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The Best Shock Absorbers for Jeep Grand Cherokee for 2023

best shock absorbers for jeep grand cherokee

Today, we will be reviewing seven of the best shock absorbers for Jeep Grand Cherokee. As we all know, this vehicle is a popular and excellent SUV with capable off-roading features. Also, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was built to have durability and longevity in mind. However, this vehicle also needs the best shocks for Jeep Grand Cherokee to ensure a more comfortable and smoother ride.

With this vehicle’s off-road and rough terrain capabilities, a good quality shock absorber is needed to dampen the compression and the rebound of the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s suspension system. With that said, our recommendation of the best shocks for Jeep Grand Cherokee was based on our own testing process, research, and feedback from Jeep owners in our community. We intend to provide the best shocks for Jeep Grand Cherokee for the information of you, our readers.

Best Shock Absorbers for Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews

1. Detroit Axle Grand Cherokee Struts Rear Shocks

detroit axle grand cherokee struts rear shocks

A Jeep Grand Cherokee is known to be an excellent multi-purpose family vehicle. This Jeep model provides a roomy design that allows every family member to be comfortable while enjoying the ride. However, when you begin to feel discomfort with too much shaking and some braking problems, the shock cannot work correctly. With that said, this problem can be solved by replacing your stock shocks with these shock absorbers from Detroit Axle.

This 4-pcs. package from Detroit Axle combines a pair of rear shock absorber assembly and front side strut coil spring assembly that should be an excellent replacement to your Jeep Grand Cherokee. All of these components come in excellent quality and are manufactured with electrophoretic coating. This type of coating gives resistance to oxidation and corrosion to protect all the components from the effects of the difficult road condition.

Another feature that stands out is the excellent stability these components give to your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Each of these parts is designed to fit and function to your vehicle in providing high-quality and excellent performance. In fact, the coil spring in the struts assembly is designed to restore the ride height and support the vehicle’s weight. All of these components will effectively reduce vehicle shaking and improve handling performance.

Meanwhile, the installation will be easy since this fully assembled unit comes with everything you need for strut and shock replacements. No need for special tools or coil springs during installation. The installation will come as expected, and the struts and shocks will fit perfectly into your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Overall, this will be a great fit for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. But you need to check the fitting first to ensure that this will fit into the vehicle. Once installed, the ride will be much smoother, and you drive more control to your Jeep.

  • Excellent manufacturing and construction process
  • The coating can resist oxidation and corrosion
  • Provides excellent fit to your Jeep
  • Reduced vehicle movement and improves handling
  • Quick and easy install
  • Tendency to make popping sounds

This product is one of the best shocks for 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and other models built around the year. The additional struts assembly is an excellent add-on that should help reduce your vehicle’s unnecessary movement while also improving your handling.

2. SCITOO Grand Cherokee Shocks

scitoo grand cherokee shocks

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is known for its high-performance models that provide comfort and a fun experience during driving. Ultimately, this performance from the vehicle can drastically change if the shocks malfunction due to mileage or other similarly-related causes. And the best solution to negate the issue is to replace it with the Scitoo shocks set assembly kit which can bring back the comfort and convenience which was gone because of the old faulty shocks.

I did try to check on this shock set assembly and was impressed by the quality of the product. Its high-strength welding makes the stamping parts and the barrel tightly connected to ensure premium performance. The result is more stable driving while avoiding oil leakage and abnormal noise. The result is more fun and comfortable experience.

Meanwhile, the quality of the shocks is top-notched. It is built with a hard chromed piston rod with microcracks chromed surface processes and ultra-precision polishing to ensure smooth contact between the seal and the piston. Also, the struts are built with oil seals with advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure durability and stability in performance.

In addition, installation is quick and easy with this shock assembly. The shock absorbers and buckle holes are consistent with the actual car situation. Meaning, you can replace them without taking apart the existing strut assembly and any other changes which result in a quick and easy installation in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Also, this shock set assembly will be a perfect fit for any Jeep Grand Cherokee 1999 to 2004 model. Just make sure that your vehicle is the right fit for this shock assembly before purchasing. At the same time, all of these components were tested to come up with the highest quality standard, which is only appropriate for a special vehicle like the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

  • Built to provide a smooth and quieter driving
  • With a high-quality piston rod and precise vertical processing to ensure smooth contact to the seal
  • Provides improved control and stability in the driving
  • Shocks are monotube design that is built to last
  • Built to reduce vehicle bounce, sway, brake dive, and acceleration swat
  • It does not include springs, washers, mounts, and bushings

This product is one of the best Jeep Grand Cherokee shock absorbers due to its excellent quality and durability. The shock fits like a glove to your vehicle with no issues with the installation process. Installing these components can make the comfort of the ride so much better.

3. Rough Country N3 Grand Cherokee Shock Absorbers

rough country n3 grand cherokee shock absorbers

To some drivers, the quality of their Jeep Grand Cherokee’s stock shocks is not enough for the requirements they need during the driving. Especially if you are doing some off-road adventures that need an excellent shock absorber to make the trail navigation easy and comfortable. If you need a Jeep Grand Cherokee suspension upgrade, I suggest replacing your old shock absorber with this product from Rough Country to ensure a smoother and more comfortable ride.

One of the upsides of using these shocks for the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the excellent construction and manufacturing process, which ensures the durability and sturdiness of the product. It features a brushed aluminum body that combines with black anodized accents that dissipates heat faster than the other shocks. The result is a solid and rigid shock body that will last longer compared to other standard shocks.

This front shock absorber is also built with an internal piston floating design that will separate the oil and the nitrogen pressure. The result is an excellent performance of the shocks in providing quick reaction without cavitation and uncontrolled vibrations damping each other when navigating different obstacles.

This product is also built with a 10-staged variable valving and high-pressure nitrogen-charged that offers excellent performance for both off-road driving and navigation on a regular highway. Meanwhile, the spring-loaded piston rod and the faster cooling shock body will give superior strength, resulting in a longer lifespan and an impressive vibration dampening throughout.

So, if you are tackling rough terrain or just driving on a smooth, easy street, this front shock absorber is an excellent choice for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. It will give tremendous improvement to the quality of the ride and performance of the vehicle in different road conditions.

  • Built with chromed hardened piston to ensure excellent performance in different road conditions
  • Made with spring-loaded piston rod seal to prevent oil leakage
  • It comes with 10 stage variable valving to ensure smoothness driving on the highway and excellent control in off-road driving
  • Built with a brushed aluminum body to ensure a longer lifespan
  • Mounted body-up designed gives a unique look once installed in the vehicle
  • Quick and easy installation
  • A little stiff

This product is for Jeep Grand Cherokee owners looking for a reliable and dependable front shock absorber. I was really impressed with its quality, specifically the excellent construction of the product. It provides superior quality, durability, and longevity while making your vehicle comfortable and smooth on the road.

4. Newparts Grand Cherokee KYB Excel-G Shock Absorbers

newparts grand cherokee kyb excel-g shock absorbers

When you begin to feel that the handling and movement of your Jeep Grand Cherokee are not the same compared to when it was new, it is probably because of the shock’s mileage. If your vehicle is showing some signs of nasty shocks, the best thing to do is replace the current shock of your vehicle with this shock absorber kit from Kyb. This product is one of the best shocks for 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and other model types as it brings back the comfort and the smooth ride once installed in your vehicle.

The primary purpose of this shock absorber is to restore the vehicle’s control, stopping, stability, handling, and overall performance of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Thanks to its triple chromed plated piston rod and multi-lip seals which enhance its durability. Meanwhile, the seamless cylinder seal and the piston band provide an excellent seal and longer lifespan.

Another purpose of this shock absorber for the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the excellent design and construction to eliminate most of the weaknesses that other regular shock absorbers have. For example, this shock absorber is factory calibrated to negate the weal suspensions, if there are any. Also, this calibration will help assist in restoring the original control and handling characteristics of your Grand Cherokee.

Meanwhile, this shock absorber is also built with a precision rod guide that assists in retaining the correct wheel alignment. It also comes with mounting eye rings and bolt bushings that will help reduce, if not eliminate, rattling and vibration. The result is a more comfortable vehicle that gives you more precise handling, especially when dealing with rugged off-road terrain.

Lastly, the installation of the shock absorbers is quick and easy. Fortunately, the product package includes the needed nuts, bushing, and washers to make the installation quick and easy. If you are not mechanically inclined, my advice is to let a real mechanic do the installation.

  • Built with durable cylinder and piston rod
  • Improves the handling and control precision of the vehicle
  • Can assist in preserving proper wheel alignment
  • Will restore the comfort and smoothness of the ride
  • Quick and easy install; all the hardware are included
  • Bolt holes are too slim

Installing these shock absorbers for your Jeep Grand Cherokee will enhance and upgrade your vehicle compared to the previous shocks. This product comes in excellent quality and will fit your vehicle efficiently. Also, the installation process will be easy, and you will have a more comfortable ride in no time.

5. AutoShack Jeep Grand Cherokee Rear Shock Absorbers

autoshack jeep grand cherokee rear shock absorbers

There are many reasons why the struts and shock absorbers are important components of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. For one, these components are responsible for the control and handling properties of your vehicle. These parts also keep the tires glued to the road to provide a more comfortable and smoother ride. However, for some reason, these components may not function the way they use to, which means replacing them with hew components such as this strut assembly and rear shocks kit from Auto Shack.

What’s impressive about this product is the complete package that contains two sets of complete strut assemblies and a pair of rear shock absorbers. Each strut assembly includes a strut, coil spring, boot, strut mount, spring seat, bumper kit, and isolator. Add the rear shock absorbers, and you will have a complete set of components ready to be installed to your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Physically, this kit assembly is impressive in terms of durability and toughness. Both the strut assembly and the shock absorbers come in a glossy black color finish that is powder-coated with a neoprene dust boot. Each strut is nitrogen gas charged, while the shock absorbers are built with premium quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

This product bundle of strut assembly and shock absorber will also fit easily into the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The additional upside it is easy and ready to install. You do not need any tools to mount it in your vehicle. All you have to do is remove and replace the complete strut assembly in one piece. Please take note that each entire strut assembly is designed and tuned for vehicle-specific applications.

Overall, this product bundle will be an excellent fit for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the ride will be more comfortable. You will also love the smooth ride after managing to install them in your vehicle. Just pure smooth, no more bumps as it just floats over any obstacles in the road.

  • Complete product bundle that includes two sets of strut assembly and two rear shock absorbers
  • Made with direct fitting and is ready to install
  • Built with a nicely-looking tough gloss black finished
  • Made with high-quality and premium materials to ensure durability
  • Does not need a spring compressor during installation
  • With missing parts on the bundle

This product is for Jeep Grand Cherokee owners looking for durable and good-looking struts and shock absorbers. This product is made with premium materials to ensure toughness and a longer life span. This excellent product bundle will give more value compared to other products.

6. ECCPP Shocks Grand Cherokee

eccpp shocks grand cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee needs excellent and high-quality shocks to give comfort and control to different road conditions. Not to downplay the quality of the stock shocks but this type of vehicle requires a shock absorber with higher quality to ensure more comfort and precision when navigating on more challenging road conditions. So, when looking for a replacement, an excellent option is this complete set of front and rear shock absorbers from ECCPP to bring back the comfort and smoothness of the driving.

One of the outstanding features of these shock absorbers for Jeep Grand Cherokee is the premium quality it brings to your vehicle. These shock absorbers are made with high-quality materials and reinforced by a chrome and zinc coating to provide strong and thick shocks for your vehicle. In addition, it also comes with a Japanese-made oil seal that provides long durability with no squeaking sound. These excellent materials prevent breakage, resists corrosion while also making the life span of the shocks longer.

Another feature of using this product is the higher damping setting compared to the other stock shocks. This will feature the vehicle to have even better filter bumps and improve handling for a better driving experience. The result is an enhanced comfort inside your vehicle as it effectively reduced the impact by improving the riding comfort and the other components of your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

As for the installation, this shock absorber matches the original size to position the installation hole accurately. It significantly reduced the deviation by installing only one step in place. Removing the old shock and replacing it with a new one will be easy and let you take apart the existing strut assembly, which is more convenient.

For the ride quality, these shocks will improve the comfort and smoothness of the ride compared to the stock shocks. It will make the suspension tight and nice as the handles also improve. The vehicle driving will be better as it holds the line better while giving more stability to your braking and cornering approach.

  • Made with premium materials to ensure thick and strong shock absorber
  • Built with Japan-made oil seals to provide extended durability with no squeaking sounds
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Provide to enhance comfort and effectively reduced the impact of the vehicle
  • Built to provide excellent compatibility to your vehicle
  • It does not come with mounting studs

This shock absorber for Jeep Grand Cherokee works great and does its job well. It provides comfort and reduces the impact of bumps and other effects on the vehicle. It will also give the driver more control and precision in handling to improve the better driving experience.

7. Rancho RS5000X Jeep Grand Cherokee Gas Shocks

rancho rs5000x jeep grand cherokee gas shocks

We all want to be comfortable when driving in our vehicle but if the components inside the car are no longer working as they used to be, then the quality of the ride also changes. One component that plays an essential role in the comfort of the vehicle is the shock which can significantly affect the convenience of the vehicle. If the shock of your Jeep Grand Cherokee no longer performs well, this shock absorber from Rancho is an excellent option for your vehicle.

What’s unique about this shock absorber is the uniqueness and innovativeness it brings to your Jeep Wrangler. The impressive rebound valving system and the advanced compression phase of this product make it different from other regular shocks. These two features will improve the overall performance of your Jeep Grand Cherokee, whether on an off-road path or a regular highway.

Physically, this shock absorber is oozing with excellent quality. It comes with a larger shock body to increase fluid capacity to operate a cooler and increase vehicle control and performance in different road conditions. It also comes with an excellent engagement valving that will help reduce the impact when hitting a pothole or navigating off-road obstacles.

In terms of fitting, this shock absorber will exactly fit a Jeep Grand Cherokee but can also be used in a 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive. These shock absorbers also work best with vehicles at factory height. Meaning, installing this product in a vehicle without any front lift or rear lift will work like magic.

Also, installation is relatively easy but can be a challenge for you. First, the product package already includes all the needed bushings, washers, and nuts, but you will need to use the factory mounting bolts. Maybe it will take you approximately an hour to install all the shocks using the right tools.

  • Built to fit 2WD and 4WD vehicles
  • Quick and easy installation; Includes all the needed washers, bushings, and nuts
  • Perfect fit for vehicles at factory height
  • Built with a larger shock body to improve performance
  • Unique engagement valving help reduce the impact when navigating off the road
  • It does not come with mounting bolts

This product is an excellent shock absorber for a Jeep Grand Cherokee with its unique and innovative functionalities. It also can be installed easily using the right tools but once installed, expect the quality of the driving to improve with more precision and better handling.

What to Look For When Buying a Shock Absorbers For Jeep Grand Cherokee

best shocks for 2014 jeep grand cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a special vehicle that should have special components to enhance the overall quality it brings to you. Just like choosing the right shock absorber that brings comfort and smoothness to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. But what are the factors to consider in choosing the right shock absorber for this vehicle? Check on the list below:

The Right Fit

When it comes to choosing the suitable shock absorbers for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, the most important factor is looking for the right fit for your vehicle. All shock absorbers are not designed to fit universally, which means each shock absorber will fit a specific set of requirements for every vehicle. For the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you will need to know the year of manufacture, model type, and other related information to check if it fits a particular shock absorber that you like. Every shock absorber brand has a different set of components that only fits a specific brand of vehicle and model. So make sure to know your Jeep’s related information and check if it fits the shock absorber brand that you are considering buying as a possible replacement.

The Right Type of Shocks

Choosing a perfect shock for your Jeep Grand Cherokee will all depend on the type of driving you are doing for your vehicle. For example, if you use your vehicle for daily use and minimal off-road driving, then a twin-tube shock absorber is enough for your vehicle. But, if you are using it for off-road driving frequently, a monotube shock is an excellent fit. The monotube shocks provide better heat distribution to keep it cool under difficult road conditions. There are other types of shocks, but these two should perfectly fit your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Quality of Construction

Another factor to consider is the quality of the construction as shock absorbers work under extremely high pressure. My suggestion is to look for shocks made with steel or aluminum. Steel shocks are affordable but not adjustable, while aluminum is more expensive but is lighter and a lot stronger.

Driving Conditions

The choice of your shock absorber will also depend on the quality of the shock installed in your vehicle. If you are into off-road driving frequently, then strong shocks need to have more driving control and precision when dealing with rugged terrain. Those standard shocks are enough if you are using the Jeep Grand Cherokee for daily usage.


Installing an adjustable shock absorber is an excellent option but only a preference if you like. But the upside of using these shock absorbers is it gives you more flexibility to provide smoother rides. This shock absorber can be easily adjusted to the best height while providing excellent control in dealing with challenging terrains.

Frequently Asked Questions

best shocks for jeep grand cherokee

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Shocks on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The cost of replacing shocks for your Jeep Grand Cherokee will depend on the brand you will install on your car. Each brand has different prices while also considering the labor cost of the installation. Of course, if you install it yourself, you can save some money as it eliminates the labor cost. The average price range of replacement shocks should be around $300 to $500, while the estimated labor cost is $60 to $80. From there, you can calculate the amount of money you need to spend on replacing your shock absorber.

How Long do Shocks Last on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The general rule is that the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s shocks should last up to 50,000 to 100,000 of mileage. After that, the shock should be replaced immediately as the quality is expected to deteriorate. However, this rule does not always apply since it will all depend on the type of usage of your Jeep Wrangler. For example, if you are doing too much off-road driving, the shocks should wear faster and must be replaced once they show some signs of malfunction and ineffectiveness.


Looking for the best shock absorbers for Jeep Grand Cherokee is essential to ensure maximum comfort and smoother ride of your vehicle. Depending on how you use the vehicle, you can choose the correct shocks to fit your driving need. The most important thing is that the shock will give your more control and precision during the riding while making your car more comfortable in different road conditions.

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