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The Best Jacks for Jeep Wrangler for 2023

best jack for jeep wrangler

There will be moments in driving your Jeep Wrangler that the tires might malfunction in the middle of the road. It may happen on a regular road or on an off-road path at any moment of the day. This minor vehicle issue is why it is essential to be prepared all the time, particularly in having a floor jack for Jeep Wrangler. Having this tool in your trunk ensures that you are always ready if the need to replace your tire or fix your vehicle in the middle of the road is a must.

But what are the best jack for Jeep Wrangler? Our team practically tested several jacks available in the market to find the top jack for a wrangler. From there, we gathered information related to each of the products, such as features and functionalities. We also ask other Jeep Wrangler owners about their feedback related to their jack selection. The testing process results lead us to recommend ten outstanding jack stands as we intend to help other Jeep owners select the right one for their vehicle.

Best Jacks for Jeep Wrangler Reviews

1. Hi-Lift Jack HL604 Cast Steel Jack

hi-lift jack hl604 cast steel jack

A spare tire is essential if you own a vehicle, but a jack should be the next vital necessity that should be included in your maintenance truck. Without the jack, there is no way that a vehicle owner can lift the car off the ground which is essential in doing maintenance activities such as replacing tires. One of those Jeep Wrangler high lift jack suited for your vehicle is this product from Hi-Lift, a durable and reliable jack for the maintenance of your Jeep.

One of the outstanding features of this product is its excellent durability and toughness. This tool is one of the best jacks for lifted Jeep and is constructed with a mixture of four high-strength steel components and cast elements. It also comes with a highly durable and reliable handle and socket made of cast and stamped steel parts ensuring quality and longevity in usage.

Another feature of this product is the safety it brings to the user. This jack for Jeep Wrangler is equipped with a shear bolt which helps in preventing the jack from being used on heavier loads greater than 7000 pounds. It also comes with information stickers which I feel is very creative on the part of the manufacture to remind the user to prioritize safety all the time constantly. This information includes rated load details and operation instructions on the handle.

Physically, this product is lightweight and easy to use, but you will be impressed by its weight capacity despite its lightness. In fact, this jack offers a rated load capacity of around 4660 pounds or about 2114 kilograms and a tested load capacity of 7,000 pounds or 3175 kilograms. For me, this is an excellent capacity that should help Jeep Wrangler owners when doing maintenance repair of their vehicle.

I also like the versatility of this product. This heavy-duty jack can lift other heavy objects apart from your vehicle. Actually, you can use it on different activities that need tools for heavy lifting, and with its extra lifting capacity, it should be able to do a lot of jobs apart from lifting your Jeep Wrangler.

  • Built with durability with its high-steel stamp and cast steel components
  • It comes with a shear bolt which prevents the jack from carrying more load to enhance safety
  • Constructed with a highly durable and reliable handle and socket
  • Includes safety information stickers to remind users to practice safety precautions all the time
  • It can be used on different types of applications
  • Subpar coating

This product is an excellent addition to your vehicle tool kit. It’s heavy-duty and comes with a lot of durability and toughness. It also provides versatility when it comes to its usage, especially in doing other lifting tasks apart from lifting the Jeep Wrangler.

2. Alltrade Powerbuilt 640407 Bottle Jack

alltrade powerbuilt 640407 bottle jack

Your Jeep Wrangler needs a jack that can carry the weight of your vehicle when you will lift it to do maintenance, repairs, and tire replacements. Sometimes, the vehicle’s weight may be too much for a floor jack; hence looking for a suitable replacement is necessary. With that said, this bottle jack from Alltrade is an excellent option for lifting your Jeep Wrangler and do some maintenance repairs easily.

One of the outstanding features of this vehicle maintenance tool is its overwhelming weight capacity and lifting range. This product is a 6-ton bottle jack that also comes with a strong forged iron saddle and a lifting range of 7 ⅞ inches to 15 ½ inches. It also comes with a storage case, making it easy for you to keep it once the jack is not in use.

Another feature that stands out is the durability and toughness it brings once use to your Jeep Wrangler. This jack is built with a dependable cast iron handle socket which adds durability and toughness to the overall structure of the product. Also, there is an oversized cast iron-based that is built to prevent this tool from tipping. Meanwhile, you will only need to turn the precision pin style release valve to lower the jack quickly once the task is done.

This bottle jack is also an excellent option when low clearance is an issue. If you are dealing with limited vertical clearance, you can slip this jack under while extending the screw top to make contact before doing the actual jacking. The best thing about this jack is it will hold the hydraulic pressure long enough to give you the time to do what needs to be done on your maintenance activity. If other taller bottle jacks have a problem with clearance, this product will fit easily.

Overall, this is a well-made jack that provides value with its excellent construction. This product will lift precisely as it could, especially in your Jeep Wrangler. It also comes with a thick heavy powder coat paint and is heavy-duty overall.

  • Built with a heavy-duty cast iron base to prevent tipping
  • Excellent construction provides a durable lift
  • It comes with a storage case
  • Design with strong forged iron saddle lifts to provide excellent lifting range
  • It comes with a precision pin style release valve
  • Subpar handle

This bottle jack is perfect for Jeep owners looking for reliability and dependability. This product is an excellent alternative for hi-lift jack and offers excellent weight capacity and lifting range to ensure superior performance.

3. Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack

powerbuilt 620471 unijack

Using the right jack is essential should you need to lift your Jeep Wrangler for maintenance purposes. However, many types of jacks can be used on the vehicle, and each of them comes with various features and functionalities. There is a floor jack for lifted Jeep, the best bottle jack for Jeep Wrangler, and many more. A jack must also be supported with an excellent Jeep Wrangler jack stand placement to ensure safety to the user.

However, a product combines a hydraulic bottle jack and a jack stand into one single tool. The Powerbuilt Unijack is unique and different from the first product I reviewed earlier with its built-in features and functionalities. It features the combination of a jack stand and a hydraulic bottle jack in a single unit which effectively eliminates the need to acquire a separate jack stand.

This hydraulic jack is solidly built and works as expected. It has the ability to safely lift your Jeep Wrangler easily as it comes with a wide flat base that adds stability as it reduces the sinking on softer surfaces. Also, this jack is easy to handle as it comes with different set points where the highest point of the extension fits nicely on high axle tubes. Closing the valve and jacking up one side of the axle will let you remove the tire easily.

In terms of safety, this jack for Jeep Wrangler was built with safety the topmost priority. In fact, it is made with a safety bar that automatically locks the unit desired height. The height range of this jack is from 11 to 21 inches. In addition, it also comes with an innovative design that enables the jack to safely lift the vehicle while holding it securely in a single lift point. The flat and concave lifting surfaces also accommodate a wide variety of lift points.

This jack for Jeep Wrangler is also very compact in its size and is very light. Should you plan to use it as your only jack, you will need to measure your vehicle’s ground clearance at the jacking point. I am sure you will be surprised by the height of your vehicle, which is actually so low. But, with this product, you will no longer need to carry jack stands when doing maintenance things as this jack can already do it aside from lifting the vehicle.

  • Combines the functionalities of a jack and a jack stand
  • Built with a wide flat base for stability and its ability not to sink on a soft surface
  • Made with a safety bar that locks the unit’s desired height
  • It eliminates the need for a jack stand
  • Light and portable
  • Difficult to remove from the vehicle

This product will enable you to have a higher lift jack for your lifted Jeep Wrangler. This tool can lift both the front of the wheels off the ground using the axle. It is a product with an excellent design that should be used for tire rotations or removing them while on the road.

4. Ark Motoring Farm Off-Road High Lift Jack

ark motoring farm off-road high lift jack

Jacks are designed to raise your vehicle but not to hold it. The holding part is for the jack stands, which is also an essential part of lifting the Jeep Wrangler. Meanwhile, there are many types of jacks such as floor jack, bottle jack, scissor jack, high-lift jack, and many more. The high-lift jack, in particular, can lift the chassis up, and it can be a stabilizer in challenging road conditions. One of the most impressive high-lift jacks for a Jeep Wrangler is this product from Motoring Farm, which is known for having a huge weight capacity.

The primary purpose of this product is to provide an excellent weight capacity and maximum height in lifting your vehicle. This jack for Jeep Wrangler features 6600 lbs with a maximum height of up to 40.6 inches. Also, the rated load is up to 5000 lbs. In addition, this product is a multi-directional jack and is built to be used vertically or horizontally.

Another purpose of this product is to provide a tough and durable high-lift jack for your vehicle. This product is constructed with a mixture of heavy-duty cast and steel components which are known for their premium strength and durability. Also, the surface of this high-lift jack comes with a powder-coating finish which makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. But, I also suggest lubricating the jack from time to time to maintain its optimal condition.

You will also be impressed with the design of this product. For one, the handle comes with a rubberized grip on the handle to provide comfort and a stronger hold. It also comes with a lifting arm that can be adjusted to any position on the upright by using a ratcheting design to have a controlled lift. Meanwhile, there is also a wide and thick base which provides additional stability.

Overall, this jack for Jeep Wrangler is perfect for several functions, including jacking up your Jeep Wrangler and other car equipment. This tool can also be used on other activities such as pulling wood and steel fence posts.

  • Built with heavy-duty cast and steel construction
  • It comes with a thick and wide base that enhanced its stability
  • With a rubberized grip on the handle to provide comfort and excellent hold
  • It comes with an easy-adjusted lifting arm to give a more controlled lift
  • Built with a fast lifting mechanism ensures speed and safety
  • Design with durable materials
  • Stiffness when lowering the jack

This product is an excellent addition to your Jeep Wrangler. It is easy to use, and the high lift will allow you to lift even those lifted Jeep. It also comes with excellent quality and is built with premium materials to ensure durability and toughness.

5. Sunex 6602LP Low Rider Steel Service Jack

sunex 6602lp low rider steel service jack

We cannot underestimate the importance of a jack to your Jeep Wrangler. I mean, apart from your spare tire, the jack is also a must-have in your vehicle, especially when doing maintenance and tire replacement. A jack uses the power of hydraulics to lift a part of a car, but you also need to be familiar with the different types and weight ratings. One of the jack types is a floor jack coming from Sunex Low Tools, which is known for using advanced technology to lift your Jeep Wrangler with ease.

A Jeep owner like you needs a floor jack to help you raise the vehicle in the air and perform your maintenance activities. And this task can be easily done using the so-called Rapid Rise technology with double pistons achieves the maximum height of 24 inches in just 6.5 pumps. This product also comes with a quick-release handle that provides extra leverage to the user for easy usage. The handle can also be stored easily in any small place.

In terms of its quality, this product is well-built, and you can really see in every detail that the construction is top-notched. You can see the thickness of the steel and the solid form of the quick-disconnect button. The paint is smooth, and there were no sharp edges or even poor-quality stampings. Also, all the welds on the different parts of the jack look impressive, which shows its quality.

You will also love the design of this Jeep Wrangler. The low profile fits under any type of vehicle apart from the Jeep Wrangler. The ultra-low body design gives the jack a minimum height of 2.75 inches. It can also reach up to the maximum height of 24 inches which is ideal for SUVs and trucks. I also like the large flat, which is at 4 inches is very sturdy.

I was also impressed that the handle stays in place, and there is no separate valve to be used in lowering the vehicle down. All you need to do is twist the handle right to secure and left to release. It also comes with a releasing mechanism that provides accuracy so that you will not need to twist it halfway, and the vehicle drops quickly.

  • Built with low profile design that can fit easily with lowered vehicles
  • It comes with a quick-release handle to provide extra leverage and convenience
  • Well-built and rolls easily
  • Built with quick-lift features until the pad makes contact
  • Very smooth motion
  • Heavy
  • Storage can be difficult with its size

This product is an excellent jack for Jeep Wrangler, especially if you have a space that can fit the floor jack to your vehicle. For a Jeep Wrangler, you can indeed find a space for this massive jack since it will be helpful in case of emergency while you are on the road.

6. YIYITOOLS JJ-1-001 Farm Steel Floor Jack

yiyitools jj-1-001 farm steel floor jack

Owning a Jeep Wrangler can give you a lot of choices on your travel, particularly in doing off-road activities. Its four-wheel-drive feature is handy in navigating difficult off-road paths and terrain. In doing off-road activities, there will be a time that the vehicle will be stuck in the mud and soft ground. In this situation, you will need recovery tools that can be placed under the wheel, such as this jack from Yiyitools.

One of the upsides of using this product is having a durable and tough high-lift jack for your Jeep Wrangler. It is built with a mix of cast components and four premium strength stamped steel components that provide durability and strength. It is also made with a two-piece handle and socket, ensuring durability and reliability.

Another upside of using this farm jack has a safe-link mechanism that prevents abuse, misuse and makes the operation safer. This product is built with a fast lifting mechanism that ensures the safety and excellent lifting speed. Meanwhile, the lifting arm can be adjusted to any position on the upright using a ratcheting design to allows you a more control lift. Also, this jack comes with a wide and thick base which provides stability during the lifting process.

This jack for Jeep Wrangler can also be used on other applications apart from lifting your vehicle. It also comes with two pins that simultaneously lock into place to ensure it will not suddenly fall down. The handle also provides a lot of leverage to provide easy lifting, and the corner of the miter saw station.

However, I see some drawbacks from using this product: I saw poor casting on some parts of this farm jack. I also saw a bent in the ratcheting pin on the bottom end of the jack. But, I feel that these are just minor issues that the manufacturer can easily correct.

  • Built with an excellent positive ratcheting mechanism
  • It comes with a rubberized grip on the handle to provide superior hold and comfort
  • Provides easy setting and disengaging at the proper height
  • The fast lifting mechanism ensures lifting speed and safety
  • Built with a thick wide base to ensure stability
  • Direction control can be easily changed
  • Poor casting on some parts
  • Bent ratcheting pin at the bottom

Overall, this farm jack is absolutely a beast with its superior quality and reliability. I am recommending this product to Jeep owners who are very active in driving off the road. This farm jack can help particularly in helping you remove when your vehicle is stuck in mud or soft grounds.

7. BIG RED T91003B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack

big red t91003b torin hydraulic welded bottle jack

Jack and even jack stands are not only for changing tires of your Jeep Wrangler. Having a jack or a jack stands for lifted Jeep can also convert space in an automotive workshop easily giving mechanics the ability to do maintenance and repairs of your vehicle. In other words, this tool is handy and durable for your Jeep Wrangler. All you need to do is look for a brand that is best suited for your vehicle, such as this bottle jack from Big Red.

One of the upsides of using this product is the construction quality that enables this jack for Jeep Wrangler to provide durability and toughness when used in your vehicle. This bottle jack for lifted Jeep is engineered and welded through a drop forged aluminum steel construction, resulting in quality and durability. The welded construction from the inside and the outside and the steel construction will help prevent leakage and enhance its durability and toughness.

Another upside of using this maintenance tool is its easy-usage feature, enabling users to use it easily. It is built with a high-quality glide-action pressure pump which is made to be used with minimal effort to make it easy for the user. It also has a built-in oil bypass and overload valve, protecting the hydraulic system from extending over its limit. The hydraulics are also supported by a premium oil which provides corrosion resistance and temperature flexibility.

Also, this product works well even with its compact design. But, as a reminder, you will need to store the bottle jack upright for you not to lose the fluid. In addition, when using the bottle jack for the first time, it is essential to use the “first time use” instructions. These instructions will tell you to remove excess air from the hydraulic jack formed during the shipping. This amount of air tends to inhibit the function of the jack if not removed.

Lastly, the top of the jack, which is the checkered part is an extension. All you have to do is twist counterclockwise to get an additional two to three inches. However, the only drawback in having this jack is the difficulty in releasing the pressure. It will be hard if your hand is slippery or greasy.

  • With excellent weight capacity and lifting range
  • Built with a saddle that provides excellent grip and lifting area
  • Outstanding construction using alloyed steel to ensure quality and durability
  • Design to lift with minimal effort
  • With oil bypass and overload valve protects the jack from extending beyond its limits
  • Subpar handle

This product is well-built and easy to use. The compact size also means that it is easy to carry and picks up in your Jeep. It will provide an excellent job in lifting your Jeep Wrangler while having superior stability and exceptional versatility.

8. CPROSP Scissor Jack

cprosp scissor jack

The jack is often confused with the jack stands when it comes to their respective usage. The jack lifts the vehicle while the jack stands don’t. The jack stand provides safe and fixed support when you lift the vehicle through the jack. When it comes to the jack, there are many types to choose from, and one of them is this product from CPROSP, which is known for its usage and labor-saving style.

Compared to the other products I reviewed earlier, this jack for Jeep Wrangler is different and unique. Firstly, this is a scissor jack which is completely different from the additional jacks we have reviewed and mention earlier in this article. Also, this jack can quickly and easily adjust to the height of your vehicle. This scissor jack comes with a handly hand crank and a smooth running spindle, making it easier to change your vehicle’s tire even if you do not have the experience doing it.

This product also comes with an expanding base area that helps increase the contact area on the ground. This feature will make the jack more stable and not easy to tilt during lifting. Also, there is a rotating 360° card slot that provides more flexible alignment. Another feature that stands out is the portability and easy storage. This jack for Jeep Wrangler is easy to fold and easy to keep, and will not take too much space when it is kept.

Meanwhile, remember that this maintenance tool is thin enough to fit on the very end of the jacking point. Meaning, it will allow just enough room for jack stands to fit on the other end of the jacking point. I feel that the jack base is very narrow, and it will be great if you reinforced it with jack stands before going under for maintenance and repair. Nevertheless, this product is very sturdy, easy to raise or release using the ratchet or the air tool.

Overall, this product comes in excellent design. The inclusion of the ratchet tool provides enough torque to turn the bolt on the jack and quickly raise your vehicle. Although I feel that this does not replace a premium quality floor jack, this product is still an excellent jack if you are looking for portability and lightness. This tool will lift your vehicle quickly using the ratchet, and even your girlfriend or wife can do the lifting with ease.

  • Built with labor-saving design for easy usage
  • It comes with thickened steel to provide more security
  • Design with extra-large base for more stable support
  • With 360° rotating card slot which offers flexible alignment
  • Easy to fold and carry for easy storage
  • Needs jack stand for additional support

This jack for Jeep Wrangler is an excellent fit for Jeep owners looking for a light and portable jack for their vehicle. This product is sturdy and comes with a compact design that easily stores it inside the vehicle. The ratchet lever is an excellent addition to make it easy for you to lift the vehicle.

9. Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack

smittybilt 2722 universal trail jack

When it comes to driving off-road with your Jeep Wrangler, it is normal for you to get stuck and buried in mud or soft ground. In this situation, you will need a maintenance tool that can help you get out the problem. One of these tools is this trail jack from Smittybilt, which is known for offering excellent standards in all its vehicle maintenance products.

The primary purpose of this product is to provide a premium quality jack for every Jeep Wrangler owner who is active in doing off-road driving. This maintenance tool is built and engineered to meet all the high standards set by the motor industry. It provides excellent durability and matches the fit and function of the OE products. Every jack coming out of the market is being tested in different conditions to ensure dependability and reliability.

Another purpose of this product is to provide a jack that is built with durability and toughness. This vehicle maintenance tool is constructed with solid cast steel and finished in durable powder coating. Also, the hardware is zinc plated, while the handle is made of steel, ensuring durability and longevity. The synthetic rubber handle also provides comfort and grip to make it easy to use during the vehicle’s lifting.

Physically, this product comes in excellent quality and is well built. There might be the need to trim the base plate for you to fit the rack, but this situation was never an issue. This jack can lift the Jeep with ease straight out of the box. I also like its sturdiness and easy usage, but the best thing is that it can be used in many applications. Just a reminder, it is essential for you to oil the mechanism to keep it in tip-top shape.

In terms of flexibility, this is also a good handyman jack where you can use it in different applications. But if you use this jack frequently, you will need some lock tight to tighten the bolt on the side that holds the mechanism up and down. You will just need to tighten it enough for the lever to still moves.

  • Built with a synthetic rubber handle to provide grip and comfort
  • It comes with a large base and adjustable connector clamp
  • Constructed with solid cast steel to ensure durability
  • With removable handle
  • Zinc plated
  • A bit heavy

This product is for Jeep Wrangler owners looking for an excellent off-road jack. This jack is built to be used off the road and help the Jeep owners get out when the vehicle needs to be lifted. The tool also provides impressive quality and reliability when used off the road.

10. Pro-LifT T-9456 Grey Scissor Jack

pro-lift t-9456 grey scissor jack

The best thing about the scissor jack is its compact size, lightness, and easy storage. These three factors are the reason why scissor back is popular and is often used in a garage or carrying it on the vehicle. And one of the more popular scissor jack you can use during emergencies and tire replacement is this product from Pro-Lift. This tool is the perfect product you need in doing vehicle maintenance, particularly your Jeep Wrangler.

I really like the simplicity of this scissor jack. Nothing special, but it gets the job done with ease. It goes up and down smoothly and holds the vehicle well. The compact design and the lightness will make it easy for you to carry this tool in your Jeep Wrangler. It also comes with an extra-wide base that provides stability on the ground.

This jack will work precisely as expected and is a good jack for emergencies when you are driving with your Jeep Wrangler. You can also use some support such as jack stands to keep you safe while doing maintenance repairs. This product is also sturdier, stable, and more economical compared to other similar scissor jacks.

I am also impressed by the capacity of this jack in carrying your vehicle during a maintenance repair. The lifting range is 3 ¾ inches to 15 ⅛ inches which should be enough to lift your vehicle. Meanwhile, the rated weight capacity is three thousand pounds which should be enough to carry your Jeep Wrangler, provided that a jack stand should support it to keep you away from harm.

Apart from liking this product with how it works, I also like the dimensions as it greatly fits the profile of your Jeep Wrangler. There are also adapters for the screw mechanisms that allow you to use an impact wrench to raise or lower the jack quickly. This feature will help in making it easy for you to lift the vehicle.

  • Built with extra-base for extra stability
  • Excellent lifting range of up to 15 inches
  • With 3000 pounds rated capacity
  • Compact size and light, which means easy to transport and store
  • Unique handle design provides tremendous leverage
  • It needs a jack stand for support

Overall, this is an excellent all-around jack that can be used not only for your Jeep Wrangler but also for different purposes. It is perfect for emergencies and should have a place in your maintenance toolbox. This product is highly recommended for anyone looking for a reliable and trusted jack for Jeep Wrangler.

What to Look For When Buying a Jack for your Jeep Wrangler
best bottle jack for jeep wrangler

In terms of selection, for sure, you will be overwhelmed by the available choices presented in front of you when buying a jack for your vehicle. This situation will make it difficult for you to choose the right one for your vehicle. With that said, we compiled a list of different factors to consider in choosing the right jack for your Jeep Wrangler. Knowing these factors is essential to lessen the hassle of selecting the right one for your vehicle.

Weight Capacity

This factor is very important when it comes to choosing the jack for your Jeep Wrangler. Of course, you want to have a jack that can lift your vehicle with ease, and this should be your primary concern in buying a jack. Since all jack comes with a specific weight capacity, the amount of weight they can bear must be more than the weight of your vehicle.

Most of the jacks’ weight capacity is stated in tons, so you will need to convert the weight into pounds to make it easy to compare it with your vehicle. Ideally, I suggest using a jack that has a higher weight capacity rating compared to the weight of your Jeep Wrangler to make sure that it is safe to use.

Lift Range

The lift range is the minimum and maximum height that a jack can lift when raising your Jeep Wrangler. Different jacks come with a lifting capacity, but you need to make sure that the jack must reach and lift your vehicle with ease. If you own a large vehicle such as the Jeep Wrangler, it is ideal to look for a higher lift range to allow you to have enough leverage in raising the vehicle.

Construction Quality

The primary requirement of the jack is to withstand the pressure created when raising the vehicle. So, you must look for a jack with an excellent construction process, particularly in the materials being used. My suggestion is to look for a jack that is constructed with solid cast steel as it offers more durability and toughness compared to aluminum or welded products.

You will also need to look for the finishing of the surface of the jack. Zinc-plater surfaces or powder-coated finishes are recommendable processes that will last the surface coating longer than expected. Powder-coated surfaces are also known for their water resistance.
Additional Features

You might also look at the other features that a particular product gives to you as a user. For example, if a jack provides you an excellent handle that provides enough leverage with, grip, and comfort to make it easy for you to lift the vehicle, then consider the product as your top priority. Our review even features a jack that comes with an extra ratchet lever that enables the vehicle’s lifting very quickly. These additional features are essential in making the usage easy and lifting the vehicle quickly. So, make sure to note the other benefits you will get from a product before you decide.

Weight of the Jack

The jack’s weight may be the least of your concern, but this is also an essential factor that determines the portability and transferability of the product. But, it will be up to you to decide depending on your requirements in making the decision. If you own a small vehicle, you can choose a compact and light jack that should be easy to bring and keep in the limited space of your trunk. Otherwise, you can have a large jack if you need a maximum-weight capacity jack to carry your vehicle. But make sure to have the space when it comes to bringing it along in your vehicle.

Frequently Ask Questions

best floor jack for lifted jeep

Is a 2-ton Jack Enough for a Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, a 2-ton jack should be enough to lift a Jeep Wrangler since the vehicle weighs around the same. So, this situation should not be an issue since you will not be lifting the entire vehicle but a portion of it. But, the most significant factor to consider should be the height of the Jeep compared to the lift range of the jack. The jack should be able to reach the vehicle, especially if your Jeep is already lifted. So, make sure that the jack you use will be able to reach the height of your vehicle to lift it easily.

What Size Jack for Jeep Wrangler?

You will need to consider the typical size of the Jeep Wrangler in answering this question. The minimum should be 18 inches, but the higher, the better for you in lifting the Jeep. I suggest using jack stands that are tall enough to reach the size of your vehicle.


Choosing the best jack for Jeep Wrangler is essential to ensure that there is a tool that can help you during emergencies. If you happen to be active in off-road driving, then the more you need to have a jack on your trunk to assist you in dealing with several road issues, including flat tires and other forms of maintenance to the vehicle. I always believe that the spare tire is the most important one to carry in your vehicle once on the road, but the jack should be the next priority because it will provide a lot of help when you encounter issues during your driving.

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