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The Best Jeep Fog Lights for 2023

best jeep fog lights

Jeep owners are adventurous and fun by nature and their drives frequently encounter adverse weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow, low visibility. At times, even while driving at night through the city, several times, the headlights just aren’t enough. We could always do with some more light. That’s true for nearly everyone.

Driving at night and through other low visibility conditions can be a challenging task. One often has to squint their eyes to get a better view. Driving should not be tiring and unpleasant as it should be pleasant and enjoyable. So, how does one get more light onto the road while staying legal and not blinding oncoming traffic?

Fog lights would be your correct answer. All Jeeps should have fog light slots in their front bumpers and I have compiled a list of the best Jeep fog lights available on Amazon and highlighted their pros and cons, so you will know what you are buying exactly.

Best Jeep Fog Lights Reviews

1. Xprite CREE Chip LED Fog Lights

xprite inch led fog lights

If you are looking for a pair of replacement stock Jeep JK LED fog lights or Jeep TJ LED fog lights, then the Xprite 4 inch lights make a lot of sense. This product is equipped with CREE LED chips, which are currently one of the best quality and highest performance LEDs on the market.

Secondly, they are rated at IP67 but I did add some high heat silicone around the glass to be doubly sure that no moisture ingress into them so far.

The lights color is rated at 6000K, which is quite acceptable as these lights are mounted onto the lower part of the vehicle. Besides, there is none of that blue glare that serves little purpose except for blinding drivers going the other way and I certainly don’t want that. Hence, the Xprite 4 inch lights suit me well.

An additional good point from this item is that they are well fitted into the existing fog lights slots. So all you have to do is disconnect and uninstall the older fog lights and put in these new ones and then reconnect the wiring and enjoy the LED brightness. There is no extra wiring to be done and they function like stock while putting out more light onto the road.

Also, you can adjust the angle to be pointed towards the ground to have a straight cut off line. I just loved that it made it safe to use on the road.

The only one drawback is the lights do tend to flicker at times. In such a case, you can contact customer support to ask for a replacement set or a refund.

  • Direct replacement
  • The excellent and straight cut-off line
  • Plug and play
  • Adjustable angle
  • IP67 rated
  • Value for money
  • Responsive customer support
  • Not IP68 rated
  • Some lights may flicker

All in all, if you are looking to upgrade your stock fog lights, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something better than the Xrpite 4″.

2. AUTOANDART Fog Lights Lamps

fog lights lamps pair set replacements

AUTOANDART Fog Lights Lamps Pair Replacements for Jeep are a direct swap for your older fog lights. I found that they look and feel just like the genuine products and no one could make out the difference.

I think they make an excellent fog light and anyone wanting to keep the original looks of their Jeep should seriously consider buying a pair of these lights. They meet all OEM requirements and are very easy to install.

What I find so attractive about these lights in addition to their price is the fact that they take only about 20 minutes to install. Often as the fog lights on a Jeep get older, they tend to either yellow out or one of the clips holding them in place breaks. Now, there are several products and methods to make old lights look like new again and one of them includes getting a new pair.

Getting a pair of lights from your local Jeep dealer would be an expensive affair. Instead, I propose that you buy these AUTOANDART Fog Lights and try them out. I assure you that you will not be left feeling disappointed.

The lights come in the form of slightly warm enough to illuminate a wide range of roadside forward. These lights will not place an excessive load on your existing Jeep wiring and will save you buying and installing a harness kit. In my opinion, that is a very positive thing as it not only saves money but also time and makes the job easier and simpler.

Water ingress is a problem and that is a problem with so many aftermarket lights. Besides, this drawback can be solved easily by using some sealant, also don’t wash them with high pressure.

  • SAE stamped and OEM size
  • Good brightness
  • Pug and play
  • Water ingress – seal with sealant around the edges

OEM functioning fog lights are hard to find but the AUTOANDDART comes in and fills the gap at a very reasonable price.

3. KC HiLites 152 Apollo Pro Fog Lights

kc hilites 152 apollo pro

A pair of quality fog lights that are to be mounted additionally to the stock fog lights, the KC HiLites may not offer ease of installation or go light on the pocket but they do light up the road extremely well and I think that is more important than anything else. If you know something about installing car lights and are dying to sink your teeth into just that, then this pair is as good as any other if not more.

The design of Polymax Housing with Integrated Stone Guard is worth noting feature that makes the KC HiLites look extremely cool. The Apollo Pro series from KC has 55 Watts and 100 Watts, and they use the highest power of Halogen bulbs to produce the HiLiTES 152 so as to have a super bright light output for heavy fog conditions.

I like the way halogens work and the sort of light they put out without hurting my retina. To employ such powerful light bulbs, they do need a separate wiring harness. But KC does not skimp out on that since they provide a complete Relay Wiring Harness in the set.

The bulbs inside them are of the H3 type and replacing them isn’t too difficult. Not that they run out any time soon. A pair of these lights adorning the front bumper makes them the best fog lights for Jeep Wrangler.

The downsides to these lights are that they can only be used in situations of extreme fog and they do not discomfort others on the road. And I will say it yet again, use a good high-temperature sealant if you don’t want issues down the road (no pun intended). Wire concealment is an issue as these are made for the right side and shipped as a pair.

  • Sound build quality
  • Excellent KC after-sales support
  • Bright lights with replaceable bulbs
  • Nicely complement the headlights
  • Mounting brackets and wiring relay harness included
  • The wires may show on the left side
  • Poor adjustment of lights
  • Highly-priced – may not be suited for everyone’s needs

If you like the looks of KC and want super bright lights and don’t mind spending some money then go for these.

4. Nilight 15016F-B Led Fog Lights

nilight 15016f b led 2pcs

These ultra-thin LED light pods are meant to be installed separately on the bumper or any other place you can drill a hole and hang them any way you like. Thanks to their lightweight and adjustability, I consider them easy to install and experiment with given their price point. Hence, the price is another thing that counts in their favor.

The mounting brackets are stainless steel and so are the bolts. Also, these do have some decent seals although I would still recommend using a sealant. The color temperature is also at a decent 6000 K. All that makes me think this light has a lot of reasons going for it, not to mention the low amperage draw, which avoids installing the additional relay kit.

I can simply wire these lights along with an already existing pair of fog lights on my Jeep. I don’t need an extra harness because these NILIGHT LEDs draw only 2 amps more and the wiring can handle that. They are rated at 27 watts and are quite bright. Both bulbs have 9 LEDs each.

The shortcomings of this light are its long term reliability, but when you spend less than 20 bucks on a pair that is barely a good thing to expect. Still, most do last a while, maybe a year or more before you find anything to complain about.

  • Dirt cheap
  • Very bright
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket is quite sturdy
  • Easy to wire and don’t need a separate harness
  • Higher grade of sealing than most after-market lights
  • IP68 rated
  • Chances of condensation
  • Unenthusiastic after-sales support
  • Long term reliability is a big question

If you wish to install some LED fog lights in a place where they may be susceptible to stone chips, water, and just about most things on the road, then you surely don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Therefore, going for a pair of NILIGHT LED 4.5” is the right choice for you, and I would go as far as to say that they probably make one of the best LED fog lights for Jeep Wrangler.

5. Vouke Led Fog Lights

vouke led fog lights with halo ring

I simply cannot resist staring at a pair of beautifully lit Halo Rings (also known as Angel Eyes) and the way they make a Jeep feel. They are those white round LED circles that go around the headlamps or fog lights. They add a certain appeal to a vehicle that no other light can match. And the VOUKE offers them in a kit to replace the stock fog lights on your Jeep.

These lights are plug and play but I found certain models one has to reverse the relay harness otherwise there will be no power issue. Also, the connectors need to be spliced and connected as in case they do not fit your Jeep, but those are minor issues that can be easily solved.

The lights sure are powerful. So is the Halo Ring and it is visible from quite a distance even during the day. And that’s the first prominent feature others will notice about your Jeep as they drive down the road. The halos have their own wiring which can be run directly to the fuse box, so they come on as soon as you turn the ignition.

Water ingress is a serious issue and these lights fit only with certain models so do take the time out to compare your Jeep fog light housing design with this one. Other than these niggling issues you should generally be fine.

  • Great looking lights
  • Sufficiently bright
  • Plug and play convenience
  • Separate wiring for fog light and Halo Ring
  • Reasonable price
  • Water ingress is a serious concern at car washes
  • The Halo Ring or Angel Eye isn’t a ring but a series of smaller LED bulbs

If you are in love with Halo Rings or Angel Eyes then order yourself a pair today for the VOUKE 4” is an amazing Jeep JK LED fog light.

6. AUTOSAVER88 Fog Lights

autosaver88 fog lights for chrysler 300

Another good stock lamp replacement that should be listed is the the AUTOSAVER H10 fog light. This is a simple and neat looking product designed to slot right into the existing fog light slots on your Jeep’s front bumper.

What I like most about these is their clear lens and sleek design and the ease of installation they offer with a direct bolt-on feature, not to mention their DOT approved road legality. And there is no fidgeting or calculating the size and rating of the relay harness as you simply use the one provided by the factory.

If you are the sort of person who couldn’t be bothered with upgrades, while you cannot be too sure about and love the simplistic design that factory equipment provides, then you would to well by installing a pair of these lights. In today’s world of fancy LED lights and other accessories, it takes an above-average mind to appreciate OEM beauty.

Disadvantages include the fact that these lights do not include any fitting accessories other than a couple of clips to hold them in place. Some people may find it hardly provides the peace of mind necessary for doing such a job. The other one is that some of these bulbs tend to burn out in a few months.

Hopefully, the fact that they don’t cost an arm and a leg and come with decent seals does something to negate that.

  • Factory replacement
  • OEM fitting
  • Simplistic and clean design
  • Clear lens
  • Plug and play
  • The price is alright
  • Only two clips holding the light in place
    Some bulbs can burn out fairly quickly
    No instructions provided with the product – a 100% DIY

So, if your stock fog lights have burnt out or their lenses have faded to the point of no return, then draw your attention to this Jeep Wrangler fog light replacement.

7. BICYACO LED Fog Lights

bicyaco led fog lights with adapter ring

The BICYACO 30W LED fog lights are made using high quality LED chips although the manufacturer does not shed any further light as to the brand. Notwithstanding, these lights are well built using die-cast aluminum and can be used as a pair of passing lights if you can wrap your head around the electrical wiring of that configuration.

Most people simply use them as fog lights and I think that’s probably for the best.

These lights aren’t cheap but I do like the attention to detail and the lengths the manufacturers are willing to go to. They are sold as a pair of lights, so these come with 2 pairs of adapter rings. One pair is steel to go onto steel bumpers and the other one plastic that goes onto the plastic bumpers. In short, these lights are as Jeep Wrangler as they can get.

Ease of installation is worth writing about as it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to take the old ones off and put these on. The seals are decent and water ingress should not be an issue with the IP67 rating. Just because I said that feature, don’t overuse and test them out with a jet washer, or you will get your lights replacement sooner.

  • Good build quality
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • Attention to detail
  • Separate adapter rings for steel and plastic bumpers
  • Can be used as passing lights
  • Decent water ingress protection
  • Plug and play
  • No user instructions provided
  • Does not fit Jeep Wrangler JK
  • A bit pricier than its competitors

Undoubtedly, these lights were designed keeping the Jeep Wrangler in mind and it hardly comes as a surprise that they end up as one of the best Jeep Wrangler LED fog lights.

8. Xprite Halo Ring Cree Led Fog Lights

xprite 4 inch led fog lights

In the beginning, there were white Halo Rings appropriately labeled Angel Eyes but not everyone wanted their Jeep associated with holy things.

For some folk, their Jeep is a tough bad boy, and since no one or nothing gets worse than the Devil these things started coming out in deep red and devil green. And definitely, their nomenclature got changed to Devil Eyes or Devil Rings. Now they come in all colors and with the XPRiTE 4” you can have your pick of 5 different ones.

And don’t worry, the angels haven’t been completely obliterated. They still exist. So, in case you prefer your Halos in a white shade, you can have them that way. But there is no denying that if your Jeep is red you are better off picking the matching color of red halos and the same for green and yellow Jeeps.

If my Jeep is only white or black, then would I go for the Angel Eyes, but not many Jeeps have that color. Not many Wranglers, at least.

These do use the excellent CREE LED chips so there’s no worry of the lights not functioning any time soon and the 6000K provides the best LED color.

Of course, there is a separate connection for the Angel / Devil Eyes and though the rest of the light is plug and play, this particular part of the light is not. You will have to connect the rings to your fuse box to be used as DRL, or if you only want them on when the fog lights are on, then you can connect them to the stock wiring.

  • Choice of 5 different halo colors – white, yellow, green, red, blue
  • Separate wiring for Angel / Devil eyes to enable them as DRL
  • CREE LED chips
  • Plug and play – except for the halos
  • IP67 rated
  • Flickering can get noticeable
  • Moisture ingress

All said and done, the XPRiTE 4″ are decent Jeep LED fog lights that allow you to pick a halo color that matches with the rest of your Jeep.

9. JDM ASTAR LED Fog Light Bulbs

jdm astar 1200 lumens extremely bright

A lot of times, and I find that completely true, all I need to do is get myself a pair of Jeep fog light replacement bulbs and swap them out with the factory ones . In this way, I can get much more light onto the road without going through all the hassles of unbolting the stock lights and then popping newer ones in their place.

Of course, although this was previously possible, it wasn’t very feasible. If you opt for replacing the existing halogen bulbs with a higher wattage halogen bulbs, you will need a relay harness. The older LED replacement bulbs did not have a good throw pattern as well. That was the penalty of fitting and LED bulb into a halogen reflector.

But now that is precisely possible thanks to the newly designed LED bulbs that throw out light like a halogen bulb. And it results in a proper and effective beam that gets reflected onto the road instead of other drivers’ eyes and very often even in one’s own in adverse weather.

The JDM ASTAR is a 6000K bulb that significantly illuminates the road. I like to drive with just them on during dusk and dawn. Even during the day, I mostly keep them on to serve as a pair of DRL.

The possible downside is their build quality which doesn’t impress me much. However, as they don’t cost a lot, it is affordable to get them again in case they do wear out soon.

  • Easy and straightforward install
  • Bright
  • Saves a ton of time and effort
  • Keeps the classic stock look
  • Much cheaper than buying an OEM replacement bulb
  • Although not terrible, their throw can still blind drivers
  • Dodgy build quality

If you are looking to swap out your Jeep JK fog light bulbs, try the JDM ASTAR.

10. Alla Lighting LED Fog Light Bulbs

alla 2504 psx24w led fog light bulbs

The Jeep JK fog light is one of the most popular searches on Amazon that Jeep owners make. But my point is that in case your old bulbs have burnt out or you are looking for an upgrade, then instead of replacing the entire assembly why not invest that money in replacing or upgrading – to be more precise – your bulb?

It makes sense to quite a degree to not go through all that trouble. LED bulbs do not draw a lot of power. Yet they can throw out a lot of light without straining the factory wiring that was meant to handle a certain amount of amperage draw.

Hence, I suggest you consider this option and see whether the ALLA LED fog light replacement bulbs interests you. These bulbs are well made and do not flicker as some other LED lights tend to. They are also IP67 rated to provide an extra layer of protection.

It is also worth noting that these are super bright white light, so it is amazing to employ at night or in heavy fog weather. Also, with 360-degree angles light output, it will keep you safe as provides total observe on the forward road as well as on either side of the vehicle.

ALLA has used aviation aluminum material which accentuates cooling and allows for longer working hours. Upon testing, I fund these lights much cooler than the halogen ones my Jeep came with. Not only do they disperse lesser heat, they are also brighter. So, if you find your stock halogen fog lights a bit dim, I suggest you swap them out with these and notice the difference for yourself.

Another unique feature of the ALLA LED bulbs is the fact that they emit light from 6 different sides. Most other LED bulbs available on the market give out light only from two sides. This makes the ALLA LED replacement bulbs stand out as they give a perfect beam pattern and make use of the halogen reflector perfectly!

A drawback is that it won’t turn off quickly after usage, and this could disturb others.

  • Easy and simple install
  • Bright and well built
  • IP67 rated
  • Take less than 5 minutes to change out the bulbs
  • Preserves the original look which many find classy
  • The afterglow can last a long time (10 – 20 minutes) after you turn them off
  • Some bulbs may burn out quickly

Like all products, this product has things going for it and going against it. The important thing is to decide whether this fits your make and model or it suits your needs and budget.

What to Look for When Buying Jeep Fog Lights?


best fog lights for jeep wrangler

Fog lights these days come in all sorts of shapes and configurations. They can either be direct bulb replacements for the stock fog lights or complete replacements. Besides, they can also be mounted on or under the front bumper and the back bumper to warn traffic behind you in times of adverse visibility conditions.


Needless to say, the manufacturer is perhaps the biggest thing to look for when purchasing fog lights for your Jeep. Try to go with the more reputed ones if your budget allows you. Also, if going to LED fog lamps, go for the ones which use LED chips made by CREE® or OSRAM®.

Product Range

All serious manufacturers try to launch a wide variety of products, which enables them to grab a bigger share of the market for themselves. The problem in going with manufacturers who buck this trend is often the availability of spares.

The Product Package

A decent fog light is often sold as a pair with excellent packing to enable safe shipping. Also, other items such as a user guide or instruction card or booklet, mounting accessories, etc. are provided.

Although most fog light replacement kits and bulbs do not require an additional wiring harness. Some fog lights will need them, being a result of a higher amperage draw than the stock wiring can handle. Always check and consult a professional if not sure.

Your Jeep Make and Model

Jeeps make and year models might differ slightly. So, always check compatibility before ordering. Talk to the sellers and/or manufacturers and get in touch with them. Measure your Jeep lights and slots and refer to the owner’s manual. Doing this lowers your chances of ending up with ill-fitting products and saves you the trouble of going through the process over and over.

Types of Lights

Jeep fog lights are sold as replacement halogen bulbs, replacement LED bulbs, replacement kits (halogen or LED) that slot into stock bumpers, or as lights that need to be mounted separately somewhere onto the bumper.

LED lights may consume lesser power and give out more brightness but they aren’t as good as halogens when it comes to penetrating through smog, smoke, rain, dust particles, etc. Very often, their beam patterns are all over the place, especially the cheaper ones. Hence, check and decide what you need before ordering.

Lumen Output and Wattage

Lumen is the amount of light given out by the bulb and wattage is the total power it takes to make that occur. Although it might sound simple, one has to take both factors into account when doing the wiring, etc.

Fit in a lamp that draws more amperage than the stock wiring can handle and you may end up with a fire hazard. Use a voltmeter and write down your calculations and go over them before you finish the job.

IP rating

IP stands for Ingress Protection. Most fog lights these days come with either an IP67 or IP68 rating and that makes them waterproof. But as with any lighting or electrical fixture, it is a good idea not to expose them to direct jets of water or keep them submerged in water for a long time.

Size and Number of Lights You Need

Fog lights are mostly fitted in pairs so that takes care of the number of lights that you need. In case you do decide to go for additional fog lights then ordering them as a pair is a good idea. It not only shows you more of the road but also does not confuse other drivers as to the type of vehicle you are driving.

As far as size goes, check the owner’s manual if you intend to order replacement bulbs. In case of replacement light kits, check with the seller if that particular model is compatible with your Jeep make and year. Measure to be doubly sure.

For example, if you own a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, don’t just simply buy a product titled Jeep Wrangler Unlimited fog lights. Do a little research. Go through the trouble of at least looking and comparing your fog light assemblies with the ones being sold. Read the reviews and see what people have to say about them.

Warranty and After-Sales Services

All good manufacturers provide warranties but since you often order the lights on Amazon, it gets trickier to contact and get after-sales services from manufacturers who may be sitting thousands of miles away in another continent. Hence, always use good platforms to purchase your lights. That way, you can still have peace of mind in case something goes wrong.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is a Jeep fog light?

A Jeep fog light is a pair of auxiliary lamps in the front section of your Jeep that is mounted low and integrated into the bumper. It is mounted that way to provide extra visibility, not shine back into your eyes or cause problems for oncoming drivers.

They are very good at cutting through smog, fog, rain, snow, etc. and even in normal driving conditions augment the main headlamps nicely.
These light are smaller than the headlamps and often come in round shapes only, although they have now started to appear in various shapes to compliment the looks of the vehicle.

How Does it Work?

A fog light works by throwing out a strong light out onto the road for a short distance. This light penetrates various particles in the atmosphere that may hamper clear visibility.

Fog lights can be installed in several places but the best option is to put them in their intended place so that they can serve their intended purpose. All Jeeps come with fog lights that install into the bumper. Even if yours does not have fog lights, chances are it will have slots in the bumper to install a pair.

Who is This for?

A fog light is for all Jeep owners. Although meant for driving through fog, fog lights can be used in everyday driving as they shine extra light onto the road. Additionally, not causing any distress or discomfort to anyone else using the road. Moreover, they make for perfect DRL (daytime running lights) and increase the visibility of your Jeep to other drivers during the day.

What are The Different Types of Jeep Fog Lights?

jeep jk fog light bulbs

The types of Jeep fog lights are categorized as follows:

Fog Light Direct Replacement Halogen Bulb

This halogen bulb fits into an already existing fog light onto your Jeep with no extra fittings. Refer to the owner’s manual to know more about the procedure. This bulb gives out a traditional yellow light.

Fog Light Direct Replacement Led Bulb

This LED bulb fits into an already existing fog light onto your Jeep with no extra fittings. Refer to the owner’s manual to know more about the procedure. This bulb gives out a white light. Bear in mind that in case this light is very bright and/or with a poorly designed beam pattern, it may result in you getting pulled over. Only use such LED bulbs off-road or in fog and not during routine driving.

Fog Light Direct Replacement Extra-powerful Halogen Bulb With Relay

This halogen bulb fits into an already existing fog light onto your Jeep but requires you to wire in a relay harness (which may or may not be provided along with the bulb) so you don’t end up frying your stock wiring. Refer to the owner’s manual and the instructions provided. Consult a professional if necessary.

This bulb gives out a traditional yellow light but is significantly brighter. Slight discoloration of the plastic around the bulb may occur but it will not constitute a risk.

Fog Light Direct Replacement Extra-powerful Led Bulb With Led Driver And Relay

This LED bulb fits into an already existing fog light onto your Jeep but requires you to wire in the LED drivers (provided) and a relay harness (may or may not be provided). Refer to the owner’s manual and the instructions provided. Consult a professional if necessary.

This bulb gives out a white light and is significantly brighter. No discoloration or heat worries as the bulb will not get very hot. Use these lights only in heavy fog or when off-road.

Stock Replacement Fog Light With Housing And Halogen Bulb

This needs you to replace your entire stock fog lights with housing. It does not need you to tamper with the electrical wiring. Refer to the instructions provided. Consult a professional if necessary.

This bulb gives out a traditional yellow light.

Stock Replacement Fog Light With Housing And Led Bulb (Without Led Projector)

This needs you to replace your entire stock fog lights with housing. It does not need you to tamper with the electrical wiring. Refer to the instructions provided. Consult a professional if necessary.

This bulb gives out a white light. This light may be illegal in your state.

Stock Replacement Fog Light With Housing And Led Bulb (With Led Projector)

This needs you to replace your entire stock fog lights with housing and does not need your to tamper with the electrical wiring. Refer to the instructions provided. Consult a professional if necessary.

This bulb gives out a white light. This light is perfectly legal as long as it is not pointed upwards into the eyes of oncoming drivers. Check the cut out by positioning your Jeep against a wall in the dark.

Separate Halogen Fog Light

This mounts as an extra fog light onto your front or rear bumper in addition to the existing ones and will need a wiring harness kit.

This bulb gives out a traditional yellow light. In all probability, these should be legal unless mounted in a way that blinds oncoming traffic.

Separate Led Fog Light

This mounts as an extra fog light onto your front or rear bumper in addition to the existing ones and will need a wiring harness kit.

This bulb gives out a white light. In all probability, these will be illegal, especially if they blind oncoming traffic. However, if these lights have projectors, then they should be legal. Check your state laws and sensibly mount them.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fog Lights for Jeep Wrangler

  • Nicely augment main headlamps and increase visibility
  • Most are either straightforward replacements or simple installs
  • Increase your visibility to other drivers and improves safety
  • Less stress on the eyes while driving
  • Increase value and aesthetic appeal of your Jeep
  • A wide range from low-cost products to high-end products available
  • An increased amount of glare if mounted high and/or not angled correctly
  • Cheaper LED lights will blind oncoming drivers
  • LED lights without projectors may be illegal in your state

Frequently Asked Questions


What are The Most Trusted Polarized Jeep Fog Lights Brands?

Hella, Nilight, KC, Yitamotor, Turbo SII, Black Oak, Rigid, Whelen, and Federal Signal are some of the most trusted and reputed Jeep fog light brands.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that all their products are trouble-free and provide the highest amount of satisfaction for the least amount of money, but generally speaking, you are better off sticking with them instead of trying out some newbie’s product.

As far as the budget goes, the like of Hella, KC, etc. will obviously charge you more. But there are some Jeep owners out there who buy cheaper products and change them out every couple of years or so. Their reason for doing so? They are serious off-roaders who bump their auxiliary lamps and often bust them out. It makes more sense of breaking cheaper products than it does breaking expensive ones.

How to Turn on Jeep Wrangler Fog Lights?

Turning on Jeep Wrangler fog lights is very simple.

On the same stalk from where you turn on the headlights, you will see a symbol for fog lights on the tip. To turn on the fog lights, suggested your parking or pilot lamps must be on. Turn them on. Then pull the tip with the marking of the fog lights towards the arrow. The stalk will extend slightly and you will hear a click. Also, the fog light symbol on the dash will get illuminated.

How to Install and Use?

Installing Jeep fog lights will depend upon what type of lights you have purchased. If you have purchased replacement halogen or LED bulbs that do not need LED drivers, then simply refer to the owner’s manual and locate the fog lights. Then take out their covers and pull out the bulbs. Replace with new ones and secure them back in place and close the covers.

Now, if you purchase replacement bulbs with a significantly higher rating, then you will need a relay harness or LED drivers in case of LED bulbs.

In that case, remove the stock wiring and connect it to the new relay harness or the LED drivers. Fit in the bulbs into the holders. Secure the LED drivers or the relay harnesses using zip ties to ensure safety and dryness. Close the fog lights and test them out. Follow instructions provided or consult a professional.

In case of replacement kits, you will first need to disconnect the battery, take out the original fog lights by unscrewing them and popping them out after the wiring has been unplugged. Then install the new kits and see that they fit snug. Use additional mounting clips or screws to hold them in place. Then reconnect the wiring. In case of special harnesses or LED drivers that need to be installed, use zip ties to secure and appropriate electrical connectors to ensure proper connection.

Remember to use common sense, not rush the job and check and recheck everything with a multimeter. Then take your jeep for a test drive and go through some bumps to ensure nothing is loose.

Where to Buy?

Either go to a trusted store like Walmart, Lowes, etc. or any auto-part store in your area that stands behind the goods that they sell or use e-platforms such as Amazon or eBay. Or consult your mechanic if you know a good one and have been using him for some years. Talk to other Jeep owners and check out Jeep forums online. Don’t use shady websites or sellers who might offer a better price but will be nowhere to be found in case something occurs.

What is The Warranty?

Do check out warranty before purchase. Most makers give a year of warranty at the least. Good manufacturers will provide longer warranties and will stand by them. Of course, keep in mind that there is no warranty in case of faulty or incorrect installation and no one will give you a replacement in case your lights go flying out at 90 miles per hour.

How to Care and Clean?

Calcium, rust, and paint-flaking are the things to look out for the most. In certain areas, salting may occur but that usually does not affect plastic components and bulbs that are sealed should not have problems.

Use a damp cloth to clean and never wash them with a jet spray pointed directly towards your fog lights.


The best Jeep fog lights not only provide extra lighting, but they also enhance the looks and increase the value of your Jeep. They aren’t just safety equipment but also cosmetic. And remember that in addition to good make comes good installation and mounting along with good electrical work and neatness.

So, follow all steps, pick the product that suits you the most, and let the extra amount of light make your journey smoother and more comfortable.

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