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The Best Coil Springs for Jeep TJ for 2023

best coil springs for jeep tj

This review talks about five of the leading coil springs for Jeep TJ and their importance to your vehicle. As a Jeep owner myself, I know how the Jeep TJ coil springs bring comfort to the car by absorbing bumps and having a low body roll once installed in the vehicle’s suspension system. But, this part of the suspension system wears down in due time, which means replacing coil spring Jeep TJ is essential to maintain the comfort it brings to the vehicle.

Other Jeep owners are not impressed with the stock coil springs, which led them to look for possible Jeep TJ heavy duty coil springs replacement. However, there are many Jeep Wrangler TJ coil springs in the market, and looking for the right one can be a headache. And, we try to reduce this hassle by recommending five products that have passed our research, testing, and feedback from the Jeep community. We intend to provide the best coil springs for Jeep TJ that will guide all our readers.

Best Coil Springs for Jeep TJ Reviews

1. Rubicon Express RE1310 Coil Springs

rubicon express re1310 coil springs

Coil springs are essential to your vehicle’s suspension system. These components will ensure that you will not feel every bump once you are inside your Jeep TJ. However, this part of the vehicle gets old and wears down after some time, which can affect its performance and affect the comfort it brings. However, this problem can be eliminated by replacing it with new coil spring, just like this product from Rubicon Express.

This product came in a pair of coil springs and is designed with the best ride quality for your vehicle without sacrificing the load capacity and its durability. It will make an excellent improvement to the way the vehicle is handled. Also, it no longer leans on one side the way it did with the old coil springs but has made a significant improvement to the comfort and smoothness of the ride.

Another outstanding feature of this product is the ability to increase the clearance of your Jeep TJ by up to 4.5 inches which are higher compared to the stock coil springs. This product is also built with a unique shape that lets you reduce the coil at the top to allow easy mounting and installing bigger tires without changing the suspension and driving control.

I am also impressed by the versatility of these coil springs to lift your vehicle relative to the surface. Furthermore, it also comes in excellent construction and is made of premium materials that are resistant to wear. Meaning, this coil springs were built to last and are expected to serve you and your Jeep TJ for a number of years.

Finally, these Jeep TJ rear coil springs stood out because of their ability to enhance your vehicle’s suspension performance. If you feel that your old coil springs were too stiff which cause discomfort, these coil springs for Jeep TJ is a different beast as it gives a better reaction when dealing with difficult road conditions to result in a more comfortable and smoother ride to you and who is inside your Jeep TJ.

  • Built to increase vehicle’s stability and handling
  • It comes in smaller weight compared to the other product
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Built with chrome color finish to stands out in your vehicle
  • Made to fit with Jeep Wrangler TJ
  • Poor instruction guide

This Jeep Wrangler heavy duty coil spring is an excellent fit for your Jeep TJ as it also offers reliability and comfort once installed in your vehicle. Installation is relatively easy if you have mechanical skills. Otherwise, you can leave the job to a professional mechanic if you are unwilling to do the installation process.

2. Rough Country Lifted Springs

rough country lifted springs

Having the correct coil springs to your Jeep TJ will make your vehicle’s frame at an exact height while maintaining the proper alignment angles and absorbing the impact from the road’s surface. However, this component is also vulnerable to wear especially as they age, affecting how it works for your car. The solution is to replace worn-out coil springs with this Jeep Wrangler replacement coil springs from Rough Country.

Compared to the other coil springs, this product can transform your Jeep TJ while allowing you to run oversized wheels and tires. These coil springs for Jeep TJ comes with everything you need to have an increased ground clearance of your vehicle as well as an exciting new look. Also, this product provides a solid amount of lift for a Jeep TJ with minimal upgrades needed. It will give an excellent ride on the street and the highway and offer more control off the road.

Meanwhile, this lift kit features lifted front and rear springs, which offers a taller profile to your Jeep TJ while enhancing its off-road capability. This coil spring for Jeep Tj can raise your vehicle to 2.5 inches more than the stock height. Furthermore, the rear is higher than the front coil springs, which are more or less similar to the original springs. Also, the ride will be soft for about the first two inches of compression but will get significantly firmer after.

In terms of quality, these components are made of solid steel, which is known for its durability and toughness with resisting the challenge of the different road conditions. These coil springs will lift your vehicle and increasing its ground clearance for you to mount bigger wheels on your Jeep TJ. Also, the Jeep’s handling and maneuverability will improve tremendously.

Meanwhile, the installation is fast and easy, provided that you are mechanically inclined. If you are, it can be done at your garage. It will probably take you about two to four hours to complete the replacement process.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Factory tuned coil springs for Jeep TJ’s compatibility
  • Increase vehicle handling and comfort
  • It gives additional ground clearance
  • Can withstand heavier loads
  • Subpar surface paint

This Jeep TJ coil springs 2” lift includes four springs for the front and rear suspension. Installing this product on your Jeep TJ will get the most out of your vehicle in terms of comfort, handling, and off-road capability. These coil springs for Jeep TJ will also provide complete shock protection and comfort in different road conditions.

3. MOOG 3226 Coil Springs

moog 3226 coil springs

Most of the coil springs are being replaced because of worn out and aging. But other Jeep owners replace their stock coil springs for the better. Meaning, these Jeep owners want to upgrade their existing set to experience a comfier drive. They want to replace the coil springs of their Jeep TJ to take the demands of the more challenging terrain. One excellent replacement option for the coil springs of your Jeep TJ is this coil spring set from Moog.

The primary purpose of this product is to provide a coil spring set that can match the quality of the original coil spring but still wants improvement on the vehicle’s handling. These coil springs come with the same dimension as the stock coil springs of your Jeep TJ. The only difference is the black finish which I feel looks good once installed in your vehicle’s suspension system.

Another purpose of this product is to provide an able replacement of the stock coil springs in relation to their fitting. Fortunately, this coil spring set will easily fit into the Jeep TJ as it comes with excellent compatibility with your vehicle. Apart from fitting easily to the vehicle’s suspension system, these coil springs do not need any modifications to the car, which means once installed, you are good to go.

In terms of installation, these coil springs for Jeep TJ can be easily installed into the mounting system of your Jeep Wrangler TJ. Since this is like a straight replacement for your old coil springs, installation is very straightforward and can be done very quickly. After the installation, you can check on the level of comfort it brings as you experience driving it the first time to check on improvements and differences.

In addition, these coil springs were designed to lower stresses for longer service life to your Jeep TJ. So, if you feel that your coil springs are sagging or worn out, it can cause premature wear tire because of the vehicle’s misalignment. Replacing these load-tested coil springs is the best way for you to make the vehicle comfortable again.

  • 100 percent load tested
  • Built to provide a new steering experience
  • Designed to lower stresses on the Jeep TJ and extend the service lifespan
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Matte black finish provides attractiveness and corrosion-resistant properties
  • Poor quality instructions

This shock absorber for Jeep Grand Cherokee works great and does its job well. It provides comfort and reduces the impact of bumps and other effects on the vehicle. It will also give the driver more control and precision in handling to improve the better driving experience.

4. Freedom OffRoad Lift Coil Springs

freedom offroad lift coil springs

The Jeep TJ is known for providing excellent ride quality and off-road performance, making it one of the most popular Jeep models. The comfort and the smoothness it brings to the ride are likely because of an excellent suspension system. The Jeep TJ comes with reliable coil springs and other components to ensure that everyone is comfortable inside the vehicle. However, once the coil springs are worn out, I suggest replacing them with these suspension springs from Freedom Off-Road.

This coil springs for Jeep TJ is one of the most underrated replacement components in the market but makes it up with excellent quality and value. The product package includes a set of 2 rear spring lifts, which provide a 2.5 inches suspension lift to allow you to have better driving control even with different road conditions. The additional stability is excellent, especially when dealing with off-road terrains.

Another upside of using this rear coil suspension spring is the durability and toughness it brings when mounted on the suspension system of your Jeep TJ. This product is known for its strict and consistent performance, which means it can last longer than other coil springs. These coil springs do not sag or do not wear out quickly after a long run of usage, which means this brand will serve you for the long haul.

Also, this coil springs comes in excellent appearance and come in a powder-coated black finish, which really looks good. The high-quality finish will resist threats of corrosion and rust and other possible damage from the challenging road conditions. Physically, these excellent-looking springs look impressive and should stand out once installed in the suspension system of your vehicle.

Meanwhile, the installation will be easy if you have the mechanical skills to do it. It will also be great if you have your garage to do the mounting process. If you are not confident about doing it, hiring a professional mechanic is highly advised to ensure the proper installation process.

  • Built with a powder-coated black finish that resists corrosion and damage
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Built to withstand high loads
  • Made to improve handling and excellent driving performance
  • Built with a stylish appearance
  • It only includes rear coil springs

These coil springs for Jeep TJ is an excellent replacement for the sagging and worn-out rear coil springs of your Jeep TJ. If you begin to notice signs of these components not working as expected, this product is an excellent replacement option for your Jeep TJ.

5. Southwest Speed Rockjock Lift Coil Springs

southwest speed rockjock lift coil springs

The coil springs are an integral component of your Jeep TJ that supports the vehicle at its desired height while maintaining the right alignment angle and absorbing the impact coming from the road. However, with aging and worn-out, the coil spring’s effectiveness will deteriorate over time that will also impact the quality of the ride of the vehicle. To negate this issue, replacing the old coil springs is an option using this product from New RockJock.

This coil spring set comes with a complete product package with two front coil springs and two rear coil springs. Furthermore, these coil springs are designed to work with the Johny Joint suspension systems, among others. The standard front coil springs and the heavy-duty rear coil springs will give your Jeep TJ the much-needed height and the comfort it needs when driving on challenging road surfaces.

What do these coil springs bring to the table? This product is designed to give a 4-inch lift to your Jeep TJ. This product was designed correctly and is built to combine excellent quality and rates, which should stand out compared to other brands. The result is an excellent product that provides the most comfortable ride on a regular road and an outstanding performance off the road.

Physically, these coil springs look impressive and durable. It is built with powder-coated black finished, which results in an excellent look once installed in the Jeep. Expect this coil springs to last longer and resist the threats of damage, discoloration, rust, corrosion, and other effects coming from the challenging road conditions.

Overall, this product comes with the perfect balance between rate and height. For sure, you will be impressed by the ride quality of your Jeep TJ at any speed. My suggestion is to pair it with high-quality shocks and a swaybar, and your vehicle will be superb in performance on and off the road.

  • Special heavy-duty coil springs
  • Built to bring the perfect balance between rate and height
  • The powder-coated black finish promotes an excellent physical appearance
  • Provides comfortable ride and excellent performance off the road
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Poor instruction manual

This product is for Jeep TJ owners looking for a complete set of coil springs for their Jeep TJ. It provides excellent reliability and durability to withstand the challenges off the road and last longer compared to other coil springs. The complete set of front and rear coil springs is also an excellent set for your vehicle.

What to Look For When Buying a Coil Springs for Jeep TJ

jeep tj rear coil springs

Whether you are looking for a Jeep TJ dual rate coil springs or just a simple Currie coil springs for Jeep TJ, you will need to know the different factors in choosing coil springs for Jeep TJ. These factors will guide you in selecting the right one for your vehicle. Please check on the list below:

The Compatibility

Before buying a coil spring for your Jeep, you will need to check if it fits your vehicle’s suspension system. Different coil springs come in various dimensions, weights, and designs that will depend on the particular model and year of manufacture. So, you will check the needed information on your Jeep TJ then make sure that the coil springs you desire will fit into your vehicle.

The Jeep TJ’s Height

With all the modifications that every Jeep owner does when it comes to their vehicle, it is essential to consider the height of your vehicle in buying the coil spring replacement. For example, Jeep owners use different types of lift kits in modifying the height of their Jeep TJ, and you must make sure that the particular set of coil springs you want will work on the current height of the vehicle.

Construction materials

The quality of the coil spring will all depend on the materials used during the construction process. My suggestion is to look for coil springs that use durable metals to withstand the challenge of different road conditions. Also, premium quality springs are built with powder coating, which helps protect the components from deterioration, rust, corrosion, and other forms of damage from outside threats.

The Spring Rate

The spring rate is the amount of weight that is needed to compress the spring one inch. Looking for the appropriate will depend on several factors, such as the light kit or the weight of your Jeep TJ. Coil spring with a lower spring rate can be easily compressed, making it suitable for some driving conditions. For example, a lower spring rate is perfect for drag race cars which means the spring rate will vary depending on applications, usage, and your personal reference.


Choosing the coil springs will all depend on the need of your vehicle. For example, you can only buy a pair of rear coil springs or a pair of front coil springs should you only need coil springs for the front or the rear of your vehicle. You can also buy a product package that includes both pairs of front and rear coils springs if you need it. You can also buy a set of coil springs combined with the other suspension parts, such as the shock absorbers and other components.

Frequently Asked Questions

replacing coil springs jeep tj

How to Measure Coil Springs for Jeep TJ?

The measurement of the coil springs for Jeep TJ will all depend on when it is sitting at the ride height, which includes the vehicle’s weight on them. The measurement should start at the very top of the spring where it meets the coil bucket or the isolator to the bottom part of the spring where it also meets the isolator or the coil mount.

How to Install?

Installing coil springs to your Jeep TJ will require two phases. The first one is to remove the old coil spring, and the next phase is the installation process itself. If you are mechanically inclined, you can install it yourself but if not, ask the help of a professional mechanic.

But in general, you will need to jack your vehicle from the axle tube and make it high enough for you to place the jack stands on the frame rail. Then, take the tires off while disconnecting the other side of the sway bar. Then disconnect the axle side track bar while removing the calipers and hang it out of the way. Then, you will need to make it lower using the jack but still on the axle tube to allow the old spring to fall out. Then replace it with a new one and reinstall every component you remove.


The best coil springs for Jeep TJ are essential in providing comfort to the vehicle. But eventually, you will need to replace the stock coil springs of your Jeep TJ for whatever reason. Be it aging or just a pure upgrade, choosing the suitable coil springs for your vehicle is essential, just like choosing the other parts of the Jeep. After all, the coil springs are an integral part of the suspension system, which helps in making you comfortable when driving the Jeep TJ.

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