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The Best Clutch for Jeep Wrangler in 2023

best clutches for jeep wrangler

No one can underestimate the role of a clutch in the overall mechanisms of your vehicle. Whether it’s for your Jeep Wrangler or other vehicles, it’s an integral part in terms of engaging and disengaging the transmission. Furthermore, all experienced drivers know the importance of having the suitable clutch for Jeep Wrangler in their fold. The best clutch for Jeep Wrangler JK plays an important function to ensure a smooth and safe ride for everyone.

With that said, we have used and tested several Jeep clutch kit for the benefit of our readers who are looking for a clutch in their vehicles. We have documented the result in this review and come up with five of the best Jeep JK clutch kit that every owner can use. This review is designed to give our readers every relevant information about the product for them to select the best one for their Jeep.

Best Clutch for Jeep Wrangler Reviews

1. LuK 05-065 Clutch Kit

luk 05-065 clutch kit

With a lot of imitations found in the market, this clutch for Jeep Wrangler is the safest bet when it comes to quality and effectiveness. Develop and manufactured by one of the best original-equipment suppliers in the industry, this clutch kit provides one of the best performance specifications and gives the best fit for every vehicle’s specifications.

What I like best about this Jeep Wrangler clutch kit is its top-notched quality. The fact that this clutch kit is being tested to function and give 100% OEM performance specification before being distributed to the market, speaks well of the overall quality of the product. Taking a closer look at all the components, I have personally seen high-quality parts manufactured and engineered to provide an immaculate performance of your vehicle.

I also like that the package comes with all the components needed and the tools in it. This includes the bearings, pressure plate, and friction disk. Also included are the alignment tools and a small packet that contains grease for the splines. I was impressed with all the components and the tools needed for easy installation.

Meanwhile, I also like the flexibility of this clutch kit in terms of fitting different types of vehicles. Models such as Dakota, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and other Jeep types fit well with this clutch kit.

The only issue I see in this product is the quality of the throwout bearing. I feel that this part of the clutch was constructed out of plastic which means the quality is poor. This part may be the first to give up as time goes by.

  • Develop and manufactured from one of the best original-equipment suppliers
  • 100% tested to give the best performance ensuring top-notched quality
  • Designed to meet the original-equipment specifications
  • Complete package kit including the tools for easy installation
  • Provides flexibility in fitting with several vehicle models
  • Throwout bearing’s subpar quality

Despite the minor downside, The LuK clutch kit Jeep Wrangler was impressive and I will highly recommend it for your vehicle. The quality is top-notched particularly the components. The complete package also helps in the easy installation which will benefit all the Jeep owners.

2. SOUTHEASTCLUTCH 01-040 Clutch Kit

southeastclutch 01-040 clutch kit

When it comes to finding a clutch for Jeep Wrangler, we only want the best quality on our vehicles. And one way to ensure that the quality is top-notched is to know where it is made and manufactured. This is where this clutch from SouthEast takes pride as it is proudly made in the United States. All the components are made in America using high-quality materials.

What makes this clutch kit different from the others? For me, it was the design to fit both the amateur drivers as well as experienced ones. This clutch will give you the ability to provide greater control of your car with its swift and precise features. It will also give you the easiest time to adapt easily with its incomparable steering.

Meanwhile, taking a closer look and inspect this clutch kit, I see top-notched quality materials. I was impressed with the high-grade materials being used which are required in resisting heat and friction well. This will ensure that this clutch kit will have the sturdiness to last long even in difficult road conditions. I was impressed with the quality, after all this product was designed according to OEM specifications.

I also like the flexibility of this product in terms of installing different types of vehicles. Models such as Jeep Cherokee, Jeep TJ, and Jeep Wrangler can all fit with this clutch kit.

However, the only downside I see in this product is the difficult installation process. I will highly recommend hiring a professional mechanic in terms of installing the clutch kit if you are not experienced enough.

  • Designed with top-notched high-quality materials
  • Built to last longer and withstand difficult road conditions
  • Provides great control of your vehicle
  • Provides the best heat and friction resistance
  • Promotes incomparable steering features
  • Difficult installation process

Despite the minor issue, I feel that this product is still one of the best when we talk about quality and effectiveness. It is built with high-grade materials and reliable parts ensuring it will last longer compared to other brands.

3. Centerforce KCFT379176 II Clutch Kit

centerforce kcft379176 ii clutch kit

As an owner, we only want the best Jeep JK clutch upgrade in our vehicle. If possible, we want to find the best brand that will make our Jeep improves its performance. This can only be achieved if we find the right one with all the options available. And one of the options in the market today that I highly recommend is the Centerforce clutch, a highly-regarded company that has been in the industry since 1980. They are called the top choice of the clutch system because of the quality they bring to your vehicle.

I did my observation during the testing and I can say that I was impressed. Made with top-notched friction materials, this clutch system will have more holding capacity resulting in the best engagement of your vehicle. This situation will also mean exceptional performance of your Jeep in the street and even off the road. I have personally tried it and it was an amazing experience.

I also like that this product also includes one of the best flywheels you can find to support the clutch system. Also included in the package are the pilot bearing, throwout bearing, friction discs, bolts, and the alignment tool. It’s a complete package which I find unique because other clutch system does not have the complete set of components. I fact, other products do not come with a flywheel in their clutch system package.

With all the high-quality components, I can say that this is one of the best quality clutch systems that will make the engagement and the shifting smooth and easy. Meanwhile, the alignment tool in the package makes the installation easy for the benefit of the Jeep owners. I can say that this is the best upgrade you can do for your vehicle to have a smooth and safe ride.

However, the minor downside in this clutch system is the rustiness I see on the appearance even if it’s new. I am not sure how it happens but this situation must be improved by the manufacturer.

  • Manufactured by a top-notched and trusted company
  • Designed to provide a smooth and easy ride for your vehicle
  • High-quality friction materials promote better engagement to the vehicle
  • With a complete package that includes the alignment tool for easy installation
  • Promotes bigger holding capacity
  • Rustiness in the surface

Overall, this is one of the best clutch systems that I have used and tested. With all the features it has and the complete package, I am recommending this product for purchase to all Jeep owners out there. I can honestly say that this will be the best component you can install to your vehicle and you will regret investing in it.

4. EFT STAGE 2 Clutch Kit

eft stage 2 clutch kit

For the experienced drivers, they called this brand the EFT clutch system which is one of the most trusted brands in the clutch performance industry. It is a popular brand that provides different mechanical parts to your vehicle including its famous clutch system. This mechanical parts system was designed to give the best and unique performance to match and fit your vehicle’s performance characteristics.

To start with, I like that this clutch system comes in a complete package including the flywheel, pressure plate, and carbon sprung disc. Also included in the package are the throwout bearing, pilot bushing, and the alignment tool. An installation guide is also available as a reference during the installation. I was impressed with the package as it comes with a complete set of components needed for easy installation.

Taking a closer look at the product, I immediately notice its quality. The components are made with high-grade materials to provide the best performance and smooth engagement to your vehicle. Besides, this clutch system provides more power compared to other stock clutches which means more accuracy in performance. All of these high-grade components can also withstand or tolerate too much heat conditions which makes it last longer compared to other clutch systems.

Meanwhile, in terms of versatility, this clutch system can be used on different models of your Jeep. It will fit on 1994 – 2000 models of Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Jeep Wrangler. For other models, you must check and see if it fits your vehicle before doing the purchase.

However, I notice a minor issue in this clutch system and that is the sound the bearing produces when shifting gear. I am not sure if it is normal or just part of the break-in process but has plenty of room for improvement.

  • Manufactured by one of the most trusted companies in the industry
  • Designed to fit the vehicle’s performance characteristics
  • Components are made with high-grade materials ensuring longevity
  • With complete package including the flywheel and alignment tool for easy installation
  • Versatile in terms of fitting different type of Jeep models
  • Bearing produces a noise when shifting gear

If you want a Jeep JK heavy-duty clutch, then this is the right product for you. The features, the benefits, and the complete package make this clutch system highly recommendable to anyone. I also like the easy installation process and the alignment tool which makes it easy for all the Jeep owners during the installation process.

5. SOUTHEASTCLUTCH 05-065 Clutch Kit

southeastclutch 05-065 clutch kit

This is the second clutch system in this review that we are recommending from the company SouthEast. I have used these mechanical parts on my Jeep and I have nothing to say but nice words in terms of my experience. Plus the fact that this clutch system is manufactured by one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry means you will never go wrong if you choose this for your vehicle.

But what impresses me the most in this clutch system is the component’s quality. It is designed and manufactured to provide the best quality and help increase the performance of your vehicle. By using top-quality components, it is functionally tested to meet the OEM performance specifications before being distributed to the market. Furthermore, this clutch system is assembled in the United States ensuring a top-quality clutch system.

Since this clutch system is manufactured and assembled with high-grade components, it will ensure the durability and sturdiness of the product. Meaning, it can withstand and deal with friction and heat conditions easily. These properties will ensure that the clutch system will last longer compared to other low-quality clutch systems.

I also like the versatility in terms of fitting different types of Jeep. Models from Dodge Dakota, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Jeep Wrangler can all fit in this clutch system ensuring smooth engagement and the best performance.

The only issue I see in this clutch system is the faulty throwout bearing. I feel that the quality is subpar and maybe the first to give up after using it for some time. It needs improvement in terms of its quality and sturdiness.

  • High-grade quality components help increase the performance of the vehicle
  • Manufactured and assembled in the United States
  • Provides versatility in terms of fitting to different types of Jeep
  • High-grade materials ensure longevity
  • Promotes smooth engagement
  • Subpar throwout bearing

The minor issue does not hide the fact that this is still one of the best clutch systems in the industry today. Manufactured and made by a trusted company that ensures smooth engagement and increase performance, this clutch system should be installed in your vehicle as soon as possible.

What to Look for When Buying Clutch for Jeep Wrangler

best clutch for jeep wrangler jk

We have made this review to give you, our reader’s different information regarding the features and benefits of the clutch system that will be able to fit into your vehicle. The reason behind this is to make you well informed before going to make your purchase. As a summary, we are listing below the different factors to consider before buying a clutch for your Jeep Wrangler.


The word “quality” is a broad term that refers to so many things related to the product. For one, the quality can be the manufacturer of the clutch system. If you buy a clutch made by companies that have been in the industry for so many years and has been trusted by experienced drivers, then you are buying the right mechanical parts for your jeep. The quality can also pertain to the materials being used to make the product. If the clutch is made with high-grade materials, then it is likely that the clutch system you are considering is of top-notched quality and may last longer compared to other inferior products.

Friction Resistance and Heat Management

This factor is related to the quality of the clutch system but is more specific. The quality of the clutch system in managing the heat will somehow affect the smooth operation of the jeep. The inability of the clutch system to manage or transfer the heat will mean the driver will exert more effort to pedal which affects the smooth operation of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the component’s failure to resist friction and heat means the lifespan will be reduced for a few years and may result in physical deterioration at the earliest.

Easy Installation and Assembly

Another factor worth considering is the easy installation and assembly of the clutch kit. Let’s face it, putting the clutch into your Jeep requires mechanical knowledge and skills that are not for everyone. But there are clutch kits that are manufactured to be assembled and installed easily even to unskilled drivers. However, the most and the safest way is to let the professionals do the job if you are not capable of installing it.

Clutch Kit’s Specifications

The product’s specification refers to the clutch system’s fitting to a particular model of vehicle. When buying a clutch for your Jeep, make sure that it will be the right fit for your vehicle. Since every model has its own unique set of specifications, it is your responsibility to find the right one for your vehicle. Failure to do so means a waste of money and effort on your part in buying the wrong clutch system.

What is a Clutch for Jeep Wrangler?

As I have mentioned earlier in the review, the clutch system plays an important role in making the driving smooth and easy. This mechanical device will allow the driver to change the speed of the vehicle and make it stop completely without putting off the engine. To simplify, the clutch disconnects the engine and the wheels to change gear without stopping the engine completely.

How does it Work?

To be specific and technical about it, you need the clutch to stop your Jeep even without killing the engine. This can be done by disconnecting the wheels from the engine by using the clutch system. Moreover, the system lets the drivers engage an engine that is spinning into a non-spinning transmission. This can be done by controlling the slippage between the two using the friction between the flywheel and the clutch plate, the two most important parts of the clutch system.

If the clutch pedal is not pressed, there are a group of springs that pushes the clutch plate with the flywheel. This pressure connects the shaft to the engine which in turn makes the wheels turn. Meanwhile, pressing the clutch pedal will push the release fork and in turn, presses the throw-out bearing in the center of the diaphragm spring. Once in the center, the spring will pull the clutch plate away from the clutch disc which in turn releases the clutch from the spinning engine. I know it sounds too technical but in simplest terms, the clutch will be used to disengage and engage the power transmission of your vehicle.

Who is This for?

jeep jk clutch kit

We all want to have a smooth ride when using our Jeep Wrangler and this can be done if all the mechanical parts of our vehicle are working fine. Meanwhile, the clutch system that we have reviewed is for drivers or Jeep owners who want to have an easy engagement in their driving. These mechanical parts are also for Jeep owners who want to have the changing of the gear simple and easy during the ride.

The clutch system that we have recommended in this review is also for drivers who want to have a low-maintenance clutch system in their vehicle. It also means that the clutch system we have recommended is easy to operate and the maintenance is low key.

What are The Different Types of Clutch for Jeep Wrangler?

There are many clutch systems found in the market but there are 3 conventional types that are widely used by the industry. They are the following:

Single Clutch Plate

This is one of the most popular clutch system used particularly on light vehicles. The best thing about the single-clutch plate is its easy-maintenance feature and is generally inexpensive. The single-clutch plate is also known to provide a smooth engagement and easy changing of gear. Furthermore, it is easy to repair which is beneficial to all vehicle owners.

Multiple Clutch

This is a type of clutch system that is widely used on motorcycles, racing cars, and heavy vehicles. The best thing that the multiple clutches do is increase the transmitted torque during the driving. This type of clutch also improved the acceleration of your vehicle and minimizing the pedal effort to give comfort to the driver.

Cone Clutch

The cone clutch takes pride in its easy maintenance and operation. This clutch system is mostly composed of female and male cone plates that are being used to transmit torque using friction.

Why do you Need a Clutch for Jeep Wrangler?

I have been saying in this review that the clutch system provides significant benefits in having a smooth and easy ride for your Jeep Wrangler. In fact, the clutch system provides easy engagement to all the drivers when driving the vehicle. The clutch system also makes the changing of the gear easy and simple for the benefit of all the drivers. Other benefits of the clutch system are low maintenance and easy operation.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Best Brand of Clutch for Jeep Wrangler?

The products we have reviewed were all tested and tried by our personnel and have successfully passed our standards of quality. But my personal picks are SouthEast Clutch Kit 01-040, LuK 05-065 Clutch Kit, and Centerforce Clutch and Flywheel Kit. They are the standouts in terms of the features and the overall quality. I’m not saying that the other two do not have the same quality because those products we recommended has passed our difficult testing process.

How to Install and Use?

Installation and the overall operation of a clutch system differ from brand to brand. One thing for sure is that they contain an installation guide to assist in putting it in the vehicle. Meanwhile, if you have the knowledge and the skill to install a clutch system, then proceed to install it on your own. If not, I would recommend that you hire the services of a proffesional service mechanic to do the job. This is to make the installation safe and sound on your behalf.

How to Care and Maintain?

Aside from normal aging, our driving habits can also help maintain or deteriorate the quality of our clutch system. So, to make sure that you are taking care of your clutch, do the following when driving:

During red light, it is best to put your car on neutral while fully releasing your clutch
Never put your foot on the clutch when traveling in stop-and-go traffic situations
When shifting gear, fully depress your clutch while making sure that you are in the next gear before releasing it
Always avoid shifting too quickly but not pressing the clutch pedal fully
The best maintenance tip is to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines in terms of repairs, checkups, and replacement

What is the Warranty?

The warranty also differs from brand to brand in terms of the terms, conditions, and year of coverage. As a Jeep owner, please consider the warranty as an important part of your purchase because this serves as your protection when something goes wrong with your clutch system.

Where to Buy it?

The clutch system is always accessible and can be purchased at the nearest cars and automobile parts and supply store near you. However, with the current pandemic, I would suggest that you purchase it online. There are top online shops that sell top-notched clutch systems such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Rakuten, among others.


This product review has covered 5 of the best clutch for Jeep wrangler we are recommending for your vehicle. We hope that the information we have given will help you in making a decision in purchasing the right clutch system for your vehicle. Our purpose for this review is to guide and help you find the right fit for your vehicle in order not to waste your time and effort in selecting the wrong product.

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