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The Best Snorkel for Jeep in 2023

best snorkel for jeep

Today, we feature four of the best snorkel for Jeep that can be installed on your vehicle. It is essential to have a snorkel installed in the vehicle before using it off the road. Installing snorkel kits for Jeep will allow the vehicle to get dry and clean air to the engine, which is essential when crossing deep water. It also brings other benefits that make the Jeep improve its performance.

Our company decided to test various products to check their performance in a Jeep Wrangler. We also inspect the quality of the snorkel and the other features it brings to the vehicle to come up with the best snorkel for Jeep Wrangler JK recommendations for Jeep owners.

Best Snorkel for Jeep Reivews

1. Anbull Jeep Cherokee XJ Snorkel Kit

anbull jeep cherokee xj snorkel kit

This snorkel kit from Anbull takes pride in its quality and durability. Upon inspection, I first noticed that it is made of solid plastic, which is quite impressive. This snorkel will last longer and will not bleach or warp even if it is constantly exposed to the sun.

This product is built with UV-resistant ABS plastic, which can resist ultraviolet degradation. The material is also known to take a lot of impact and its ability to provide maximum strength and longevity even when exposed to harsh environments.

This snorkel for Jeep also has the thickness of about 5-6 mm as it provides resistance to impact damage. The snorkel is designed to fit Jeep Cherokee XJ models and comes with a fitting template that gives convenience to the Jeep owner.

Furthermore, it has all the necessary components to make the installation easier. I am impressed by the design as it provides maximum dust and water sealing and reduces the chance of damage when crossing the water.

As for the installation, it is relatively easy if you have the skills to do it. However, this snorkel will need you to cut a few holes in the vehicle. If you are comfortable doing this activity, it will be better to have someone who knows and is professional enough to do the installation to make it safer.

I also do not like the fact that it does not have an instruction manual included in the package. However, several installation guides online can help you during the installation process. But the absence of an instructional guide is a big negative to the product.

  • Built with high-quality ABS plastic that provides strength and durability
  • Includes fitting template for easy installation
  • Designed to seal dust and water to reduce the chance o engine damage when crossing the water
  • It looks good once installed in the vehicle
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Absence of a user’s manual

This snorkel for Jeep looks great, fits perfect, and is easy to install. After the installation, your Jeep Wrangler will produce a nice sound, significantly when idle. It also helps make the vehicle run smoother while protecting the engine during water crossings in your off-road adventure.

2. Redrock 4×4 Air Jeep Wrangler TJ Snorkel System

redrock 4x4 air jeep wrangler tj snorkel system

This product is the best snorkel for Jeep Wrangler TJ as it effectively relocates the air intake above the windshield. Once installed in your vehicle, you will be impressed as this product adds a new dimension to the look of your Jeep.

First, the quality of this snorkel for Jeep is quite impressive with its black ABs construction. It feels very strong when I check its physical features expecting that your Jeep Wrangler‘s intake will be relocated to a higher and safer location as it gets a clean source of dry and cool air.

Furthermore, this snorkel for Jeep TJ also has a unique feature, particularly the use of the vehicle’s air box. When another air box needs you to buy a specific air box, this snorkel will use your vehicle’s original air box, making it easy to install while maximizing the sealing of dust and water when the vehicle is used off the road.

Speaking of installation, I can say this snorkel has a light to moderate installation process. Again, if you are not mechanically inclined or do not have the skills to do the installation, it will be better to trust the installation to professionals or specialists.

I like the fact that all hardware needed in the installation is included in the product package. Depending on your expertise, this best TJ snorkel will need about three hours to install, or probably more. The templates are good, but the hole needed in the fender needs a lot of trimming to make the snorkel set flat.

Also, minor cutting is required, so make sure you will be ready for it, especially in cutting the battery bracket to fit the air hose. But with a cut-off wheel, it should be easily done. Just make sure you have the tools needed during the installation. To make it easier, you can trust the installation process to professionals.

  • With black ABS plastic construction to provide durability and longevity
  • The product is designed to be used with the vehicle’s original air box
  • Requires light to moderate installation
  • Provides air intake relocation with maximum air and dust sealing
  • Provides a constant source of cool and dry air
  • Requires cutting during the installation

To sum up, this snorkel for Jeep works great but will need a lot of work to make it fit. Quality-wise, it looks impressive and feels sturdy too. This product also effectively provides dust and water sealing to make the vehicle ready for off-road adventures.

3. Rugged Ridge XHD Jeep Wrangler JK Snorkel Kit

rugged ridge xhd jeep wrangler jk snorkel kit

The Rugged Ridge Snorkel is unique in the sense that it is the only snorkel kit with a modular design and functionality. What does it mean? The two air intake mounts can be interchanged depending on what you need.

There is a pre-filter low mount that can relocate the air intake below the windshield while drawing cool air from outside the engine compartment. Then, the optional high mount design extends that air intake to the top of the windshield. This best Jeep JK snorkel allows you to switch easily between high and low mounts, depending on your preference.

In terms of its design, this snorkel for Jeep looks great once installed in the vehicle, but I feel that the fit and the finish can still be improved. Once installed, the side panel bulges out, which can be an eyesore at first. But overall, this product is impressive, especially the low mount, which has a very clean look and a lot of functionality.

I also like that this snorkel for Jeep Wrangler JK is designed to be installed with only minor modifications compared to other products that require a significant cutting to some crucial parts of the vehicle.

However, installation can be challenging even to those mechanically inclined Jeep owners. Our experience installing this snorkel requires us to put it on the vehicle for more than six hours. I like the directions, which include pictures, as it gives you an advantage during the installation. If you are not mechanically inclined, it will be better to trust the installation to professionals.

Lastly, if you try installing it yourself, it will be better to do some research first and understand how this modification works. This upgrade also includes the risk you need to accept before you actually do it.

  • Built to reduce duct clogged filters and the risks of hydro-locking engine
  • Designed with a modular design that allows easy switching from high to low mounts
  • Built with high-quality materials, including thermoformed plastic and mandrel bent aluminum
  • Includes built-in manual drain valves
  • It only needs minor modification in the fender
  • Installation can be a challenge and takes time

This snorkel for Jeep will give you an impressive look and functionality once installed in your Jeep Wrangler. It is pretty challenging to install but once everything is finished, what it brings to the vehicle is impressive. Overall, it is an excellent product with great materials.

What to Look for When Buying a Snorkel for Jeep

best snorkel for jeep jk

When looking for a snorkel for Jeep, there are several factors to consider to choose the right one for the Jeep Wrangler. Below, we have listed several factors that will guide you in looking for the right product.

Construction Quality

The primary factor to consider in looking for the best snorkel for your vehicle is the construction quality. The product must be made of high-quality materials to provide durability and toughness to the snorkel.

High-quality snorkels are made of tougher and thicker plastic, allowing them to withstand the challenges and conditions during off-roading. A low-quality snorkel is made of subpar plastic that may not provide resistance to impact and UV rays.

A high-quality snorkel must also be tuned to the breathing requirement and the overall breathing capacity of the vehicle’s engine. Installing the wrong one can choke the engine and can bring some negative impacts on the vehicle.


Versatility is also essential when it comes to choosing the right snorkel for the Jeep. Look for a product that provides flexibility in its usage as it allows you to use it in low profile and high profile mode.

If you choose a low-profile snorkel, make sure that it will not block the factory windshield or prevent it from folding down. It should also not block the light transmission bar. These issues make the flexible snorkel an excellent option for your vehicle.

Easy Installation Process

When doing modifications like this one, it is essential to look for a product that is designed to be easily installed on the vehicle. Finding the said product is easier said than done but a product that requires less drilling, bending, and cutting off some parts of the vehicle must be the priority.

The difficult installation of a snorkel is the reason why I always suggest asking for the help of professional mechanics during the installation process. This action is essential if you are not mechanically inclined or do not have the experience.

Clear Instruction Manual

Another important factor in a snorkel product package is the presence of a clear instruction manual. Several products in the market do not provide an instruction manual, making the installation process more difficult.

Having an instruction manual is a luxury, especially when it is user-friendly and includes illustrations. This feature will help the installer as it gives guidance and the step-by-step process to make the installation a little bit easier.

Frequently Asked Question

best snorkel for jeep jl

Do Snorkels Reduce Power?

The primary function of the snorkel is to draw clean air with its elevated position. The cleaner air helps improve car performance, including engine speeds. Furthermore, fuel consumption is greatly reduced while making the engine run cleaner. These positive aspects also help improve the vehicle’s engine power.

How much does it cost to Install a Snorkel on a Jeep?

The installation cost of installing a snorkel depends on your living area. But during the installation, the payment will be measured by hours. The rate per hour is around $100 to $140 on average. Again, this rate may change depending on your location.


Putting a snorkel on the Jeep is an excellent modification, especially if you do a lot of off-road driving. However, looking for the best snorkel for Jeep is a must to maximize the effect of having a snorkel in your vehicle. A high-quality snorkel that fits nicely into your Jeep will excite the off-road adventure and reduce duct-clogged filters and hydro-locking engine.

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