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The Best Shocks for Jeep Commander in 2023

best shocks for jeep commander

Today’s article is all about the seven of the best shock for Jeep Commander that you can use for your vehicle. The Jeep Commander is known for its reliability, comfort, style, and power. Many SUV enthusiasts describe this Jeep model as spacious, fun to drive, and excellent off the road. However, there will come a time that you feel that the comfort and reliability decrease due to wear out or damaged shocks. Meaning, the factory Jeep commander shocks and struts need a possible replacement immediately.

But what are the best commander struts and shocks available for your Jeep commander? Our team has conducted a research process where we tested several possible shock replacements for the Jeep Commander. We also ask other Jeep owners for information and feedback from the community to come up with the best possible recommendations possible. We intend to help other Jeep Commander owners in choosing the right one for their vehicle.

Best Shock for Jeep Commander Reviews

1. Monroe Shocks Struts Adjusting Absorber

monroe shocks struts adjusting absorber

Like other parts of the vehicle, the shocks of your Jeep Commander are subject to wear as time goes by. Now, driving with worn shocks can cause many problems that can compromise other parts of your car. So, if you feel that your Jeep Commander needs shock replacement, this shock absorber from Monroe is an excellent option for you. This product is known for providing comfort and safe handling to your Jeep Commander once installed in your vehicle.

One of the outstanding features of this shock for Jeep Commander is the ability of this shock absorber to reduce sag when the vehicle is under load. This product is ideal if you want your vehicle to haul varying loads occasionally. Also, this shock absorber is built with a heavy gauge, and calibrated coil springs effectively reduce sags when loaded up to 1200 lbs. However, please note that this weight capacity limitation depends on suspension, tires, and transmission.

Another feature of this shock absorber is its ability to provide ride consistency and exceptional handling to your Jeep Commander. This product is tuned for each application where it is built with a full-displaced valving, which automatically adjusts to various road conditions while providing the much-needed ride consistency. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with an all-weather fluid that contains special modifiers in handling high temperatures. It also comes with a PTFE-piston, which helps reduce the friction between the piston and pressure tube to improve its response to different types of roads.

Also, this product improves the overall performance of your Jeep Commander. It comes with Nitrogen gas-charged, which helps maintains the quality of contact between the tire and the road. This feature will help in improving the ride and the vehicle handling by reducing aeration and shock fade.

Finally, this Jeep Commander lift kit is built to have a longer service life to your vehicle. It comes with a self-lubricating fluid seal that helps retains gas and helps reduces too much friction against the piston rod. This feature will help in lowering early wear out of the shock. Meanwhile, this product is also built with a nitrocarburized rod that allows provides a longer lifespan.

  • Built to reduced sags when the vehicle is under load
  • Provides exceptional vehicle landing with its full-displaced valving
  • The all-weather fluid and PTFE-branded piston provides ride consistency
  • The heavy-duty nitrocarburized rod and self-lubricating fluid seal offers a longer lifespan
  • Help improve performance and vehicle handling with its nitrogen gas-charged feature
  • The coil spring is a little bit stiff

This product is a perfect replacement for the 2006 Jeep Commander front shocks and other related models. This shock absorber works fine and helps with heavy towing and loads. Just make sure it fits with the Jeep Commander model you own.

2. Detroit Axle Front Struts

detroit axle front struts

Even though struts and shocks are entirely different, these two components have the same functions in providing comfort to your Jeep Commander. When your car is bouncing like crazy when navigating potholes and railroad tracks, there is a big chance that your struts need a replacement. And when it comes to having a Jeep Commander strut replacement, this front struts and coil spring assembly from Detroit Axle is an excellent fit for your vehicle.

Compared to the first product that I reviewed earlier, these components are a completely different assembly. This product assembly kit, in particular includes two front struts with coil spring assembly. So, if you feel that your struts are worn out, or the oil is leaking, this product is an excellent option for you.

This product assembly is an excellent fit for the 2006 Jeep Commander shocks and struts and the other Jeep Commander models the year after. It is built with high-quality coil springs, which are made of premium-grade steel-based material. This feature will ensure that the coil spring will have a longer life cycle while reducing the amount of vibration to enhance the quality of the ride.

Installing this assembly will also enhance the stability of your Jeep Commander. It is built with a durable Piston rod that is assembled with high-frequency heat treatment to ensure high rigidity and high-toughness properties. It also comes with an excellent polishing finished which offers a more convenient experience while driving at high speed. Meanwhile, this product also comes with a rubber dust boot that keeps the road debris off the absorber tube to make the lifespan longer than expected.

Also, this product, once installed, will give more reliability to the Jeep Commander. It is built with a low mounting system that moves along with the spindle knuckle. The strut then absorbs the vertical movement from the tires along the road create a more reliable ride. This product also comes with an oil-hydraulic circuit system that significantly reduces the vibration of your car while promoting safety and comfort.

  • Excellent fit and replacement for Jeep Commander 2006 – 2010 models
  • Premium steel-based coil springs provide exceptional longevity and comfort
  • A high-rigid piston rod and rubber dust boot offers stability to the vehicle
  • A low mounting bracket promotes reliability when on the road
  • Quick and easy installation; no tools needed
  • Very stiff at first

This product is a direct fit for your Jeep Commander. This strut and coil spring assembly is also quick and easy to install in your vehicle. I am recommending this assembly to Jeep Commander owners looking to replace struts and springs simultaneously.

3. OREDY Front Pair Driver Passenger Struts Shocks

oredy front pair driver passenger struts shocks

A strut is an integral part of the Jeep Commander suspension kit of the vehicle. It is designed so that it is lighter and takes up less space than shock absorbers in conventional suspension systems of a vehicle. If the strut of your Jeep Commander is already wearing out or leaking, replacing it should be a priority. This struts coil spring assembly from Oredy is an excellent option for your Jeep Commander for replacement.

One of the upsides in installing this assembly to your Jeep Commander is having excellent quality struts to make your vehicle more comfortable. The upper strut mount comes with premium-style bearings, high-quality nuts and bolts, and superior rubber-to-steel bonding. This product also comes with a premium hollow bumper that prevents component damage when the suspension is bottoms out, enhancing life longevity.

I was also impressed by the quality of the coil springs as it is made with pure stainless steel. Each spring is carefully calibrated to support the vehicle’s weight to get the correct ride height. Meanwhile, the upper spring seat will provide performance consistency to eliminate noise or vibrations in the chassis. It also helps in supporting the vehicle’s weight and helps properly offset the spring in the strut tower.

Meanwhile, this strut coil spring assembly has lower spring isolators that help eliminate the noise between the spring seat and the spring. Meanwhile, the dust boot will help protect the rod and seals to help increase the longevity of the strut coil spring assembly.

However, the only drawback I see is the complex installation procedure. Remarkably, the mounting tabs did not line up when fully seated. You will need to drill and bend it out a little so the bolt can go through. If you have mechanical skills, this should not be an issue but if you don’t, better give it to a professional mechanic to do the installation.

  • With excellent construction as all components are manufactured in high-quality
  • Built with hollow bumper to protect all parts from damage
  • It also comes with a dust boot to protect the rod and seal from debris and dirt
  • Coil springs are made with premium quality steel and properly calibrated
  • The lower spring isolators help eliminate the spring and the spring seat
  • Installation can be a challenge

This product is an excellent option for Jeep Commander owners looking for a strut and coil springs replacement. These components are built with premium quality materials and should last longer when installed on your Jeep Commander.

4. MOSTPLUS 171377 Front Complete Struts

mostplus 171377 front complete struts

In general, shocks and struts wear out every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. This situation is the same if you are using your Jeep Commander. If you are using the vehicle more often off the road or you are more of an aggressive driver, there is a chance that these components deteriorate faster than expected. Should you see some signs of deterioration, I suggest replacing your old strut assembly with this product from Mostplus. This struts and coil spring assembly is 100% tested with superior quality.

The primary purpose of this product is to provide a complete strut assembly to your Jeep Commander. This product comes with a high-quality strut mount that includes superior bearings, nuts, and bolts comparable to the original. It is also built with Jounce jumpers that will protect the components from damage just in case the suspension bottoms out.

I was also impressed by the quality of the coil spring, which is made of pure stainless steel materials. This part of the assembly will help keep the height of the vehicle in the correct position. Meanwhile, the upper spring seat helps avoid chassis vibration while also supporting the weight of the car. It also comes with a dust boot which protects the strut from debris and dust to extend the lifespan of the shock absorber.

Also, these premium struts come with seamless sleeves to ensure that the contact is well and will not glide out. The top is shaped with quality steel and uses a silicon electrophoretic coating process to increase anti-oxidation and corrosion properties. Meanwhile, the lower spring isolators will minimize vibrations during metal-to-metal contact.

This shock for Jeep Commander is a guaranteed fit in terms of installation since the coil springs, mounts, and buckle positions are the same as the original one, ensuring quick and easy installation.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • It fits easily and is compatible with Jeep Commander models 2006 – 2010
  • Provides excellent performance and stability
  • Provides 100% quality and was tested correctly to increase performance
  • Ensures vehicle stability and reduced vibration
  • Not the same spring rate

This shock for Jeep Commander is an excellent option for owners looking for a reliable strut and coil springs assembly. This product is made with premium materials to provide ideal performance and stability.

5. BUYAUTOPARTS Front Shocks Struts

buyautoparts front shocks struts

In all Jeep Commander lift kit reviews, installing the best lift kit for Jeep Commander also means you will need a new shock absorber. Suspension lift kits that will raise your vehicle to more than three inches will usually require a new shock absorber to make up the difference between the shock’s top and bottom mounting points. For your Jeep Commander, this shocks struts assembly from Buyautoparts is an excellent choice for your vehicle.

This product package includes left and proper strut assembly. Each of these struts is tuned for each vehicle-specific application which will help in improving the ride of your Jeep Commander. It will also help enhance vehicle handling and safety. This assembly includes struts, coil springs, strut mount, bumper kit, boot, spring seat, and an isolator. All of these components will make sure that your Jeep Commander will be comfortable when hitting on the road.

Meanwhile, replacing the entire strut assembly will drastically save time as compared to just replacing the struts. This action will save money and save time and effort, especially if you know how to replace by yourself. This strut assembly will provide a firmer and comfortable ride compared to the original struts while maintaining the same comfort.

In terms of installation, you can easily remove and replace this strut assembly in a single piece. This product assembly does not require using a spring compressor to swap springs, which means installation is a breeze. Also, this strut assembly comes fully assembled and is ready to install anytime.

Also, the installation guide was adequate, but you should need to observe since the instructions were made with a few different variants of this assembly. What is missing in the instruction is that you must have the ball joint popper to disconnect the ball joint from the upper control arm. Doing this action will save you some time from struggling to squeeze the assembly between the arm and the brake line.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Built with chrome-plated piston to add durability
  • It comes with high-quality rubber dust boots and spring seats for increased protection
  • Constructed with high-quality paint to resists corrosion and rust
  • Spring rates match the original parts of the vehicle
  • Noise in cold weather

This shock for Jeep Commander is for owners looking to replace the whole struts assembly of their vehicle. Replacing the entire assembly instead of doing it per component is more economical and will save your time and effort. This product is easy to install and does need any special tools to mount in the vehicle.

6. Shoxtec Front Pair Complete Struts

shoxtec front pair complete struts shocks

The shocks and struts of your Jeep Commander may worn out over time which can affect the overall comfort and performance of your vehicle. When this happens to your Jeep Commander, replacing worn components will restore the ride control and handling of the vehicle similar to when it is new. And an excellent replacement option for your Jeep Commander is this struts assembly from Shoxtec, a made to last and special assembly design for your vehicle.

One of the outstanding features of this shock for Jeep Commander is its premium quality. This product is an ISO certified shock the provides superior quality using excellent materials in the manufacturing process. It is built with a high-quality oil seal and rubber dust boots which will help debris and rocks away from the shock to prevent damage and possible deformation.

Other essential parts of this assembly are the well-designed hollow bumper which prevents damage to the vehicle when it bottoms out and the spring seat which helps prevent water and sediments accumulation. Meanwhile, the coil springs are also made with premium materials and will effectively reduce vibrations on the road for you to have a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Meanwhile, installation of this shock for Jeep Commander is quick, safe, and easy. This product comes with fully pre-assembled complete struts that are precisely designed to fit your vehicle. All you have to do is directly replaced the old parts with no special tools required. You do not need to take apart the old components and just used the assembly to mount them into your Jeep Commander.

Once it is installed in the vehicle, you will notice a lot of comforts while feeling no noise in the chassis of your Jeep Commander. Also, this shock will help reduce swerving rolls and shorter braking distance for more safety. In terms of durability, these struts are made to have a longer lifespan and are designed to protect the shock absorber and the fluid.

  • Quick and easy to install; with no special tools required
  • Built with excellent design and premium quality
  • Reduced vehicle vibration to enhance comfort
  • Eliminates noise in the vehicle’s chassis
  • Built to last longer using premium materials
  • Unclear instruction manual

This shock for Jeep Commander is an excellent choice for owners looking for reliability and dependability. Once installed in the vehicle, you will have a vehicle with reduced vibration ensuring smooth drive while turning and driving. Your driving will also be safer with reduced braking distance and less noise on the chassis.

7. ECCPP Complete Struts Shock Absorbers

eccpp complete struts shock absorbers

There are various reasons why a spring suspension is still popular among owners when compared with the Jeep Commander air suspension. But, the most obvious reason is still economical as Jeep owners prefer the regular spring suspension with its low maintenance cost. In fact, if you have a worn-out shock absorber, all you have to do is replace it with an affordable strut spring assembly from ECCPP to ensure that your vehicle suspension system still provides the comfort and smoothness you need on the road.

This product also exudes quality since it is an ISO-certified strut spring assembly. The coil springs are made of premium steel while the finished is built with excellent special surface treatment. This quality will make sure that the strut assembly provides strength, toughness, and anti-corrosion properties while providing tolerance to vibration and extreme temperatures.

This strut assembly features a well-finished piston rod that ensures proper seal as it is built with excellent lubrication consistency and inhibits corrosion. Also, it comes with a premium double-lip oil seal that is built with high-quality rubber to ensure durability and toughness. Furthermore, the original card position and shape are just the same as the original strut making it easy to mount in your vehicle.

Meanwhile, the coil springs come in excellent quality as it is manufactured with high-grade carbon steel to help provide professional performance. The top mount also comes in excellent quality as it is made with a rubber steel assembly that is already tested for its durability. Also, the nuts and bolts are made with SAE standards grade.

Installation of this shock for Jeep Commander is quick and easy. The installation should be trouble-free since this is already a pre-assembled struts assembly that includes the struts, bearing, coil spring, mount, bumper, boot, and isolator.

  • Built to have an excellent fit for your Jeep Commander
  • ISO-certified to ensure exceptional quality
  • Easy to install; with pre-assembled struts assembly
  • Reduced vehicle vibration to bring comfort and smoothness to the ride
  • Excellent construction; built with premium materials
  • Subpar product packaging

This product is for Jeep Commander owners looking for excellent replacements for the vehicle’s strut assembly. This shock for Jeep Commander is ISO-certified, ensuring quality and durability. Once installed, expect the vehicle to provide comfort and smoothness of the ride.

What to Look For When Buying a Shock for Jeep Commander

best lift kit for jeep commander

When it comes to choosing the best shock for your Jeep Commander, there are factors you will need to consider when choosing the right one for your vehicle. Choosing the product can be a hassle with all the brands available in the market but for you to choose the right one, we have listed the factors below to give you an idea of what constitutes an excellent shock that will fit your Jeep Commander.

Excellent Compatibility

This factor is the most important thing you need to consider before buying a shock for your Jeep Commander. You will need to make sure that the shock is a great fit for whatever model of Jeep Commander you own. To make sure that it is compatible, you will need to know some details of your vehicle, such as the model and the date of construction. Knowing these details is essential so that the company representatives can determine if the shock is an excellent fit for your Jeep Commander. Failure to do this process might result in you buying the wrong product and wasting your money.

Excellent Construction

This factor is all about the overall quality of the product. I am talking about the quality of the manufacturing process and the materials being used to produce a high-quality shock. My suggestion is to look for shocks made of stainless steel in the components. You should also check the other parts of the shock, such as the top mount, coil spring, piston rods, among others, and make sure that all the materials used are of premium quality. Doing this action will also ensure the longevity of the shocks for your Jeep Commander if it has undergone an excellent manufacturing process.

Quick and Easy Installation

In choosing a shock for your Jeep Commander, one excellent option is looking for a product that can be easily mounted in the vehicle. For sure, installing vehicle parts and components will need you to have mechanical skills and the tools required for the installation process. If you do not have these requirements, you better leave the installation to a professional mechanic to do the job. But what I am saying is that there are products we presented that are so easy to install in your Jeep since they are already pre-assembled once you received them. If you can find a product with a similar feature, make it on top of your list.

Excellent Features and Benefits

The primary purpose of looking for a shock replacement is to bring back the comfort and smoothness of the ride that you have lost because of worn-out shocks and struts. For this reason, you will need to choose a shock for your Jeep Commander that provides excellent performance in making your vehicle comfortable and smooth again during the driving. Our recommendations were all tested and had a lot of positive feedback from the Jeep community in making the vehicle comfortable again.

Frequently Asked Questions

jeep commander shocks and struts

How do I Know if my Jeep Commander Shocks are bad?

The shocks of your Jeep Commander are bad if it no longer provides the comfort and smoothness of the ride it brings when it was new. If the shocks are already worn out, then that is an excellent sign that your shocks are already bad and need replacement. Also, if the shocks are leaking, then that is also a sign that it is already in bad condition and needs a replacement immediately to bring back the comfort and smoothness on the ride. Meanwhile, the shocks of your Jeep Commander are also bad if you feel as an owner that this component does not provide enough in terms of the benefits it brings to your vehicle, and you still desire to replace or upgrade it with a chock assembly that will satisfy your needs or requirements.

Can a Jeep Commander be Lifted?

Yes, a Jeep Commander can definitely be lifted if you want to do it. The upside of having your Jeep Commander lifted is enhancing its appearance and converting it into a more imposing vehicle. Lifting this vehicle means installing a lift kit to raise the vehicle a few inches above the tires, which also means you are now free to use bigger tires.


When looking for the best shock for Jeep Commander, it is essential to look for an excellent fit for your vehicle. If you feel that the Jeep Commander is no longer comfortable and smooth on the road, then looking for a replacement shock is the best thing to do. Also, choosing the best shock for this vehicle can be a challenge, but our guide can help you choose the right one for your vehicle.

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