allow the wheels to have more contact with the road thus increasing the quality of the suspension traction and the overall performance of the vehicle.

Disconnecting the sway bar is such a common practice that some of the popular vehicle manufacturers have started to include a sway bar disconnect system in their vehicles. Some are offering an advanced system where the driver only needs a push of a button to activate the sway bar disconnect system installed in the vehicle. There are also other sway bar disconnects that you can manually install in your vehicle during any off-road activity to improved performance.

Who is This for?

The sway bar disconnect system is not for regular drivers but for all jeep owners and similar vehicles who are enthusiastic about doing off-road driving. You have probably seen it on videos or witness personally the excitement created when a vehicle is engaged in off-road adventures. What we do not see is the effort exerted by these off-road drivers in modifying their vehicles to be more capable in their off-road adventures.

Enter the sway bar disconnects system which is made to improve the performance of the vehicle in off-road driving. This accessory is for experienced or novice driver who wants to make their off-road adventures more thrill and excitement by improving the performance of their vehicle. With the sway bar disconnect mechanisms, articulation is improved into your vehicle thus boosting your off-road performance.

What are The Different Types of Sway Bar Disconnects JK?

There are a lot of sway bar disconnects mechanisms found in the market today. If you own a jeep and interested in off-road driving, you need to know the different types of sway bar disconnects that can be used in your vehicle.

Electronic Sway Bar Disconnect System

This type of sway bar disconnect mechanisms are usually built-in and is included in the overall system of your jeep. To activate the system or disconnect the sway bar, the driver only needs to push a button and he is ready to go for off-roading adventures. The Rubicon and Ram are some of those jeeps that are pre-equipped with electronic sway bar mechanisms. However, if you are into off-road driving, you are probably aware of the problems being reported by jeep owners with this type of system but this is a completely different story.

Manual Sway Bar Disconnects

This is a type of sway bar disconnects that you purchase independently and have it installed into your vehicle. As of this writing, there are a lot of manual sway bar disconnects available that can help you vehicle worthy of off-road adventures. All you need is to find the right one for your vehicle. Perhaps you need to check again on our review for the best guide?

Why do You Need a Sway Bar Disconnect?

I have been saying repeatedly in this review that the sway bar disconnects are popular among off-road drivers. Whether the driver is experienced or just a newbie, they know that having a high-quality sway bar disconnect system will help in improving their off-road performance.

In general, the benefit in disconnecting the sway bar is to have a good articulation during off-road driving. This is because articulation is important when driving in off-road conditions where the pace is much slower which means that disconnecting the sway bar is a must. Experience off-road drivers has been saying that disconnecting the sway bar can increase the jeep’s articulation by 30%. Meaning, it will keep your wheels planted on the road and boost your off-road driving performance.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are The Most Trusted Sway Bar Disconnects JK?

It is true that there are a lot of sway bar disconnects that are available in the market and choosing the right one for your vehicle will be a challenge. But, to help you with this problem, we have tested several of this accessories and come up with the best products you can used for your vehicle.

From the products we reviewed, I can say that the front sway bar disconnects system from JKS and Rough Country stoods out during our review. The quality and features of this two products simply outclassed the other sway bar disconnect system. But, rest assured that the other four products we reviewed pass our standards in terms of quality and other factors. I will leave it to you on making the decision on choosing the right one for your vehicle.

How to Install and Used?

Different brands comes with different installation procedures. But the most important thing is to follow the product manual to avoid inconvenience in the installation process. If you still find it difficult, I would suggest that you ask help from a friend who knows a thing or two about sway bar disconnects installation. Another solution is to ask proffesional help by contacting an experienced mechanic to help but that will be another expense on your part.

How to Care and Maintain?

Just like the other parts of your jeep, the sway bar disconnects system need to be clean and maintain. There are different ways to clean and maintain this part of your vehicle as stated by the product guide or manual. You just need to follow them wholeheartedly. If you are removing the system after your off-road driving, make sure to keep in a place safe in the house.

What is The Warranty?

The warranty of a sway bar disconnect vary from brand to brand. Some are offering 3 years, 5 years, and some are offering lifetime warranty. When purchasing, make sure to know the terms of the warrant as this is your protection if and when the product suddenly malfunction or encounter problems.

Where to Buy?

You can buy the sway bar disconnects system at the nearest car parts and accessories store in your area. However, during this time of the pandemic, buying it online is the safest and the most practical thing to do. Top online stores such as Amazon, Alibaba, Rakuten, Ebay, and other online stores are selling top-of-the-line sway bar disconnects.


We have reviewed and presented to you six of the best sway bar disconnects jk that you can consider for your vehicle. All of these products were tested and chosen based on their performance in order for us to help your choose the right one for your jeep. Please do you part and make some research to guide you in making the best decision for your vehicle.

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